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Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit Cheats For PC

Unlock Mercedes CLK-GTR Victory the Expert Tournament to unlock the Mercedes CLK-GTR.

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Contributed by: Masamune3

Unlock Jaguar XJR-15

Win the Beginner Tournament to unlock the Jaguar XJR-15.

Contributed by: Masamune3

Titanic ship in Aquatica!

When racing in Aquatica in Forward Direction, tbelow is a dark seaside location cshed to the hairpin turn well-known as the "Orctough Hairpin". If you sheight your auto below and save observing the ocean, you will discover the Titanic ship sailing across the sea after constant intervals of time.

Contributed by: Sundar Subramaniam


To Unlock The Following, Complete Certain Tasks

Effect Effect Keep in mind Success the Knockout - Beginner Win the Knockout - Expert Keep in mind 3 Victory the Tournament - Beginner Victory the Tournament - Expert Achieve ticket quota on all tracks to be "Top Cop" In Hot Pursuit Setting Avoid arrest on all tracks to be "Most Wanted" In Hot Pursuit Setting Note 2
Acquiring Pursuit El Niño AND Pursuit Diablo SV needs Realm City unlocked.
Empire City Course
Realm City Course AND El Niño
For Many Wanted and Top Cop, none of the race or adversary settings matter, but 4 laps is recommended for Top Cop.
Jaguar XJR-15
Jaguar XJR-15 AND Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR
Pursuit Diablo SV
Pursuit El Niño
Unlocking Pursuit El Niño likewise needs the race to be won in addition to preventing arremainder.

Contributed by: Amyrakunejo, MarvThem


Before starting a race, enter among the complying with codes at any of the menus to allow the particular cheat: (you"ll hear a "whoosh" sound as soon as gotten in correctly).(note that none of the go codes work-related in Tournament or Knockout which likewise goes for madland)(all the pursuit auto overlays have the specific very same specs and are both quick and also take care of well yet none of them have actually sirens - simply the generic horns)

Effect Effect madland also macr go04 go03 merc ckjones dcop ecop elninor empire gorapid go08 go09 go00 go06 newcars jag go07 go13 go01 go05 bullhorn go17 go18 go20 go19 moncrucial rushhour go11 go12 go16 go21 go14 (could be go15) allcars 43
All cars are fast
All search mode cars
BMW 5 series
Cargo Truck
CLK GTR bonus car
Colored cars
Diablo search car
El Nino bonus car
El Nino pursuit car
Realm City track
Fast car
Ford E-300 Van
Ford F-150 via Bed Cover
Generic Mercedes
Generic SUV
Jaguar XJR-15 and also secret police search cars
Jaguar XJR-15 car
Jeep Cherokee
Lotus/Mustang Hybrid (is pretty rapid for a four speed)
Mazda Miata
Ovariety Muscle Car
Police yell comments during chase
Pursuit Crvery own Victoria
Pursuit Peugeot 206 (or 106)
Pursuit Range Rover
Pursuit Small Car (looks favor among the quest vehicles used in England)
Race in manual transmission
Race through even more traffic
Range Rover
School Bus
Supply Truck
Taxi (handles well and also plows via traffic!)
Unlocks All Prize Cars
Voice on radio in single player mode

Contributed by: Kuja The Destructor, Dormouse, Amyrakunejo

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name Documents Size General FAQs General FAQs
FAQ by NWest 20K
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Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit Cheats For PlayStation

Misc. Codes Effect Effect Choose Redrock Ridge as your course, then before the game tons, press: Dvery own, R1, L2 Select + Square + X Left + Square + Circle Select Rocky pass then host Right + R1 + L2; for Summit organize Dvery own + R1 + R2 To enter this code you initially have to enter Hot Pursuit, Single Race (through web traffic or with other racers), etc. After pushing begin at speedometer, hold L2+R1+Select+Start until the loading display screen disappears. Up + X + Triangle
Change the green landrovers to Gum Ball Police.

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Heavy Car
Horsepower (25% Boost)
No Police Jeeps*
Powerful Horn
Slow Motion

Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre, Warhawk


Complete Following Tasks To Unlock Following

Unlockable Unlockable Complete Knockout On Expert Diffculty Complete Knockout On Beginner Diffculty Complete Tournament On Beginner Diffculty Complete Tournament On Expert Diffculty
El Nino
Empire City
Jaguar XJR-15
Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR

Contributed by: RaumeRVZ, silenthill12345


Cheats have the right to be caused by using them as usernames.

New video camera views: Shotgun 2 & 3, Circle, Rear, Chase
Unlocks all cars and tracks except for concealed tracks
Unlocks AutoCross
Unlocks Caverns
Unlocks El Nino
Unlocks Jaguar XJR-15
Unlocks Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR
Unlocks Scorpio-7
Unlocks Void Race
Unlocks The Playroom

Contributed by: Rage012

Different speaking Police

Hold the corresponding butlots during the loading display for cops to speak in a various language/accent (only functions in Hot Pursuit mode):

Effect Effect Right + R2 + L1 Up + R2 + L1 Left + R2 + L1 Dvery own + R2 + L1 Up + R1 + L2
Police talking French
Police talking German
Police talking Italian
Police talking Spanish
Police with a Southern Accent

Contributed by: Warhawk

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