"What human being come to realize is that before the show, Dre and also I were together. I was living with him."

The addition of Nas on Love & Hip Hop Hollytimber has actually created one of the most infamous love triangles in the franchise’s history.

steustatiushistory.org chatted via Nas around the actual timeline of her on-aobtain, off-aobtain partnership via Soulja Boy; if a pregnancy made her vomit on cam, and also whether or not she threw that puke at Nikki Mudarris.

What transpired that day between you and Miss Nikki Baby?Nastassia Smith: I didn’t know that Nikki and I had actually an issue one and also once I met her, she was really nice to me she was nice to me on camera. She wasn’t expect, she always provided me compliments, and also whatever. When she came right into the save, it wasn’t even an dispute at first. She was simply prefer, I’m friends with Nia and I respect her blah, blah, blah. That’s fine, you have the right to have your relationship through Nia, no trouble, it is not that substantial of a deal to me choose I’m not that kind of person. Then she began to go favor, “Oh, I simply don’t respect you,” and like, “I don’t think that you respect yourself.” Now it went to a whole various case, don’t concerned my occasion to disrespect me. I’m not going to pertained to your s— and disrespect you. I simply felt choose, she didn’t recognize the entirety story and she simply came in prejudging and also she just wanted to pick a fight.

That day, I wasn’t feeling good, sometimes I’m sick, I don’t if it’s the camages or what, yet I acquire sick, and also during the confrontation, we were suggesting and also I felt prefer I was going to throw up and also I believed it was not gonna come out, I believed I might host it or whatever before, but I guess because I was holding it so much, it just was favor, no bitch, “Whoa!” I tried not to throw up on her, I tried to host it and revolve the oppowebsite means, however it was over. It was over at that suggest and also she just kept antagonizing me as soon as I was throwing up. “You see that I’m down right currently and you still desire to assault me?” and also I had actually a cup in my hand and also I was mad. At that allude I was incredibly angry because, at the finish of the day, I am a perboy and also you want to kick me while I was prefer super down? And I have actually no difficulty with you? So it’s just choose, “Come on girl, really?” So, she acquired a drink on her face!

I had to watch that minute a couple of times ago to view if you were throwing your puke at her or a drink.

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I’ve been obtaining struck like crazy because everyone thinks that I threw my vomit at her. I was like, “I have actually some form of home training! I’m not gonna throw my throw up at her!” That’s disgusting. And that would be a lot, my hands are little also and it wouldn’t go that much if I tried to throw it at her, it wouldn’t have reached. So it was the cup thatI was holding it once I was throwing up and I didn’t put it down, and she was simply favor, “Are you throwing up? You’re disgusting, blah, blah, blah!” and also I simply turned around and also shoved that drink at her. didn’t display the part when I hit her in the confront, I think they have to have.


Viewers have speculated bereason you threw up that you were pregnant. Any fact to that?No, I am not pregnant. That would certainly be pretty screwed up. I’m not pregnant. I’m not holding a small Soulja Boy, no.

Nikki had said in a bonus clip that she didn’t desire to get in between Teairra and also Princess’s drama. Why execute you think she sees you and Nia’s case differently?I simply felt prefer I’m the brand-new perchild and everybody just wants to attack me. I’m such a nice perboy and the present doesn’t really broadcast that because I really don’t have any kind of friends on the show. doesn’t even provide me the possibility to show them what form of perboy I am. I’m a very great perkid and once it comes down to Nia, you don’t even understand her that well. So, for Nikki to also continue to be here and try to safeguard somebody you barely also recognize over me, like you don’t recognize me! You should mind your service, especially on this connection. You absolutely was in the exact same precise instance last seachild, execute you hear what I’m saying? And Dre was my boyfrifinish for 2 years, what world involved realize is that prior to the present, Dre and also I were together. I was living with him.

Everybody came on the present feeling he was Nia’s boyfriend, and also I’m just like, “No, that was my boyfrifinish.” She was the one that didn’t tell me, while she and I were friends that she was dating him. The entirety story simply gained so switched, so it’s looks like I’m just some crazy girl or the girl who’s trying to take her friends’ man and also that’s not also the situation, the whole story is reversed. They were on the show together last seakid, prior to me, so it makes it look choose it’s one way as soon as it’s not.I don’t know what it is yet Nikki should have actually no issue with me and specially talking around this case, prefer she was still via Mally Mall while he was still having actually the instance through Masika. You still wanted to mess through your man because you feel like that was your man. So at the finish of the day, I felt prefer Dre was my boyfrifinish and also if I wanted to talk to him, as soon as he calls my phone, I’m allowed to and nobody could tell me that I can’t.

Okay, so you just sassist Dre was your boyfriend for two years before he started doing the display via Nia. What’s the timeline for you and also Dre?I met Nia during college, we did this promo stuff via different suppliers and we ended up being friends. When I met her, I didn’t recognize who her dad was however Nia and I just came to be really, really cool. Like once her paleas were leaving and also they relocated to LA and she had actually nowright here to live I moved her right into my house via me and my mommy till I went ago to school. Throughout this time, she was talking to Dre and also we all had actually met at the same time. Dre and I were simply friends and also they were having whatever before they were doing. It didn’t last long, like a month or 2. Dre and also I continued to be friends, me and also Nia continued to be friends. Then, Nia made a decision that she wanted to sleep with a male that I was talking to, everybody knew about it, yet me so we had a falling out. Dre were still friends, hang out or whatever, nopoint more. I never before looked at him that means.

A year later, I forprovided Nia for sleeping via that first man, and also we ended up being friends again. Then, she did it aobtain, via an additional guy, and this time she gained his name tattooed on her waist. At that time, I was like, “OK, b—h, f— you, eincredibly time I befriend you again, you go and also sleep through somebody I’m handling, prefer you might at least not be friends via me. Meanwhile, Dre came right into town, ago to Atlanta, after he was touring or whatever before and he hit me up. This time it was a tiny various than normal bereason it was just me and also him. He wanted to hook up and also I was like, “Look, dude, at the finish of the day, I’ve never before looked at you choose that because of Nia, but Nia isn’t in my life anyeven more and also if you desire to take it to a entirety an additional level, we have the right to, yet I should understand that you don’t talk to her. Because that day forward. I never before ever had actually to concern about Nia, until the last year.

A couple of years earlier, he moved to LA, then I moved to LA and also we sort of picked up where we left off. I was living via him pretty a lot when I moved down tright here because I had literally just come out here. And I decided to relocate. I kinda didn’t have everywhere to continue to be at initially and also I was with him so I lived with him. Not the residence that he remained in now, yet the house before that, that was supposed to be our residence. It was deep! is the form of person who desires you roughly all the time however tbelow was most bullshit that we had to go with. The same point that Nia is going with best currently via girls. He is on 3 different networks through 3 different b—hes. Nia, exactly how have the right to you say just how can you be mad at me? Like you need to be at the male you’re managing me, not me. You’re just mad bereason of the shit that I’d done for you and also you simply feel bad. I was a really good friend to Nia, I watched her baby. She was living under my roof, I’m pretty much her father. She need to acquire me a Father’s Day gift. I took care of her and I recognize who she is prior to this totality Soulja Boy and also Love & Hip Hop s—. Nia wasn’t famous back in the day. I made her prefer that. The means she is treats me now, it make it seem favor “Oh, this girl, I don’t even understand who she is! We were friends at one point!” however she owes a lot to me and you don’t desire to offer my crmodify. Well guess what b—h, currently I’m on the very same display that you are on and also you are acquiring embarrassed, however so am I. I don’t even understand. I’m looking embarrassed too. I’m looking favor some side bitch that is trying to breakup my ex-friends’ partnership and that’s not the situation.

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When they started filming Love & Hip Hop together and letting camperiods right into their relationship, what did you think? Wbelow were you and Dre at that point?Two years back, Dre and I had a falling out and it was on my birthday. At the moment, I was prefer, “I’m done, I’m totally finished!” and I sent him the worst text messperiods to not hit me up anymore because he is the form of perboy that if he does somepoint wrong, he’ll make you feel like it’s your fault. He likes switch it and that’s simply his defense device to make you feel favor “Did I do somepoint wrong? Is it really me?” once it’s really him. He just doesn’t wanna male up to doing whatever before he is doing. So, I broke up with him approximately my birthday.

At the same time, Nia and also I had actually a common frifinish from Atlanta who was coming out here for my birthday, so we were commenting on pictures on Instagram, talking around my birthday plans, and Nia was talking to her, so I was prefer, “Girl, if you wanna come, you need to come as well.” I hadn’t talked to her in prefer four years once I told her this. At this time, when I did that, I knew I was entirely done through Dre. I didn’t even treatment if me and also Nia were friends anyeven more like, it is what it is, it’s been years, this girl has actually a baby currently. I’m reasoning choose she grew up and points adjust. she got better because I always offer world the benefit of the doubt because I try to better myself. I try to offer people the same, respect that I’d want somebody to offer to me. So, I’m favor, “You can come, girl!” and also the b—h came, of course, I even passist for the b—h parking! She owes me $20! I’m being nice, we took photos, the entirety weekend, she was hitting my phone, we hung out, we went shopping one day, she carried her baby, we were just having fun like the old times. We laughed around it and also put everything behind us.

I finished up obtaining into a case where I acquired pregnant. After that, Nia and I ended up being really, really good friends. pregnant by this guy that I was talking to and also I lost my baby. Nia was among the only civilization that I talked bereason she had actually a child and also I trusted her. Dumb stupid me, trusting a b—h that cheated on me numerous times. I was watching her baby, I was prefer if you wanna go out and she was like, “Yeah, I need to gain turnt up” and also I was favor, “Whatever before, I’m not going out, I can’t carry out much, I’m pregnant.” I was tright here for her birthday party, blowing up balloons, simply being a frifinish. My heart was on my sleeve like, “Do you require me bitch? I got you. Then she just determined to sleep through my ex-boyfriend that I was dating not even a year back, favor literally four five 6 months back Like that was literally my man and also you decide that you wanted to f— through him and also didn’t tell me. While I’m watching your baby! And now you’re on a tv display with this man and you’re still choose talking to me prefer nopoint has happened?! I didn’t know about the display until it came out and also I didn’t recognize that she was dating him until I ran into them in the club and also she simply looked at me and also didn’t say anypoint to me and also I had just talked to this bitch three days prior to that.

The question for a lot of world is, why are you mad at each other? You’re both plainly being told various points by Soulja Boy, so why not be mad at him?I’m not mad. Okay, I am mad at Nia yet not because of Dre. I’m mad at Nia bereason of all the past s— that she has actually done, and also then this is the third time she’s done the same exact thing. Instead of being a woguy to concerned me and say, “I’m sorry,” however she hasn’t done that, so it doesn’t have actually nopoint necessarily to execute via Dre. The whole Dre instance, I constantly loved him, however f— him. Like, f— him. I’m not chasing after Dre and also that’s what is making it seem choose “Oh, I’m so like, I’m okay via it,” No! I’m not okay with it. I told him to soptimal hitting my phone. If you are f—ing through Nia, go f— through Nia. But he has my phone and also he is hitting me up favor “Oh, I wanna be with you! I love you, this is never going to finish.” Of course I would fairly sit tright here and prove to you that this n—a’s not shit and I was a great frifinish to you bitch and also you f—ed up somebody that actually cared around you. He doesn’t treatment about you. Like I actually offered a f— about you favor I put all that shit behind that to be a far better frifinish to you and you s— on me.

It’s the same point via him, “All these b—hes don’t give a f— around you, and you’re sitting below portraying all this other stuff.” All his friends talk about him. The whole actors talk shit about him. I’m the just one that actually gave a s—. When he was broke, as soon as he didn’t have actually anypoint, I was the one that was tbelow. At the finish of the day, it looks favor I’m chasing after him. No, I don’t have Dre’s phone number, Dre hits me and also I wanna make that clear. He hits me up and also that’s the reason why our partnership is continuous bereason I’m bored and I still love him. That’s not my boyfriend; I’m not trying to be in a partnership via himbereason he’s not an excellent boyfriend. Do you think I damaged up with him bereason he’s an excellent boyfriend? No, I damaged up with him bereason I know he is not a good boyfriend but I can’t aid who I love and I’m not saying I still wanna be with him, however if I want to play through my ex? Who sassist that I can’t? I decide I’m doing whatever before I am doing. I’m not looking at Drew for something severe. I was and also now I know what it is and he is never gonna be severe anytime quickly with anybody and also that’s the reason why I left him.