I understand also you. I know precisely why you desire this to take place. You are friends through this girl and also she’s sexy as hell. I expect, the way she teases you by wearing these skimpy outfits whenever before you’re around…male, it’s difficult to look ameans.

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But you haven’t done anypoint yet because…


Becasue your coffee days are simply so nice

Let me tell you something:

I’ve tried to sleep through 50% of my female friends (the warm ones) and also I NEVER destroyed a friendship. That’s nothing however a lie spreview by mainstream magazines. What if she doesn’t want to sleep with you? No big deal! Continue to be friends.

Womales deserve to address the fact that you’re attracted to them.

In truth, most girls recognize it. Yep, your desire to play hide in look for under the sheets is not be as optimal key as you think. Womales have the right to feeling when a male is right into them. It’s not a coincidence that I have actually a very open up relationship through most of my female friends…if you know what I mean.

You simply need the appropriate strategy:

Sheight doing the wrong things.
Start asking the ideal inquiries.
Inspire her to take her apparel off.
Let me present you exactly how you deserve to sleep through your female friends without risking your friendship…

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How to Have Sex via a Female Friend 
1. Soptimal Being So Damn Nice
2. Tell her About Your Other Frifinish via Benefits
3. Ask Her for Advice on This Girl
4. Compare Her to The Other Girl
5. Ask Her if She Ever Had Sex with a Friend
6. Observe Her Reactivity When You Touch Her 
7. Escalate with a Kiss and also a Pull 
Summed Up Wisdom 

How to Have Sex via a Female Friend 

What precisely do you desire from her?

Okay, you want to have actually sex with her. You want to check out eexceptionally inch of her body and also you want her to invite you in her pink and also hopetotally wet cave. That’s good. But be honest. Maybe you want more than simply a one-night stand also via her.

Do you desire a frifinish through benefits relationship?
Do you want her to be your sexy booty call?
Do you want to make her your girlfriend?
"Your WHAT?!"

All these points are possible.

But I have to warn you. My technique is controversial. Some of the measures I’m around to share through you sound ridiculous, risky, and weird. But believe me. I’ve tried many kind of various ideologies and this one functions ideal.

Here’s what you have to do…

1. Stop Being So Damn Nice

Here’s exactly how to NOT have sex with a female friend:

Almeans be nice and also polite.
Do her many, many type of favors.

Sorry, however obedient puppies don’t acquire lhelp. If you want to sleep through a woman you’re friends with, you need to climb out of the frifinish zone. And if you’re hidden really deep, you have to crawl out of the hole you dug for yourself.

Here’s the painful truth:

You’ve been means also nice for method as well lengthy.

Stop running whenever she wants you to run. Oh, and also sheight solving shit for her. You’re not her electrician. You should still treat her via respect. Be a friendly man with an edge and an opinion. This will aid her to view you in a various light.

2. Tell her About Your Other Friend via Benefits

This is wbelow it gets controversial.

It sounds entirely ridiculous but I swear to God that it works. As quickly as you cite another girl you’re seeing and sleeping via, her alarm goes off. And her freaking alarm bell rings louder than thunder.

“Beep beep, this male is preferable. Beep beep, an additional girl has liked him.”

Woguys are attracted to guys who are preferred by other womales. That’s just how Mother Nature has actually designed them. As shortly as you tell her that there’s this girl you’re seeing. Her perception around you transforms. She’ll check out you as a man…for the very first time.

Now it’s your project to take it to the following level.

Don’t just tell her that there’s this girl you’re seeing. Let her know that she’s been your frifinish for a while and also you finished up in bed. Give her the feeling that this chick gets the candy bar while she’s absent out on the candy bar.


"Fucus, you dirty bastard ;-)"

Here’s what she’ll say:

“Oh…that’s interesting…perform I recognize her?”

Here’s what she’ll think:

“She’s resting through him…he must be excellent in bed…shit, I want that as well.”

3. Ask Her for Advice on This Girl

Now it’s time to ask the right question.

She knows that you’re seeing one more girl. And she knows that this girl is your frifinish. She can already imagine how it would feel to be her. It’s your project to put even even more imperiods in her head…and also to enable you to seduce her.

“Woguys are complicit in their own seduction” – Zan Perrion

These are the words of one of the biggest seducers of all time. And these words are true. Woguys will tell you just how they desire you to seduce them. You simply need to ask the right concerns.

Here are some questions you deserve to ask her:

How perform girls desire to obtain kissed?
Do you think she’ll favor a romantic massage?
What do womales favor once it involves foreplay?

Ask her as if you were searching for advice on just how to please the various other girl. Listen very closely. The answers of your female friend disclose what she desires. She will certainly tell you exactly how you deserve to seduce her.

You’ll require this indevelopment later on.

4. Compare Her to The Other Girl

This is very efficient.

She’s at least a little little horny. I expect, you’ve talked around kissing, massaging, and also fucking for over twenty minutes. She offered you solid advice. Little does she recognize that you arrangement to use the advice she offered you to seducer her.

Heck, she most likely already knows.

Woguys are incredibly great at pretfinishing to be innocent. Sometimes it’s just a game. She knows what you desire and also she wants it as well. But she’s as well afrassist to make the first move. She has actually the exact same fears as you in this instance.

“What if I destroy our friendship?”
“What if he’s really talking about her?”
“What if he doesn’t even think about me?”

"What does he want?"

These are the question she asks herself. It’s your project to boost her self-esteem. Give her the feeling that you’re more interested in her than in the various other girl and wait for her reactivity. A few simple compliments are enough.

Tell her she’s beautiful. Now wait.

Does she smile and giggle?


Now you can increase the stress by telling her that she’s more beautiful than the various other girl. Try to say it in a means that renders her think that the way you look at her changes. Be surprised by your very own statement. This creates the magic that helps her to view you as your frifinish via benefits. 

Everypoint is around to change.

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5. Ask Her if She Ever Had Sex with a Friend

This is the a lot of crucial question of all:

“By the means, have actually you ever before had sex with a friend?”

Ask her this question and also wait for her response. But be warned. She’ll more than likely not respond the means you desire her to respond. It’s rare that a girl answers this question through “yeah, I bang the shit out of Jerry whenever before I view him”.