About I Think She Like Me

"I Think She Like Me" is a song by Amerihave the right to hip hop recording artist Rick Ross, featuring vocals from Amerideserve to singer Ty Dolla $ign. Was released on January 26, 2017 as the lead single of his 9th studio album Rather You Than Me, with the record labels Maybach Music Group and Epic Records. The song was created by C-Gutta and J-Pilot. The song includes a sample of "People Make the World Go Round" by The Stylistics.

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This the fliest shit everThis that Rich Forever before Part 2Uh, uhLayin" in my bed, I"m under these gold chandeliersCan"t say also many names that had actually these kinda yearsNight sweaters and also these icy diamonds on my wristIce cube lookin" nigga, you know life a bitchI once got no allowance, currently I acquired the crownI said I was the boss, nobody made a soundReally had actually to watch them points, this level story tellin"Who else can flip a chorus right into 40 millionOut in Cannes via Leonarcarry out DiCaprioWhile out on bond, pray I go to trial rapido8 felonies, tellin" me wanna provide me lifeEincredibly nut I bust really, I gotta carry out it twiceRicky Ronaldo, really as soon as I"m in PortugalI pull a yacht out this weekend, I"m fuckin" so and soCamages flash, paparazzi layin" in the grassTom Brady my new nig however you can tell "em thatUh, I think she like meOh, I think she favor meI know her nigga don"t like meWith your bitch right now, yeah, I can beSippin" this right currently, yeah, we could beMight hit it from the earlier, let her ride meGirl, you never satisfy one more nigga prefer meGirl, you never satisfy another male choose meI"m sexin" womales out on Fisher IsleI gas her up and also let her lick me downI might name my daughter HermesGet my jeweler to decorate the new birds nest20 million up at Merrill LynchI met his chick, he haven"t viewed her sinceThunstable the city, I"m still floatin" choose a magic carpetShe speak me for a selfie, I simply desire the knowledgeExpressin" what you think"ll send your youngsters to collegeOr be a geechi nigga simply to store the Bentley polishedDo it for the dear departed, f*ck a Ben CarsonRealm rented, you made a nigga a targetOnly one that"s smokin" up in Goldmale SachsBut I"m the just one that"s rollin" prefer a quarter backAnd I never put it in my government"Cause I never put on for the governmentUh, I think she choose meOh, I think she choose meI understand her nigga do not favor meWith your bitch right now, yeah, I can beSippin" this appropriate currently, yeah, we could beMight hit it from the back, let her ride meGirl, you never before meet one more nigga like meGirl, you never accomplish one more guy choose meYou captured the instance, you gotta article a bondI"m Rayful Edmund combined via young Wale FolarinStarin" in my safe, I"m rather safe than sorryDiddy, Jigga, only 2 niggas comin" for meI park the Caddy in my livin" roomPussy niggas lookin" for me, I"mma offer it to himSantorini, Greece, sex in the swimmin" poolIf her pussy dry, call her Beetle JuiceI"m baby makin" in the MalvidesPlaced up all the yachts, pulled out the jet skisKhaled hit me on the FaceTimeI"m the fliest nigga on his basslineShe watch the sneakers and also she check out the stonesFat boy run the city, seated in the throneI"m cashin" in prefer the KardashiansMy paralysed homie snuck a ratchet inUh, I think she like meOh, I think she like meI know her nigga do not prefer meWith your bitch right currently, yeah, I can beSippin" this best currently, yeah, we can beMight hit it from the earlier, let her ride meGirl, you never before satisfy one more nigga choose meGirl, you never satisfy one more guy like me

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Rick Ross William Leonard Roberts II (born January 28, 1976), much better recognized by his stage name Rick Ross (frequently stylized as RICK RO$$), is an Amerihave the right to rapper. Ross founded the record label Maybach Music Group, on which he released his studio albums Deeper Than Rap (2009) and also Teflon Don (2010). Ross was also the first artist signed to Diddy"s monitoring firm Ciroc Entertainment.

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In at an early stage 2012, MTV called Ross as the Hottest MC In The Game. even more »