Mitosis and meiosis are both procedures whereby cells recreate, yet tright here are distinctive distinctions between the two. While brand-new cells are created in the time of mitosis, meiosis is a one-of-a-kind form of cell division that produces sex cells for reproduction. The 2 processes were uncovered by different researchers. Meiosis was discovered by Germale biologist Osautomobile Hertwig while German doctor Walther Flemming is attributed with the discovery of mitosis.

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The Purpose of the Reproduction

Only sexually refertile organisms use meiosis. The role of the procedure is to produce sex cells and also to repair hereditary defects in germ line cells (the sex cells).

Both sex-related and also asex-related organisms go through the process of mitosis. It happens in the cells of the body well-known as the somatic cells and produces cells pertained to development and repair. Mitosis is important for asexual remanufacturing, regeneration, and also development. It does not make sex cells or gametes.

Number of Daughter Cells

In meiosis, four haploid cells containing fifty percent the amount of chromosomes are produced at the end of the procedure.

Alternatively, two diploid cells, containing 2 sets of chromosomes, are created as a result of mitosis.

Composition of the Daughter Cells

The daughter cells developed at the finish of meiosis are totally various from the original parent cell and they incorporate a mix of both the maternal and paternal genes, bring about hereditary diversity in the time of sex-related remanufacturing.

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The daughter cells created in mitosis are genetically the exact same as the original parent cell.

Phases of Remanufacturing of the Cells

Meiosis has actually two phases for the reproduction of cells which results in there being 2 cell divisions. The first phase includes prophase I - in the time of which the most crucial occasions of meiosis take place, metaphase I, anaphase I, telophase I, and cytokinesis. During the second phase, these procedures repeat aacquire via the cells that were developed at the finish of the first phase.

In mitosis, the cells divide only as soon as and also this is using one phase which consists of actions such as prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and also cytokinesis.

Pairing of Homologues

Meiosis entails the pairing of homologues, chromosomes comparable to various other chromosomes, whereas mitosis requires no pairing of homologues.

Differences in Anaphase

Throughout the anaphase of meiosis, the sister chromatids do not separate. In anaphase I, the chromosomes are double-stranded and in Anaphase II, they are single stranded.

During anaphase in mitosis, the sister chromatids execute separate at the centromeres and the chromosomes are single stranded.

Differences in Telophase

In mitosis, the spindle fibres recede totally in the time of telophase, however this is not the instance with telophase I of meiosis. Also the nucleoli reappear in mitosis however not in meiosis.

Mixing of Chromosomes

In meiosis, the chromosomes cross over leading to mixing. Mitosis, on the other hand, does not involve crossing over of the chromosomes.


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