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We doubt many kind of world would certainly argue with us as soon as we say 2021 has been weird. Just exactly how weird though could surprise you. That is until you view just how many stselection, bizarre, unsettling, and also constarting stories we covered over these twelve months. These are the incredibly ideal weird news, stories, and also random points we reported on this year.

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“UFOh No” The Best Alien Stories of 2021
CNSA/Our Space

With every one of that going on it’s no wonder our astronauts are aging their extremely very own wine in area. Especially after they voluntarily took on a slime mold blob to aid them on the ISS. Also, possibly we have to be extra cautious via that 24,000-year-old organism found alive in Siberia’s permafrost. We really don’t need a real-life The Thing instance.

“Real-ly Estate?” The Strangest Real Estate Listings and also Places of 2021 

At least fans limited that chaos to their computers. Unlike once they started hoarding McDonald’s Happy Meals toys supposed for youngsters. Or required suppliers favor Target to speak offering trading cards in their stores bereason of violent outbursts. Hopetotally the brand-new Pokémon fossil museum, which will function the “bones” of Pokémon, deserve to stop such calamity.

“But, Like, Why Science?” The Year’s Strangest Science Stories
Jayanne English/EMU/Dark Energy Survey

Science also got actual weird through animals. We now understand why wombats have actually cubic poops and that crows understand the idea of zero. Also, pigs deserve to play video games while a neuraattach lets primates play pong. For some factor, researchers also rebuilt a dinosaur butthole. Robots learned to hear making use of the ears of dead locusts. Scientists identified mice and pigs have the right to breathe through their anus. And cicadas woke up from a 17-year nap and also started having actually too a lot sex because of a fungus.

Flesh-eating bacteria helped conserve priceless Michelangelo sculptures in Florence. A submarine spotted SpongeBob and Patrick living in the actual Bikini Bottom. The movie Frozen assisted fix a mysterious avalanche collapse after years. And The golden state condors went and also learned asex-related reproduction.

Oh yeah, researchers who have plainly never before checked out a solitary sci-fi horror movie additionally made the first-ever before human/monkey hybrid embryo. What might go wrong there!

New Line Cinema

There’s still plenty to be worried around with artificial life as well. In 2021, we gained closer to a Westworld fact via a hyper-realistic android. Xenobots started recreating on their very own. Robot origami started folding itself. Our very own sweat have the right to currently power wearable batteries. You have the right to clean your teeth through a contraption that looks choose it came from Jigsaw’s shop. Deepfake tech can currently animate your ancestors in a way that is not herbal. Human being brains no much longer need wires to affix to computers. And all of this is going on while Samsung has plans to “copy and also paste” our minds to computers for what will certainly be safe keeping.

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 “The Weird Wide Web” The Wackiest in 2021 News Reports
Mike Bowers

That’s a whole lot of weird news and stories for just twelve months. And yet, there’s even more. We watched eels work together to electrocute a fish. A gemologist opened up up a rock to uncover Cookie Monster smiling earlier at him. Everyone went gaga watching Pee-wee Herguy replace the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and listening to rubber chickens play the movie’s layout. At the same time, we found out dinos could have actually actually been cuddly silly animals rather than fierce monsters.