The book is a repertoire of interviews of males that have cheated. It examines how males are raised from childhood to be unfaithful and just how parental fees play a huge part in developing cheaters. It likewise takes a difficult look at the duty of the other womale as well as the tolerant wives and girlfriends. Never before prior to has actually a book dealt with infidelity on such a realistic level. This is a book eincredibly woguy and also guy have to read!

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About the Author:

Success did not come easy for this Chicago native, that was born in 1963. In 1994 he was driving trains for the Chicback Transit Authority and struggling to store a little business from going under. In 1995 he released his first book, Never Satisfied: How and Why Men Cwarmth, a controversial book of brief stories about unfaithful males and also the woguys who support their irresponsible habits. The large New York publishing providers rejected his work, saying it wasnt marketable - which basically supposed, it wasnt good enough. Not willing to concede defeat, Michael determined to self-publish. He borrowed money from friends and household, charged his credit cards to the limit, and also marketed his vehicle. Within eight months, he offered even more than 50,000 books and also was on Essence and Emerge magazines best sellers lists. He toured with black expos, sorority conventions, and book fairs. He even signed books at the neighborhood night clubs, and also hair salons. I was identified to make it! he claims. I would certainly market publications at a funeral if they let me. Ultimately, his popularity flourished and also so did the demand also for his next book. This time, rather of writing another book on relationships, Michael took a gamble on a novel. There was a void in African-Amerihave the right to novels written by guys, he defined. I wanted to ruin the myth that men dont read.

In July of 1997 he released his second book, Men Cry in the Dark. Once aacquire, the book was a huge success, marketing 30,000 hard cover editions during the initially 6 months. This time the nationwide media phelp attention. Michael has actually been a guest on numerous regional and also national radio programs, consisting of the syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Sjust how. His electrifying personality has earned recurring appearances on talk reflects such as Ricki Lake, Sally Jesse, Maury Povich, and Queen Latifah, and also The View. He has likewise been a guest host for Tavis Smiley on BET Tonight.

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Michael is happily single and also is currently living in Atlanta Georgia. where he is working on another controversial book.