simply 20 days after the minimum 24 month warranty my fingerprint scanner determined to not work anyeven more.

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i currently recollection the phone ago to manufacturing facility defaults to no avail. the phone has actually no external damages,i do however was enrolled in the android 8.1 beta however since have actually unenrolled ago to 8.0.

any type of tips for me?


I've had this take place to me aswell however am not to bothered by it bereason I don't buy the phone for the fingerprint reader so simply left it.

Sorry I can't be of assist however I perform share your pain.

Happened to me also - out of the sudden fingerprint stopped working and moreover the fingerprint settings disappeared entirely from the settings menu. Two hard resets and also clearing cache reresolved the concern, however I was forced to redo the settings from scratch and also NOT to gain back the backup I had actually conserved on google drive. At the initially attempt the fingerprint settings were still gone, however second hard recollection did the trick. Because then (it happened one month earlier ) no concerns and also I am still exceptionally happy with my 5X. I am on stock 8.0, the phone is 1,5 years old.

upday : Fingerprint scanner still damaged, google assistance were much less then usecomplete, so i ordered a oneplus 5t, sad to action amethod from google yet pixel 2 is a little to pricy for me

I had mine speak functioning for a day or so, and then unexpectedly it came ago. This was earlier on Nougat though.

On the plus side, the scanners are cheap and also simple to replace if you ever should.

On a depressing note, the two times I have actually seen a 5x with an occasional faientice of the fingerprint sensor, the phone bootlooped via the next few days.

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Happened to me, I unenrolled from the beta regimen & manufacturing facility recollection, didn't initially job-related but after a pair of days of turning it off & on inevitably operated aget. That was about 6 months earlier & no bootloop yet. I know it's only my endure however tright here you go, I found the phone almost unusable without it so pretty glad.

Mine stopped functioning this particular day all of a sudden, I'm on the 8.1 beta. Trying a manufacturing facility reset currently, yet not unenrolling

i wanted to unenroll, the abfeeling of turning off google feed and the user prorecords unaccessible were just an inconvenience

I dropped my nexus pretty hard one time and the finger print sensor quit working also. i was under warranty so i ordered a replacement and also by the time it obtained to me it started working aget after a couple of even more drops if im hocolony probably knocked it back together some exactly how. And dont issue they are no longer issuing nexus phone via a warranty or nexus safeguard they wont ship them