I came back after a long unwanted vreak and also i really want this Dante layered armor and i've been beating mt head versus the wal to take doqn this Teo. Does anyone have actually any kind of pointers for taking this Arch Tempered monster down?.

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Play it safe. Not gaining hit is your priority against tempered monsters. Only attack if he does a big attack like the fire breath. Don’t stand directly in front of his face, constantly on the side.

Flashbombs acquire him out of the skies however you can just usage them a couple of times (3 I think) before he builds up a tolerance.

Try to stop him from entering the last stage by flashing him out of the skies, he gets more difficult in the location wbelow he goes to sleep.

Which weapon are you using?

I've tried Legia Snowfletcher, Cera Coilbender and Legia Rimespire. The skill's ive been running are earplugs, ATK increase and Ice ATK boost

Do it solo, as much Fire Res as you deserve to acquire, learn to supermale dive like a boss. You'll do it, Hunter!

Fireproof Mantle, Temporal Mantle and also Tool Specialist > 2.

Everything became less complicated after I started running that, hope it helps you too!

Scatternuts and also Crystalbursts deserve to flinch him out of novas, however you'll must land also a confront swarm, as his tempered armor will certainly deflect body shots.

Covering yourself in asbestos (check out as : Fire Res) is additionally a good principle, you deserve to tank his nova if you have actually high sufficient res (40+) + mantle + health rise 3 + ranged weapon bonus.

I usage an elderseal weapon to reduce his armor flare ups so the remainder of the squad can gain some hits in without deflections. It likewise nerfs some of his fire strikes for the duration of the result.

Flash only if it will conserve a cart or end the fight.

I did it when through Gunlance. Haven't had success yet through various other builds, so I'm just going to go back to funlancing him again.

Many vital point is to take your time. He has actually way more hp than a regular Teostra, so you need to realize you're in for the lengthy haul. It doesn't need to be a speed run either. Your super dps set might be flashy however could obtain you killed. Focus on the head, don't flash unmuch less you need to, and drop the pillars on him as soon as he's in the significant open location.

I've discovered one of the safer places, via fireproof mantle, is his armpit.

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