you and also brandon have actually been seeing each various other for awhile but not officially. well not really even seeing each various other so to speak. it's just been a hookup kinda thing.

you've been going through it to say the least, and also having actually b there has actually been a large help. well huge distractivity. you've recognized him since he moved out to LA, however the last 6 months you've been booking up eincredibly time y'all hang out

you and brandon were laying in bed after you hooked up. he was still asleep so you tried to get up and sneak out.

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you then felt brandon grab onto you "simply lay below for a tiny much longer. there's no rush"

you shake your head "b i have to go."

brandon looks at you "why?"

you sighed "i gained shit going on remember."

brandon shrugs and also sighed as he sat up "actually i don't. because you don't tell me shit anymore"

you sighed softly "i just. not. i can't execute this now"

brandon sighed "why not?"

you just shrug

"okay. if you really gotta go, contact me in morning as soon as things have been sorted" he looked at you

you sighed "i'm not the kind to call you earlier tomorrow!"

brandon looks at you "so you're just a fuck & ditch now hey?"

you sighed "i'm not. simply. b. leave it, okay."

brandon shakes his head "no i'm not gonna."

you snapped "fine! my dad is cheating on my mother and also she has no clue. i wanna acquire home so i have the right to catch them aacquire, so i can display it to mom. so she'll actually believe me for once! you happy?"

brandon got hold of onto your arm and pulled you onto the bed "no i'm not. bereason you're obviously hurting"

you sighed "what does it matter?"

brandon looked at you "how lengthy has this been going on? or do you recognize, choose how long have actually you know?"

you sighed "i've known for 7 months. and also i've been trying to tell mommy ever since but she simply doesn't believe me."

brandon looks at you "yet we've been doing this for 6 months.."

you nod "yeah. i've been trying to manage it by myself for a month, i couldn't. then we had actually that one night & it made me really happy for the order time in a month so i went via it."

brandon looks at you "you provided me."

you sighed "no b. that's not. that's not it."

brandon looks at you "it feels like it"

you sighed softly and look over at brandon "no.. i'm not. we're not. it's. i simply can't describe it"

brandon sighed "there's no need"

you look at brandon "why's that?"

brandon sighed "bereason you have to go."

you sighed softly "but b"

brandon looks at you "what's really going on then? you're not being yourself!"

you sighed "you just. okay fine. mom doesn't think he cheated reason of whatever her ex did, she discovered love in dad, that she hadn't had considering that she was young and also hurt. then, when she met dad, things changed. that he wouldn't hurt her. so she refuses to believe it. or anypoint poor said around him."

brandon sighed "y/n."

you sighed "don't begin fo feel sorry for me aobtain. this is why i didn't desire to tell you"

brandon sighed "again?"

you sighed "forget it."

you then went residence, once you acquired house you took a photo. you control to present mommy, she believed it.

you then went earlier to brandon. you both started talking more. you both determined you would certainly became main.

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which was the finest point for you. for the both of you.