My Student Has a Crush on Me

A reader is afrhelp she is being sexualized by a student.

Posted February 9, 2013 | Reregarded by Ekua Hagan

Dear Dr. G.,

I am a greater additional teacher. I am 27, am married and have a 4-year-old daughter.

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I store a cshed rapport with all my students, considering that it"s exceptionally essential to be friendly through teenagers to manage them. I desire to create around one of my favorite students. He is 18, an extremely great boy, studies well, incredibly well behaved, sincere in whatever before he does and has actually a helping mentality towards others. He likes my topic and also was constantly ready to help whenever I necessary it — choose making topic magazines, arranging an exhibition (he draws beautifully), and also keying my notes. I likewise helped him to prepare for some competitions.

We have actually spent a lot of time together at institution. But in the past few weeks, I"ve noticed that his mindset in the direction of me has actually been altering. He is no longer comfortable when he is through me and stays clear of my eyes while talking. I have recorded him staring at me many times as soon as I am teaching. Sometimes, I feel favor he doesn"t choose me showing friendliness towards any other boy in his course.

I am very a lot worried. He is my favorite student. I can watch that he is distracted in class and also that will certainly absolutely impact his research studies. I can"t believe that the boy who laughed and also joked through me easily a few weeks back has actually completely readjusted. I tried to talk to him but he is avoiding me.

One of my colleagues argued that he may have actually a crush on me. I was embarrassed. But the more I think about his actions ... I do not know what to do. How execute I take care of him? Please aid me via your suggestions. I desire my ideal student back.

Should I tell this to my husband?

A Concerned Teacher

Dear Teacher,

Hold on to your seat. I have many type of concepts around what may be going on in this situation. Yes, the young guy may have actually a crush on you. That is not unusual. I have actually spoken to many type of males that have told me that they had crushes on their teachers throughout their high college years and even earlier. In your case, you are very cshed in age to this young guy, so that renders it also more likely that he might have emerged a crush on you.

You likewise invested what seems to be an unusually significant amount of time via him having him carry out additional occupational for you and helping him via his jobs.

I have to warn you that you should watch your limits with your students, both male and female. You are their teacher, not their friend. This boy might have end up being puzzled and might have actually felt that you were interested in him.

Now, I"d choose to ask you a very challenging question. Were you attracted to this young man and/or flattered perhaps by what could have actually been his crush on you? What I am trying to say is that while it is important to have a great rapport with your students, it is not useful to have a "favorite student" and also it is necessary to be mindful of your very own feelings.

His discomfort may be as a result of a crush that he has actually on you or he might have sensed a particular fondness that you had actually for him. You carry out seem to have actually an excellent deal of interemainder in what sounds favor a very unique young male. Please study your own feelings carefully.

I indicate that you let the student be. If he requirements a little bit of distance, then honor that and also let him have the room that he requirements.

I am not certain why you want to comment on this concern via your husband. Are you came to around your feelings, actions, and partnership with your husband? Or are you came to about exactly how and also why the partnership via the student went awry and you desire your husband"s input?

I strongly indicate that you be clear about your incentive for talking to your husband before you execute so. When you are clear about that, then go ahead and also talk to him.

Please let me know the outcome. I wish you luck. I hope the situation through this young man was a finding out opportunity for you about maintaining proper boundaries through male and also female students.

Good Luck,

Dr. G.

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Barbara Greenberg, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of teens and their well-intentioned but exhausted parents.





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