A coming-of-age film around the essential function of listening and also empathy in bridging bridges throughout personal, social, spiritual, political and gender divides.

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In the soul of Michael Apted"s "7 Up" series, the...

A coming-of-age film about the important role of listening and empathy in bridging bridges across personal, cultural, spiritual, political and gender divides.

In the soul of Michael Apted"s "7 Up" series, the award-winning MY SO-CALLED ENEMY adheres to six courageous Palestinian and Israeli teenage girls that participated in a cross-social women"s leadership program in the U.S. and papers just how the transformative endure of knowing their "enemies" as human beings in US meets with the realities of their stays earlier house in the Middle East over the next seven years.

A film around not making assumptions around, or creating "an other," MY SO-CALLED ENEMY presents the complexities of the Israeli/Palestinian dispute through a human lens, and the opportunity and hope that come from listening to each other"s stories.

Winner of Jury Prize, Best Conflict & Resolution Film at the Hamploads International Film Festival.

"Aired on the ITVS-curated "Global Voices" series (WORLD Channel)"

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Lisa Gossels
New Day Films

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