Part 1 of 3. Following a civil war on planet Cyberton, the heroic Autobots and also the evil Decepticons are marooned and also deactivated on earth Planet for 4 million years! Finally reawakened, the fight between good and evil proceeds on contemporary Earth.

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Part 1 of 3. Following a civil battle on world Cyberton, the heroic Autobots and also the evil Deceptsymbols are marooned and deset off on earth Earth for 4 million years! Finally reawakened, the battle in between great and also evil proceeds on contemporary Earth.
Part 2 of 3.the Autobots and Decepticons continue their battle between excellent vs. evil proceeds as the Autobots attempt to soptimal the Deceptsymbols from stealing Earth's resources.
Part 3 of 3. The Decepticons' ship to world Cybertron is finish, and also the odds are stacked versus Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz and also the others in the fight to stop them. When an Autobot trap is foiled by the cunning Megatron, all seems lost...or is it?
Presumed to be beat, the Deceptsymbols have actually returned! After receiving a message from Shockwave on Cybertron, Megatron comes out of hiding and also orders the building and construction of a "Void Bridge" to move Earth's power to Cybertron.
After his accidental transport to Cybertron, Megatron returns- and also he wants to acquire his hands on an anti-matter formula created on Planet that can suppose boundless power for the Decepticons! Bumblebee and also Spike race to warn the Autobots.
While protecting an Earth military plant from a Decepticon attack, Optimus Prime is sevedepend wounded. His only hope for survival is a new Cosmotron unit.
The Deceptsymbols start to siphon the Earth's heat from the Arctic Circle and also temperatures global start to drop. But unrecognized to the Decepticons is what... or who... they are around to release from the ice.
Motivated by dinosaur skelelots, Ratchet and Wheeljack produce Grimlock, Slag, and Sludge... the Dinobots! When Autobot pressures are recorded by the Deceptsymbols, it might be approximately the Dinobots to conserve the day.
Megatron scours the Andes trying to find the Crystal of Power, an old artifact qualified of unleashing mass destruction. To prevent the Deceptsymbols from achieving their evil purposes, the Autobots find and unearth the fallen Skyfire to sign up with in the fight.
Optimus Prime asindications the Dinobots to guard a meteorite that has brand-new and unwell-known energy. Appealing to Grimlocks' easy arrogance, Megatron convinces the Dinobots to strike Optimus Prime and betray the Autobots.
Part 1 of 3. With aid from a human scientist, the Decepticons enservant human being via mind control to fight versus the Autobots and geneprice enough power for Megatron's sinister plan: bringing Cybertron right into Earth's orlittle to steal all of its energy.
Part 2 of 3. With Cybertron currently in orlittle bit, the Earth is being torn acomponent by geological forces and also herbal disasters. A small Autobot team heads to Cybertron to stop Megatron, while the remainder of the Autobots try to safeguard Earth. But is it already too late?
Part 3 of 3. On Cybertron, Spike and also the tiny band also of Autobots attempt to sabotage the Decepticons' hypno-chip and free the civilization of Earth. On the other hand, Optimus Prime and the continuing to be Autobots on Planet continue to attempt to save the planet.
With Megatron presumed dead, Starscream renders his bearliest grab for power yet, planning to ruin Earth and also use the energy from the explosion to preeminence the universe. But an unmost likely alliance between the Autobots and also Deceptsymbols might foil Starscreams' plan.

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Deep in the "Demon Swamp" on the island of Bali, big robotic insects are eating whatever in their route and also terrorizing the islanders. Megatron realizes they are an old breed of Deceptsymbols, and also develops an alliance through these powerful Insecticons.
As Optimus Prime and also Megatron prepare to challenge off in a duel, Megatron privately plots to unleash the latest addition to his Decepticon army - the Constructsymbols - in addition to Devastator, a Deceptsymbol unfavor any the Autobots have ever before checked out before!