The function of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to raise and also rescue male from his fallen state and readjust him into a state of redemption. Fallen man cannot redeem himself bereason his abilities are limited to the mortal sphere in which he resides, and salvation is not a condition herbal to mortal law. Only a God- one not restricted by or topic to mortal law- could lift guy to a higher level and for this reason to a much better life.

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When this is construed, it complies with that unless a mortal humale is affected or ceded by a power that emanates from external the mortal condition, he will certainly reprimary without salvation. Everypoint around the gospel of Jesus Christ originated from a source beyond the bounds and also conditions of mortality. Characteristics of the gospel are such points as magnificent priesthood authority, remission of sins, joy, revelation, spirit-born testimony, sanctification by the Holy Gorganize, healings, callings, and also resurrection of the dead- every one of which originated in an additional world. Whenever any gospel power touches a humale life, the procedure is a miracle bereason namong the gospel accoutrements or traits are organic to the mortal condition.

Because the adversary resides in a nonmortal existence, he is able to perdevelop indicators and also miracles. However before, being restricted to his very own sphere and also being unconserved himself, he has actually power to deceive yet not to conserve or redeem. Thus the Lord warned us, “He that seeketh indications shall check out indications, however not unto salvation” (D&C 63:7).

Is it not abundantly apparent that without gospel miracles there can be no salvation? If remission of sins are crucial, it requires a miracle. If a testimony of Jesus via the Divine Gorganize is crucial, it needs a miracle… Therefore the prophet Mormon exclaimed that gospel miracles are essential “as lengthy as time shall last, or the earth shall stand also, or tright here shall be one guy upon the challenge thereof to be saved” (Moroni 7:35-38).

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The biggest and the ultimate miracle is the long-term victory over death, the resurrection of the dead body. Death reigns in mortality, indeed “mortal” indicates being subject to death. But God is the God of the living (Matthew 22:32), for all live unto him. Man cannot resurrect himself, yet God, who has actually power over fatality, will lug all males and also all develops of animals, fish, and fowl to everlasting life (check out D&C 29:24-25).

It is not vital that eexceptionally man calm a storm or walk on water or rotate water right into wine. But those miraculous points that cleanse a spirit, provide testimony of Christ, administer magnificent authority, speak to people to serve, give revelation, and also resurrect a dead body from the grave are indispensable to man’s individual salvation. (Sermons and Writings of Robert J. Matthews, p. 525-527)