Sorry in breakthrough if there's been a post that has actually refixed this problem, I looked and also didn't discover one.

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My difficulty is completely defined in this archived short article, however the just posted solution (closing and restarting Chrome) has actually not functioned for me. I've checked whatever I know how to do, restarted Chrome, and rebegan my lapoptimal and the problem hasn't gone amethod. I'm not a very technologically gifted perchild so I'd really like some help as this trouble renders things almost unwatchable.

tl;dr: Progress bar keeps popping up eextremely couple of secs while in fulldisplay screen mode like I relocated my mouse, but I haven't. I've tried everything I have the right to find on google to settle it yet nopoint has actually.


Curious, carry out you have Dish network's "dish anywhere" on your computer? I noticed this short article on microsoft ( ), and realized I also have actually "Dish anywhere". I haven't tried the deal with yet, however I'll let you understand. ::UPDATE:: Rerelocating Dish netoccupational application from running in the background (job manager/ background applications/ ideal click end task) did the trick!!!! No even more pop up. Even if you don't use dish netjob-related, it can be somepoint from Sling media player. ☆☆☆☆

Same concern, came here to watch if anyone else was having actually it.

The weird thing is that less than 12 hours earlier it was fine, I already tried to clear the cache/cookies, tested a various internet browser (Chrome and also Firefox), disabled eincredibly extension, disabled the trackpad.

Nopoint addressed it.

I noticed that it only happens at the beginning of a video clip, in between 30 secs and 2 minutes, after this it don't show aacquire.

I had that this evening for the initially time also. I am not certain if it was simply a coincidence however I relocated the cursor from its last place appropriate at the edge of the display to somewright here in the middle and also then the problem went ameans. I'd should recreate this to recognize for sure if that's the solution but it could be worth a shot.

I'm having actually the same problems. I've uncovered it's not simply in fulldisplay screen but as soon as the computer mouse cursor is hovered over the window. so if it's moved external the home window it's fine, or if I'm watching on even more than 1 monitors and also i relocate it to an additional screen it's fine. This shouldn't be happening though and I've scoured google and also still have actually no solution??


I also have actually this exact problem! The only this that stops it from happening is if I hover my mouse on the application tray. Anyone uncovered solution for this? This hapens in the windows application too for me

Same thing for me with the app tray. And unprefer everyone else, it never stops for me. I watched about 35 minutes of a movie and also it never stopped unless i relocated my computer mouse into an additional window. No one has actually uncovered a solution that I know of yet.

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