Okay, if you"re a male, sorry, this quiz is for girls just. But, if you"re a male & your ideal friend is a girl, you might take this quiz, i guess. So, has your frifinish been acting a tiny strange?

Wonder if your finest frifinish is jealous? Take this quiz & find out. I understand you"ll be jealous of this quiz lol...You understand, they do not speak to jealousy the green-eyed monster for nothing! Good luck!

Created by: AliceinNarnia

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Does she dress like you but renders you feel favor she wears it better? yes no sometimes well, she does look better! never assumed about itDoes she copy your flirting strategy as soon as flirting via your boyfriend? yes >:( nope :) sometimes i"m single yes however only when she flirts through her boyfriend^If you said your single, does she try to attract your crush"s attention amethod from you? i have a boyfrifinish yes >:( no, because she currently has actually a boyfriend nope :) sometimes i"m not crushing on anybody appropriate now/ she does not recognize around my crush^Does she copy your flirting strategy once flirting through your crush? i. have. a. boyfriend. yes >:( nope :) sometimes no, because she"s dating someone else i"m not crushing on anyone/ she does not know about my crushDoes she attempt to eat virtually every little thing you eat? why would she execute that? she does yet me & her have always been favor that yes occasionally i don"t pay attentionDoes she decorate her binders just like exactly how you decorate yours? yes, & it"s so annoying! yes, & i do the exact same. it"s kinda choose a BFF legacy or sonething no...why would certainly she execute that? periodically, & it gets me frustrated what are binders? (me: really?)Does she read or watch whatever you like? yes yes, bereason we have actually (VERY) comparable intrests no...where"s this going... occasionally i do not pay attention/ idkDoes she say she"s going to buy the very same shirt/pant/skirt/outfit without complimenting the one your wearing? yes no periodically she does say she"s going to buy the very same thing, however she compliments it firstWhat carry out you think of this quiz? :) :p boring... ;) make more quizzes! it can usage some improvmentAre you jealous of this quiz? i"m gonna go make a far better one! (me: yeah right) lol no, i make WAY much better quizzes no i wanna be just choose you! (me: really?! :)

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Quiz topic: Is my Best Friend Jealous?

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