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Encyclopedic entry. A good circle is the biggest possible circle that have the right to be drawn roughly a spright here. All spheres have great circles.

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A excellent circle is the biggest possible circle that can be attracted around a sphere. All spheres have great circles. If you reduced a sphere at one of its good circles, you"d reduced it exactly in fifty percent. A good circle has the very same circumference, or outer boundary, and the exact same center allude as its sphere. The geometry of spheres is advantageous for mapping the Planet and other planets. The Planet is not a perfect sphere, yet it maintains the basic form. All the meridians on Earth are great circles. Meridians, consisting of the prime meridian, are the north-southern lines we usage to help explain specifically wright here we are on the Earth. All these lines of longitude meet at the poles, cutting the Planet neatly in fifty percent. The Equator is an additional of the Earth"s great circles. If you were to reduced into the Earth best on its Equator, you"d have two equal halves: the Northern and also Southern Hemispheres. The Equator is the just east-west line that is an excellent circle. All other parallels (lines of latitude) acquire smaller sized as you get close to the poles. Great circles can be uncovered on spheres as massive as planets and also as little as oranges. If you reduced an orange precisely in half, the line you cut is the orange"s good circle. And until you eat one or both halves, you have actually two equal hemispheres of the same oarray. Great circles are also useful in planning courses. The shortest path between two points on the surface of a spbelow is always a segment of an excellent circle. Plotting good circles comes in exceptionally handy for plane pilots trying to fly the shortest distance in between two points. For example, if you flew from Atlanta, Georgia, to Athens, Greece, you can fly approximately alengthy the route of among Earth"s excellent circles, which would certainly be the shortest distance in between those 2 points. When planning courses, but, pilots need to take various other factors into account, such as air currental fees and weather. Great circles are simply general paths to follow.


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A good circle is produced by any line that slices via the facility of a spbelow.

Photograph by Mark Bessenbacher, MyShot

Equatorial BulgeGreat circles on Earth are approximately 40,000 kilometers (24,855 miles) all the way around. The Planet isn"t a perfect spright here, yet. It is an oblate spheroid, definition it stretches out a tiny approximately the Equator in a type dubbed an equatorial bulge. The Equator is about 40,075 kilometers (24,901 miles) in circumference.