I have actually an awesome sister. She’s my ideal friend. And she’s so creative (she gets it from my mom). She newly turned a very old TV right into a classy bit dog bed for my adorable bit Beagle nephew Bailey, isn’t it cool? In honor of Earth Day – and the whole reuse, recycle theme – I’m informing you exactly how you have the right to execute it!

What’s also cooler is she obtained the TV for FREE – human being are providing these dinosaurs away! And the price of paint was minimal.

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Here are some basic instructions:


1.) Find an old big, boxy TV. Don’t pay for it – people need to be providing these away.

2.) Find a nice huge work space. Lay dvery own a blanket. And lay the TV on it’s front side (display down) on the blanket. Be cautious, you don’t desire it to break. Make certain it’s unplugged (duh).

3.) Then start unscrewing. Unscrew the ago panel and start unscrewing all the pieces inside. My mom sassist tright here were a LOT of screws. If you have a power drill it will certainly more than likely save your wrists. Pull stuff as you go and occupational your method toward the front of the TV.

4.) Gut the TV. Check through your regional solid waste department – tbelow might be unique disposal instructions for the guts.


5.) You have to be left with a wood frame. Measure the width/elevation of the earlier hole and go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and have them cut a piece of plylumber to cover the backside. They will cut it for free! Nail the ago to the frame.

6.) You’re virtually tbelow. Next off decide if you desire to paint your bed. If so, you might should sand it first. If you’re not sure? Sand also it. Can’t hurt and your paint will adhere to it much better.


7.) Paint the bed. Let it dry.

8.) Then either uncover a pillow that fit the space or make one using foam from a craft store and also some simple cloth. I think my sister provided a pillow she had and also she just made a straightforward pillow situation for it. A massive comforter would certainly more than likely job-related also.

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9.) My sister bought some fundamental wall decals to decorate the sides.

10.) Put dog in bed.


Have you ever made anypoint choose this? Do you have actually any tips for turning an old TV right into somepoint useful?