Our spotted furfamily fun with DIY “The Hundred and One Dalmatians” costumes. We common some snaps of these homemade themed costumes and decorations in our Instagram stories last Halloween. By special request for this year’s upcoming celebrations (or quiet bubble costume dreaming for future fun), here are the DIY details. If COVID has actually cancelled your Halloween plans this year, you can still gain safely socially distanced photos of Humphrey looking cute in his DIY Cruella bandana while you daydream about Dalmatian puppies. Hard to resist! Perhaps sneak yourself a few treats, as well.

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Please excuse some of the images here (or absence thereof). Dressing the furhousehold up was a very last minute Halloween decision. So last minute that all of the costumes and also decorations were made on Halloween day. I know! The first children were currently roaming as I ruburned right into costume, so I entirely missed out on image time various other than a few mobile phone breaks from our neighbors (thanks!).

Halloween isn’t really a thing right here in New Zealand, although it’s thriving. Our brand-new neighbourhood has a variety of families that moved from overseas or have actually blfinished backgrounds. One of the neighbourhood committee determined to organise a regional trick-or-treat. Hosupplies that were accepting knockers were invited to decoprice their letterboxes as a signal. I choose the idea of having an opt-on / opt-out, particularly via dogs. Our boys are extremely social, but can be grizzly around door knocking. The last minute foreactors was great, so we determined to cshed the gateways and hand out treats curbside instead!


Of course, Cruella essential to be via the boys at the gate to supervise, hand out treats, and watch for pretty puppies. Because it was Halloween Day, I didn’t have actually time for unique shopping. Instead, I threw together a quick costume with clothing and gives I already had actually on hand also at house. Just not in a combination I’d commonly wear together! Haha! In enhancement to being loud and proud with a splash of hair or feathers, Cruella is well-known for her long cigarette and wild white-streaked hair, requiring a few added props. Here’s what I offered and also produced my costume.

DIY Long Cigarette (Opera Length Cigarette Holder)

These can be purchased from costume shop, yet it’s straightforward to DIY somepoint equivalent utilizing a length of wooden dowel or various other simple base. For my DIY lengthy cigarette, I painted a length of narrow garden bamboo black. Since I was crafting at the last minute, I didn’t have time for layering coats or masking different paint colours. Instead, I cheated with scrap vinyl. I wrapped one finish in white adhesive for the cigarette. Then I included a spilgrimage of gold to the base of the cigarette and also to the other end of the holder. I capped the pointer of the cigarette in red and painted it via glittery nail polish for an extra fiery looking “lit” end of the cigarette. Done and ready!

Other DIY Cruella de Vil Costume Elements

I assembled the remainder of my Cruella costume from the closet. It contained a lengthy black skirt, black and also white wrap sweater, significant babsence belt, black tights, and also red shoes, together with a babsence feather boa from an old vintage costume. I additionally took the white faux sheep-skin from among the pet beds and also brought it over my arm add a flash of hair. Although I had been planning to wear my normally quite wild hair down, Cruella style, windy weather referred to as for it to be tied up, so I went for a messy topknot. The timeless Cruella streak of white was included making use of baby powder and a copious amount of hairspray. A hefty caking of make-up, including darkening my bows and utilizing the majority of eye shadow, and I was ready to entertain the neighbourhood!

To add to the look and also encertain that our residence had actually the appropriate welcoming indications out for trick-or-treaters (I love the opt-in/out system supplied in our neighbourhood as mentioned previously in the post) I necessary some decorations for the gatearticle and letterbox. 

DIY “Puppies Wanted” Sign

I made a “Puppies Wanted” sign utilizing Crireduced vinyl and also one of my white foam core photo reflectors. A similar authorize can be quickly painted (through more time), however this method I have the right to rerelocate and reusage the board if necessary. I did have to make a couple of holes to tie it to the gate (specifically via the wind), but nopoint also detrimental to re-usage.

Admittedly, among my favourite components of the themed Halloween decorations was tapping my authorize via the end of my lengthy cigarette and asking wide-eyed youngsters if they kbrand-new wbelow I could discover any type of puppies. And supplying them added candy if they’d give me their family members dogs (no no no!) or probably assist me steal someone else’s (no no no!), all while their paleas giggled in the background. Hehehe! Of course, taking care to make sure they construed that I was pretfinishing considering that I wouldn’t actually want to scare any kiddos right into reasoning I was a dognapper. Although, I do choose patting all the neighbour pups. Haha! Humphrey and Oli likewise took pleasure in collecting pats from our tourists.

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DIY Dog Paw Halloween Pumpkin

Our letterbox was tied via a huge black bow and topped via a dog paw eyed Halloween pumpkin. Halloween is in our spring and not commonly celebrated in New Zealand, so we don’t have the significant oarray carving pumpkins that our furfriends abroad are provided to decorating. Pumpkins here are for eating and also commonly quite little and also thick. So, we cheated a little!

The challenge on my pumpkin was reduced from scrap vinyl, and I adjusted the design file to reduced paw prints in the middle of the eyes to go through our template. No carving, painting, or various other effort forced and the little bit food preparation pumpkin was still perfectly edible. After Halloween, the vinyl was rerelocated and the pumpkin was still a-ok for roasting and also eating.

And that’s the scoop on our quick and simple DIY Hundred and One Dalmatians costumes and also decorations. If you’re trying to find homemade Halloween principles or planning a various form of themed party, I hope this helps to provide you some concepts for producing your own unique look. As listed over, our Damlatians made this theme an extra fun fit for our neighbourhood Halloween dress-up, however you have the right to have several fun through basic spotty costumes and/or challenge paints on people, too. Check out our write-up on DIY Dalmatian costumes for even more fun principles. Woofs! Happy (almost) Howl-oween, furfriends!