Hello, my Skype is not functioning properly. I am running the latest version on Windows 7 Home Premium. Basically the Skype messages are out of order, and they display screen the wrong time. I do not understand how to solve this trouble, and I call for some assistance in doing so.

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Try establishing up the Skype time to your time by going to your Profile. If that does not assist, re-install Skype. You might check this forum also: http://neighborhood.skype.com/t5/Windows-desktop-client/Problem-with-skype-messages-are-being-received-out-of-order/td-p/1287102
You have to put up time on your skype profile: Start Skype, log in, click your name - that will open up Skype Home window, clic on Profile tab, skroll dvery own and also setup time in your skype profile.
Time wrong for prompt messeras



Sync Your Windows Clock With Net Time Server. attempt to reinstall and also if does not help then attempt older Skype Version.

Problem via skype, messeras are being obtained out of order.


Cristián Torres-Gluck Balmaceda
I also have Skype for Android. From what I deserve to tell, this trouble occurs on that too, if that helps.

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Time Zone in Android



attempt food selection Skype >> Profile >> Edit Your Profile. Tright here is an option there to change time

This is somepoint that appears to affect many kind of Skype customers best now and also especially through the latest version set up. If you have the latest Skype 6.0 version, then you might try to revert to the previous version.




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