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Feeling spontaneous? It’s never as well late to book a trip. Here’s our pick of the best last minute flights.

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Direct flights from New York to Seoul

Want to fly non-soptimal to Seoul? We’ll aid you discover your appropriate route.

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Alternative New York to Seoul routes

Looking for the cheapest, fastest or most basic route from New York to Seoul? You might fly right into the following airports rather.

New York to Seoul: Flight information

The points to understand prior to you go.

Cheapest flight found


Mean flight time

14 hrs 25 mins

Cheapest month to fly


Many popular airline

Oriental Air

Flights per week


Time difference in between New York and also Seoul

+14 hrs(GMT +9)




COVID-19 take a trip constraints are altering rapid, however we're below to assist you uncover the advice you need. Check our live web page on take a trip restrictions to watch if you deserve to travel from New York to Seoul, and also if you'll need to quarantine on arrival.
The ideal price found on for a trip from New York to Seoul is $641. This was uncovered by aggregating throughout various carriers and is the cheapest price for the totality month.

How do I uncover cheap trip deals from NYC to Seoul?

The key lies in the adaptability of the dates! Traveling in the time of durations of low seakid promises savings not only in flights, however additionally in hotels, automobile rentals and various other take a trip services.

With versatile dates, simply follow these three measures to find cheap flights from NYC to Seoul:

That's the finest way to buy cheap airline tickets! Start your search today:

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Are there non-stop flights from NYC to Seoul?

Yes! The NYC to Seoul route is renowned among service travelers and vacation goers achoose. When you fly this path, you will certainly have actually numerous different flight and also airport choices to pick from, so tbelow are opportunities to conserve most money. deserve to help you uncover the fastest non-soptimal flights for the cheapest possible prices. We scour the internet trying to find the best flight deals so you don't need to. Look at these exceptional cheap flight deals:

Direct Flights from NYC to Seoul
AirlineAirports (From/To)Price*
Asiana AirlinesNYC (Any)/Seoul (Any)$1,342See Offers
Korean Air NYC (Any)/Seoul (Any) $1,389See Offers
Delta NYC (Any)/Seoul (Any) $1,443See Offers
United Airlines NYC (Any)/Seoul (Any) $5,785See Offers

*Mean lowest prices found in the last 15 days on our website, considering rate approximates and also rerevolve flights for an adult in the cheapest month. Values subject to availability. Prices readjust according to the airport of beginning and selected day.

Which Airlines Fly from NYC to Seoul?

What documents execute I must travel from NYC to Seoul?

Traveling from NYC to Seoul is simple. For continues to be that are much less than 90 days in duration, you carry out not need a tourism visa, however you execute have to have a passport that has at leastern six months of validity past your stay and also a blank page for your entry stamp. If you shed your ID while traveling, don't panic, just follow these basic measures. Also store in mind that the Real ID laws go into effect in 2020; check out all about it below.

What airport have to I fly right into from NYC to Seoul?

There are many type of alternatives easily accessible for this course. Play approximately with's cheap flights tool to see which airport choices will certainly offer you the ideal airfare rates. From NYC, you deserve to fly out of LaGuardia Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, or Newark Airport. You have the right to land at Seoul's Gimpo or Incheon Internationwide airports.

When is the best time to book flights from NYC to Seoul?

The cheapest month to fly from NYC to Seoul is in the time of the month of January. If you fly throughout this time of year, you deserve to find cheap airline tickets for much less than $1,400. Book your trip on a Tuesday or Wednesday to take advantage of even even more savings as these are the lightest take a trip days of the week. Read even more on the ideal time to book flights here.

What are the baggage fees & size limitations for flights from NYC to Seoul?

In an effort to tempt travelers to pick their airlines, many airlines are dropping checked luggage fees when again! Size constraints and fees may apply depending upon what airline you fly to Seoul with. Some airlines still charge as much as $30 per item of checked luggage for an international trip. Check out this chart to check out what the baggage rules are for your airline.

What are some tips to making it through the long flight from NYC to Seoul?

A trip from NYC to Seoul commonly takes over 14 hours. On this path, you will fly over land also and also sea and also view some beautiful views alengthy the method. Prepare for your long trip ahead of time and ensure you load plenty of healthy and balanced snacks, portable games, books, hobby products, and so on For fun, produce a trip kit for yourself that is filled through brand-new and amazing points, much favor what you would load for children. Read this post for even even more lengthy flight survival tips.

What is the exreadjust price for traveling from NYC to Seoul?

Not just does Seoul offer beautiful views and a tranquil vacation, yet it is a area where you have the right to spfinish money on finer luxuries on a budobtain. One Korean Won will cost you less than a penny!

How many estimated miles can you collect from NYC to Seoul?

When flying via airlines, such as Delta, you have the right to earn 5 miles for ever dollar you spfinish on your airline ticket. The route from NYC to Seoul covers roughly 6,863 miles depending on what airport you depart from and land also at, so tright here is potential to earn hundreds of miles during a single trip.

What are the optimal points to do in Seoul?

Looking for somepoint fun and amazing to perform while you visit Seoul? Here are some of the top attractions to check out while you are in town:

Myeong Dong - Local public market.Bukchon Hanok Village - 600 year-old historic village.Changdeokgung Historic royal residence through a mystery garden.Cheonggyecheon Stream - Downtown stream that runs through the city.Lotte World - Large downtvery own shopping center.

How Can I Rent a Car When I get to Seoul?

You deserve to uncover a rental automobile at the airports or in downtown Seoul. renders renting a car easy! Click right here to get the finest prices on auto rentals in Seoul.

What are the ideal hotels to remain at in Seoul? deserve to aid you discover a cheap hotel room when you arrive to Seoul! Check out our hotels web page wbelow you deserve to plug in all of your preferred lodging information and also discover amazing deals on a room. Need some inspiration? Take a look at these impressive downtvery own hotels:

Flying out of New York (NYC) to Seoul

Three airports in the New York location consist of one of the biggest transport areas in the people. Newark Liberty Internationwide, LaGuardia Airport, and also John F. Kennedy Internationwide Airport all carry out both residential and international organization from the New York City area.

Located in the Queens boturbulent, JFK offers company to more than 50 countries with over 100 airlines offering organization to the airport. Some renowned take a trip desticountries from the JFK Airport encompass Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Madrid, and also Seoul.

The New York LaGuardia Airport is also situated in the Queens area, a mere six miles from downtown Manhattan. You deserve to gain transportation to the LaGuardia Airport using taxi or public transit services from any type of of the five boroughs.

Located in New Jersey, the Newark Liberty International Airport is home to some of the longest straight transcontinental flights in the world. The airport supplies non-sheight company to both Hong Kong and Singapore. Newark is a hub for many domestic flights and popular global desticountries such as Toronto, London, and also Tel Aviv.

Tips for Traveling to Seoul

When traveling to the Seoul location take benefit of the local food offerings that are among a sort. Due to its area, Seoul has some fabulous fresh fish and also seafood offerings, as well as a bustling fish industry, open eextremely morning. On your visit to Seoul make sure to speak by and also watch the exceptional light present at the Samsung Electronics Building located in Seocho-dong. Anvarious other must watch is the uprange Gangnam-Gu location wbelow you have the right to indulge in some high-end shopping. Those looking to discover out more about the society and background of the city will certainly desire to make certain to visit Gwanghwamun Square and Gyeonhbokgung Palace.

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An essential take a trip note for Seoul is once leaving an facility execute not leave a pointer. Establishments carry out not condone tips for company and in some instances might actually take offense.