Turn ago the clock to 2014 and also bring on the nostalgia via Lane 8’s shimmering deep house tune, “Nothing You Can Say” featuring Lucy Stone.

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Incorporating an emotional blend of beautiful, melodic instruments through his undulating beats, Daniel Goldstein, aka Lane 8, has forged a truly distinct sound that is cost-free of compariboy. Spending hours on finish becoming lost in Lane 8’s enthralling musical journeys has actually come to be a part of my everyday routine. However before, one track that repetitively earns a spot on my repeat list is “Nothing You Can Say”.

A participation featuring the idyllic vocals of Lucy Stone, this track was released ago in February of 2014 on the Anjunadeep label. One of Daniel’s initially string of releases through Anjunadeep, this participation, in addition to a handful others, consistently topped the Hype Machine charts and also earned him the support of BBC Radio 1. It uses an significant depth of feeling for the listener with its beautiful vocals, synth plucks, and also flowing rhythm.

Since then, Lane 8 has made waves in the home genre via his very own album releases, Rise and Little by Little, building a powerful momentum for his distinctive blend of sounds. More freshly, Lane 8 presented a new label and events idea, This Never Happened.

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 Rerelocating the distractions of phones and photo-taking, these special gatherings cultivate an environment wbelow fans are encouraged to experience the moment in its purest create and also create lasting connections via one other.

Even after plenty of plays, “Nopoint You Can Say” always leaves my heart soothed and also my heart glowing. 

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Lane 8 nearly ten times currently, and once he incorporates tracks choose this one into his sets, the sound takes me ago on a nostalgic, dream-like journey that calms the mind, body, and soul. Lane 8’s sounds have advanced because 2014, integrating styles ranging from techno, deep home, and also progressive house, but this iridescent track will certainly always be a gem in my heart!

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Sfinish me to the darkest side of townSinking even more right into solid groundI’m running circles as I begin to countThe streets are empty, beating heart unwound

There’s nothing you can sayto adjust my mindThere’s nopoint you have the right to dothat I haven’t triedWhen even the lines that store us out of sight break in two

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