If $50 is a little bit as well a lot to spend every 2-3 months, then these clinique moisture surge dupes are what you require.

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If there is one product that Clinique actually knows, it has to be the Moisture Surge. It is a holy grail for many type of people through different skin kinds, and I have actually no doubt why. It is so lightweight and hydrating that it doesn’t even feel prefer you have actually applied anything.

So is the Clinique’s Moisture Surge worth it? Absolutely, Hyaluronic acid and aloe are active ingredients that actually help keep the skin hydrated for much longer than a day.

Even once there is absolutely no caveat to this impressive moisturizer, not many of us deserve to afford to buy a $50 tub eexceptionally 2-3 months, right? So below are the best Clinique moisture surge dupes that will make your skin feel baby-butt soft together with keeping your pocket happy.

Clinique moisture surge dupes

1. Neutrogena hydro boost


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If tright here is one moisturizer that I actually recommfinish for anyone (oily and dry skin alike), it is this one. I have been making use of it for years if I need to be hocolony. And at that time, I didn’t also understand it was a precise dupe for Clinique moisture surge.

It was currently when among my closest friends splurged on the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense that I actually compared both sides by side and also believed that they are insanely comparable to each other. (Also, that frifinish is not buying Clinique anyeven more, lol.)

So what’s the catch? First of all, the Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel offers hyaluronic acid (a hydrator uncovered naturally in the skin) to tempt moisture from the air and also save the skin’s surchallenge hydrated all day, just like Moisture Surge. Plus, it is oil-free, dye-cost-free, fragrance-cost-free, and also non-comedogenic (which suggests it won’t clog your pores and reason acne).

Secondly, Neutrogena has this product in two variants. One is water gel, which is for normal to dry skin and has parfum (fragrance) as an ingredient and the various other is gel-cream (which is fragrance-totally free and also feels even more favor the Clinique moisture surge dupe).

Btw, save the products with fragrance at bay if you have sensitive skin.

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel has actually a thinner consistency than Hydro Boost gel cream and sinks practically instantly into the skin. But, the gel cream looks and feels exactly prefer the Clinique moisture surge (extremely lightweight, vigorously hydrating, and perfect for sensitive skin).

But yes, there is this teeny-tiny distinction that doesn’t also count honestly. With Moisture Surge, you will feel like tbelow is absolutely nopoint on your skin once you use it as it is super lightweight yet, with the Hydro Gel-cream, can feel choose you have a thin layer on your skin.

Which by the method is not irritating to me, and works as an excellent base prior to makeup.

All in all, Neutrogena Hydro Boost is a specific Clinique Moisture Surge dupe that is nearly half the price but absolutely the exact same.

2. etude house moistfull collagen cream


No doubt Etude Housage is a popular Oriental skincare brand also that provides what they say. Now, in all honesty, this collagen cream is not a specific dupe for clinique moisture surge but the texture, feel, hydration is extremely comparable.

It has actually an included fragrance so definitely for sensitive skins, and is of white shade, whereas, clinique is type of a light pink transparent gel cream. Other than that, both of these moisturizers are similar and also vigorously hydrating.

Also, Clinique’s cream has a high content of water while Etude House’s cream has hydrolyzed collagen as the first ingredient, which is much better for aged skin.

Overall, they may not be the specific copycat dupes of each various other, they still are a cshed match and have the right to be taken into consideration as an alternative if it suits your skin pertains to.

last thoughts on Clinique moisture surge dupes

Well, I would select Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream anytime over Clinique Moisture Surge bereason I know for a reality that Hydro-Boost is a spot on alternate for Moisture Surge. And sells for half the price for the same quantity.


what is equivalent to Clinique moisture surge?

Without a doubt, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream is the many equivalent product to Clinique Moisture Surge. The texture, feel, all day hydration, active ingredients, are insanely identical. Also, Hydro Boost is sells for fifty percent the price.

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is Neutrogena as great as Clinique?

Honestly, they both are exceptionally equivalent in texture, consistency, formulation, and moisturization. So yes, Neutrogena is as great as Clinique and also is a good dupe for it.

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Clinique moisture surge dupes