In our proceeding Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch series, we emphasis on advanced party building techniques.


So you"ve uncovered yourself a way to fly, eh? Once you get Tengri you have access to simply about eextremely part of the people and also can begin putting together your dream team. You need to now have actually access to many familiars, so it"s time to begin deciding who you desire to take together with you and what functions they will fill in your party.

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At this suggest in the game defense starts to concerned the fore as the finest offense with powerful bosses flinging incredibly potent spells and also abilities at you left and also appropriate. The initially step in structure a party capable of withstanding some of the mid- to late-game bosses and also adversaries is to make certain that every character in your party has a acquainted via the Deffinish command. This is necessary for both making it through the powerful strikes that will be thrvery own your method and also is among the most reliable methods to generate gold glims. As you are no doubt conscious by this suggest in the game, gold glims are the game changer in long fights by not only healing the character that grabs them however also enabling you to unleash an assault that deals substantial quantities of damages.

"Why Defend?" you might be asking, "Why not Evade given that it neentrances all damages instead of simply reducing it?" Evasion is certainly an extra efficient choice than defense but it is limited by a very short duration. When using the Evade command the familiar will certainly remain in that state for just about half the time it would be defending. This gives you a much smaller sized window to give the command while a boss is preparing an attack and you threat taking the full brunt of the capacity if you are as well sluggish. If you feel confident in your ability to time your regulates, by all suggests swap out for some evasive familiars and also have actually it a go, tright here is no definitive appropriate or wrong way to construct a party after all!

Just like beforehand parties, it is important to have a solid physical attacker obtainable to each party member. This is important for 2 factors. The first is to conserve your party"s MP in random battles via normal enemies on the civilization map and in dungeons in between waystones and boss fights. The second reason for having actually these physical familiars is as a failsafe in instance you run out of MP during a lengthy boss fight. Nopoint is worse than burning with all your sources throughout a complicated boss fight and obtaining it down to 10% of its wellness left just to fail because you had to rely on Sleepeafowl"s weak physical strike. Most familiars built for melee attacking additionally possess solid activity speeds, enabling them to cover a large area of the battlefield easily to gather glims or position themselves near a boss" weak suggest.

The last slot for each party member is the a lot of flexible. It is crucial that at least one or two party members have access to familiars via elemental assault tricks and healing tricks. Oliver, Esther and also Marcassin all have the capability to heal the party. Both Oliver and also Marcassin have actually offensive spells. However, namong your party members comes cshed to the amount of healing or damages a strong familiar have the right to do. Swaine on the various other hand has rather restricted accessibility to healing abilities, as execute many of the familiars he has affinity via. While you are cost-free to area a acquainted without affinity for Swaine in his party to give him accessibility to healing tricks, his MP is much much better spent on elemental tricks and abilities like Yoo-Hoo to keep opponents concentrated on the brick-choose defensive abilities of his familiars.

So which familiars are the best? Unfortunately tright here is no best or wrong answer to this question, yet the great news is that having actually Tengri means having basically any acquainted you want! Since of that, we"ve taken the possibility to break down each of the 4 roles: Tank, fighter, caster and healer (even more about these functions in our party building basics short article here) and highlight some familiars that really shine in those duties.


As proclaimed over, this is one of if not THE many essential duty in the later steras of the game. Ideally, each party member should have actually a familiar for this duty by late in the game. The nice point around Ni no Kuni is that extremely few familiars have a singular function and also many tank familiars deserve to be offered for more than simply getting knocked around!

Oliver: Whippersnapper - One of Oliver"s best tanking alternatives, Whippersnapper does its job with aplomb. Possessing among the highest possible physical defenses in the game, he has actually a good magic strike score to boot. Whippersnapper deserve to be discovered very beforehand in the game and has actually a fairly high recruit possibility so most players should have one floating around in their acquainted retreat by mid-game. For its final form we recommend Claptrap as it takes it"s job incredibly seriously, learning some incredibly potent healing tricks in addition to a slightly higher magic strike.

Esther: Lumberlumber - This acquainted can be derived in two ways: They can be found in the wild on No Longer Mine Island or acquired by means of a familiar ticket got upon completion of task 75. Lumberhardwood holds the title for the highest natural physical defense of any acquainted in the world of Ni no Kuni. For the final metamorphosis, Umberwood learns some good healing and also assistance tricks, while Wildtimber learns Yoo-Hoo and other sustaining tricks.

Swaine: Monolith - Similar to the beforehand game, Monolith continues to be strong all the way right into late and end-game. It has actually high defense and magic strike scores and the last create you select offers it either effective elemental tricks or solid support abilities including Upsy-Daisy!

Marcassin: Potty - Unfortunately, Marcassin has incredibly few strong protective familiars within the family members he has actually affinity for. Of those familiars, Potty is the strongest choice. Fortunately, it also has an outstanding magic strike stat which allows it toss about elemental tricks in between deffinishing against enemy attacks. Of the last develops obtainable, Hotpot is a nice choice due to a greater magic defense and also the ability to learn both fire and water elemental tricks.


The tank is the various other important duty for a party getting to the end of the game. The role of physical attacker is vitally vital for many reasons. Alongside the reasons proclaimed over, fighters deserve to likewise get up cshed and also respond to an enemy"s strike or interrupt a trick, knocking loose a range of glims. Keep in mind that a fighter"s assault rate is just as crucial as its physical strike stat, if not even more so.

Oliver: Sillymander - There are practically too many kind of fighters available for Oliver to pick simply one, but Sillymander stands out for many kind of factors. All of Sillymander"s stats are good and also it has actually no specific weakness. It has actually very high magic defense and the Deffinish command. It additionally has actually a quick movement and strike rate, which lets it store up through fast foes and also deal exceptionally regular damages. If offered as a fighter, metamorphosing Sillymander into a Pyromander gives it strong elemental tricks and a greater physical attack stat.

Esther: Hooray - Esther is a little bit restricted in her choices for a physical attacking acquainted. While cruising the seas you will come throughout these manta ray-prefer familiars and they are among the more well-rounded fighters for Esther to select. While not as physically effective as some of the other familiars in the game, Hooray has actually a high physical and also magical attack score and the Defend command also, which is constantly handy in a pinch.

Swaine: Bonehead - As displayed in our acquainted spotlight (which you have the right to uncover here), Bonehead has great permanent potential. If metamorphosed into a Bone Baron it learns effective physical attack tricks, decent defense, a 40% physical damages reduction and also the Psych Up! and Go Wild! commands (which allows it to wade right into most battles choose a buzz experienced on legs!).

Marcassin: Lightshade - Like Esther, Marcassin has actually a tiny selection of familiars to choose a fighter from. Lightshade is a fine option bereason of solid stats all around. In enhancement it has actually the ability to Psych Up! and Go Wild!, boosting its attack rate and comprising for a reduced assault stat than various other familiars.


Oliver: Oroboros - As featured in the spotlight (here), Oroboros serves well right into the later on stretches of the game for Oliver. Since Oliver learns plenty of elemental spells, Oroboros provides a good powerhouse as soon as you need a little extra kick (and also has actually excellent mobility to boot!). If you pick to metamorphose it into Obscuroboros it learns effective dark elemental tricks as well.

Esther: Sleepeafowl - Another spotlighted familiar (discovered here), Sleepeafowl is an awesome and also flexible caster for Esther"s team. A effective miracle move, well-rounded stats and the Deffinish command optimal it off as a surprisingly sturdy caster also.

Swaine: Wisp - If you decide to provide Swaine a familiar for percreating elemental tricks, Wisp provides a fine choice. They learn a handful of fire tricks and also, as they metamorphose, they learn some effective dark elemental tricks too.

Marcassin: Turbandit - Like Oliver via physical familiars, Marcassin has a plethora of familiars to pick from for the caster function. Turbandit does a good task, standing out from this crowd as both a powerful and flexible caster. They have actually among the greater magic attack stats among the various other familiars and also learn elepsychological tricks from nearly eincredibly aspect as they level. Rounding things out are a decent assault stat and the Deffinish command also, making them resilient little bit fellows as well.

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Oliver: Oroboros - That"s best, twice on the list! Oliver"s familiar choices lean much more toward offensive abilities all at once and also he learns numerous healing spells throughout the game, so it is actually recommfinished you lean amethod from offering him a acquainted to heal. If you uncover yourself needing even more healing power though, an Oroboros metamorphosed right into Flouroboros is the method to go. It learns a whole bag of healing tricks as it levels consisting of one capable of reviving your party if they autumn in battle

Esther: Napcap - As featured here, Napcap"s initially metamorphosis into Duncecap offers it a good selection of healing abilities. Reaching the last stage of metamorphosis caps this off by offering it some effective elemental strikes to compliment its healing abilities.

Swaine: Kipper - Believe it or not, Swaine has few if any kind of choices for healing familiars in the families he has affinity for! Kipper is a good all-about option if you decide you want Swaine to be able to heal bereason of the range of healing tricks it learns. Just beware as eincredibly one of Kipper"s forms various other than Siestar Fish actually takes 50% more damage from physical attacks!

Marcassin: Relixx - Althe majority of the finish oppowebsite of Swaine, Marcassin has actually plenty of familiars accessible to him for healing purposes however joins your party through among the finest in tow! Relixx learns a huge number of healing and assistance tricks as it grows and has solid all-approximately stat growth. As if that wasn"t sufficient, it"s final creates have actually a high movement and strike speed via the Angelixx likewise getting resistance against light elemental attacks!

Your Party

More important than anything else once preparing a party to tackle the final collection of obstacles is that you are able to use your party effectively. It doesn"t aid a lot if you don"t gain some practice and (no pun intended) familiarity through how your party performs in battle. Try out as many familiars as you want and make certain to check out our acquainted spotlights for some of our very own favorites! If you have actually a favorite acquainted combicountry of your own for taking on the later on parts of the game, feel cost-free to use the comments area listed below to share! As constantly, you have actually the final say which familiars acfirm you right into fight against the Dark Djinn and also better challenges!