My mommy discussed this previously today. Thought it could be something fun to push down some of the political stuff.

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Name somepoint you have to NEVER execute naked.

Ummm have you not been to British Columbia?

Darn it. There"s this one iconic photo of naked skiers at the height of a hill and also I can"t for the life of me discover it. I"ll leave you via this instead. Also, execute not sled naked. Google just damaged naked sledding for me.

I dated this guy in high institution that was a bike rider (he"s pro now) and also he wore a shirt that sassist I ride naked via a bike on it. Everybody loved it, including me, but nobody believed just how weird it would be to ride a bike naked lol.


That was my initially believed too! My husband and also I have an inside joke around frying bacon naked... here"s a photo of an apron I made for his last birthday.


Lol, I was going to say frying food!

I"ll go through squatting and deadlifting. Yikes! Might look hot when you"re wearing your Lululemons... But naked?! Def game changer. I"d be judged on my Brazilian wax quite than my create and weight, hehehe.

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