The song doesnt expect that much to me personally. Like the huge majority of NIN songs it's self reflective.

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A lot of Trent's lyrics come from his diaries.

Its the initially track so choose all NIN albums it sets the scene.

Watching all the insects march along Seem to understand just ideal where they belong Smears a challenge mirroring in the chromeHiding in the crowd, I'm all alone

this is depression. Sitting external, watching ants and also reasoning "They understand what to execute ((around life))"

He sees his confront reflected in a bumper on a car probably, it doesnt really matter what it is, "Hiding in the crowd im all alone" Its favor a snapshot, hes sitting tbelow watching the ants, and his blurry face reflected back at him, no issue how many kind of others roughly him, he's alone. Depression.

No one's heard a single word I've shelp They don't sound as good exterior my head It looks as though the previous is below to continue to be I've become a million miles aw- (ay)

So this is pretty apparent given the conmessage of the scene, no? No one listens. Since as soon as he tries to define, or ask for aid, it doesn't come out right. The words don't sound excellent outside his head. Nopoint is going to readjust.

So why does everyone love him? What has he done to deserve it? Hes a star, adored, fan mail, groupie sex/warm wife, complimentary drugs, comped whatever. WTF?? (remember the layout of WT (album) too, very important)

All the jagged edges disappear Colors all are brighter as soon as you're nearThe stars are all afire in the skies Sometimes I obtain so lonely, I could (cry)

these are very NIN-ey themes, jagged edges smoothing, colors obtaining brighter, burning stars in the sky. Whats the theme? THings obtaining much better. Feeling empowered, feeling loved. Yet, so lonley.

why? why perform you obtain all the love in the world?

thats the song imo. remember Trent incredibly exceptionally extremely rarley writes around various other human being "the You in the majority of (i can just think of 1 or possibly 2 where its not) is Trent talking to himself. These albums are his means of coping. Of getting it out. Like he mentioned, most his lyrics come from his diary.

Its not an especially deep song, it just sets the tone, and template for the album.

FOr the WT hate this sub provides the album it's still really excellent imo. Its just as dark and gothy as everything else, through tambourine and also babsence women.

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(from You understand what you are)

You better take a good look cause I'm complete of shitWith eextremely little of my heart I've tried to believe in itYou have the right to dress it all up, you can attempt to pretend But you can't change anypoint You can't readjust anypoint In the end

EDIT: so I listened to WT again today because it was on my mind. I think this song also acts a wrap about for the last track. The theme of nature knowledge it's location inherently is replayed. For someone who is depressed and quite possibly bi-polar or borderline, i might watch that idea being frustrating. Feeling like an outsider/handling addiction and also mental illness, while being a beloved rockstar is probly pretty fucked up. Knowing where you fit, or that your intended to be. Sometimes i get so lonley.... through no will certainly or initiative to complete the sentence. ATLITW is is not understanding your location in fact. Feeling choose something you're not. Your thoughts don't transpose into words well. Wishing you just had a place and also a purpose. I intend, thats a line in EDIETS, unintfinished on my part.

the album still folows the standard design template of eextremely other NIN album (not counting YZ) Im fucked up> nothing changes> this is that I am > im fucked up. Kill me (maybe)