The NBA All-Star Video Game retransforms to New Orleans on Sunday. The best storylines revolve approximately that could be the fifth male on the court together with the 4 Golden State Warriors All-Stars, and also the possibility to feasible watch Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook as teammates aobtain after the break-up last summer that ended their eight years together (these storylines can overlap if coach Steve Kerr is feeling frisky).

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Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are 2 of the best stars heading to the Big Easy for NBA All-Star... <+> weekfinish. (Photograph by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The NBA is a star-propelled league and All-Star Game is a chance to view every one of the NBA"s biggest stars on one court. The game has actually commanded an average ticket price of more than $3,000 over the last three years or 3.5 times the following the majority of sought after All-Star Game,Major League Baseround. But this year is shaping up to be the many affordable game considering that at least 2010.

The cheapest ticket for Sunday"s game is $221 at TicketIQ, which aggreentrances tickets from all of the major resellers (prices were as low as $185 two days ago). Tright here are more than 200 tickets up for grabs for much less than $300 at the Smoothie King Center, which is just one of the NBA"s smaller arenas through just over 17,000 seats.

Compare that to previous All-Star games. TicketIQ pricing data goes ago to 2011 and the cheapest tickets easily accessible 2 days ahead of the game was in Orlando in 2012 at $250. The cheapest ticket at each hold city over the last 4 years: Toronto ($644), New York ($686), New Orleans ($326) and also Houston ($962). So Sunday"s game is66% listed below 2016 and 73% reduced than the game at Madison Square Garden.

NBA cities joccrucial for the NBA All-Star Video Game bereason it deserve to provide substantial economic affect as tourists flock to the city for a long weekfinish of activities. New Orleans organized the game in 2014 and generated $106 million from the event. Teams choose the game bereason it is a carrot for seaboy ticket holders and also teams generate revenue from the weekend.

But the go back to New Orleans after just 3 years is crushing the resale market. New Orleans is the smallest NBA industry and among the poorest. The All-Star Video Game is in New Orleans only because the NBA pulled the game from Charlotte last summer over North Carolina"s controversial transsex bathroom bill. The NBA awarded the game to New Orleans bereason of its capacity to host on short notification and to aid the state which was reeling from enormous flooding. It is the 3rd time New Orleans will certainly host the game because 2008.

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The New Orleans Pelicans ranked No. 30, worth $750 million, in just-released NBA valuations. The team is mired in a messy squabble between Tom Benson and his estranged heirs over that will certainly inherit the Pelicans and New Orleans Saints when the 89-year-old dies. The situation is tied up in the courts.


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