Why did she go ago to her ex? It’s a predicament that many men challenge, but the commonality of this situation doesn’t make it hurt any type of less. If you’ve been dating a woman who went earlier to her ex, you might be wondering what you did or might have actually done in a different way to proccasion the situation.

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The truth of the issue is, tbelow are several determinants involved as soon as a woman decides to go earlier to her ex. As hurtful as the instance is, don’t let it make you think there is something wrong with you. Below are some prevalent factors a woguy will pick to go back to her ex to assist provide you through some insights right into what deserve to be a jarring blow to your self-esteem. At the finish of this article, I will sell a strategy that have the right to help you protect against gaining hurt by this kind of instance and discover a womale that just has eyes for you. 

Why Did She Go Back to Her Ex?

The Comfort of the Relationship Made Her Go Back to Her Ex

If you’re feeling down around a woguy going earlier to her ex, keep in mind that she and the ex put a lot of time in building trust and intimacy. She came to depfinish on this person, so it’s not easy to instantly foracquire that kind of bond. 

According to a series of research studies publiburned in the journal Social Psychological and also Personality Science, 66% of human being surveyed said that they had favored to get earlier in addition to an ex because of the intimacy and dependence that they had developed with that partner over time.

Remember additionally that even if the relationship wasn’t necessarily a happy one, old habits die hard. When you acquire used to somepoint over time (a diet, a relationship, a project, and also so on), it is understandable that you may finish up “falling off the wagon” a couple of times before totally relocating on.

She Misses the Sex With Her Ex


It certainly doesn’t seem to be a healthy concept to go earlier to your ex for monetary reasons. Unfortunately, it happens. 

Maybe the woguy relied on the ex for financial assistance. The worst and also the majority of unattrenergetic scenario is that she is a “gold digger” and also depended upon her ex to buy her points, pay her bills, and so on. But often time things aren’t as black and white.

Recently divorced or separated womales may uncover themselves in a financial predicament they are not equipped to take care of. If she is separated, she could pick to not relocate forward through the divorce due to the reality that her husband was the single provider.

Speaking of womales that are separated — DO NOT DATE A WOMAN WHO IS STILL TECHNICALLY MARRIED. And while we’re on the topic, be certain to check out my write-up on dating a freshly divorced womale. 

On the flip side, her ex may have relied on her for finances. Maybe he is encountering a monetary crisis and her going back to him is the outcome of her feeling guilty and responsible for his wellbeing. Yes, that is super messed up, but trust me as soon as I say you execute NOT desire to attempt to be a hero in this instance. You don’t want to obtain pulled into this drama and also attempting to intervene can be draining and also even dangerous. 

A Better Way to Date

No matter exactly how experienced you end up being in the dating human being, you can’t regulate someone’s decisions. And even if you have actually occurred a strong bond through someone, tright here is no guarantee that you will certainly glide via that partnership without acquiring hurt or rejected. You might have actually clicked on this write-up because you saw a woman you were interested in or went on a pair days via her ideal before she determined to go ago to her ex. Or, you might be reextending from a breakup through a serious girlfrifinish that, after making a commitment to you, made a decision to resume a previous connection.

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If the last is true for you, understand that it is OK to take your time to grieve the partnership before reentering the dating civilization. Check out my advice on methods to heal a damaged heart. This post has actually a number of research-backed devices to help you relocate on.

And when you’re ready to acquire back in the dating game, I am right here to help! 

One of the dating methods that I have discovered to be the majority of reliable is megadating. MegaDating is a strategy I offered to discover a permanent partnership and also it can assist you uncover one too. Megadating is a strategy that involves dating multiple people at once in order to lessen the sting of rejection (once you’re dating multiple civilization at as soon as, rejection all of a sudden isn’t such a large deal), rise self-esteem, reduce stress and anxiety, and also keep you from settling for the mediocre. 

In all honesty, civilization that go back to their ex frequently perform so because they have not knowledgeable the benefits of seeing the contemporary fact in that old adage about there being plenty (and I intend PLENTY) of fish in the sea. 

Need some personal dating guidance? Publication a 1-on-1 Zoom session through me or among my colleagues today! Throughout our session, we will certainly comment on how to get over your dating roadblocks, produce dating objectives, and also come up with an activity setup to assist you uncover the ideal woguy for you – a woguy won’t go back to her ex! We’ll additionally identify if my coaching program could be a fit for your needs.