Over the previous seven seasons, Netflix viewers have actually involved recognize the on-screen characters and also the IRL actors of Orange Is the New Black. As the display prepares for its 2019 series finale, one of the OITNB actors members is bidding farewell to a signature part of her character, and underwent a significant beauty transdevelopment. As apparent by a recent Instagram post, Danielle Brooks aka OITNB's Taystee acquired a short brand-new hairreduced.

The actor debuted her "first huge chop" in an Instagram short article on Monday (October 30). In the photo, one hand is increased over her head, the actor seemingly reaching for among the brief brand-new waves that adorn her head. She has fun with the inscription, creating, "I acquired that new execute boo....Record them waves."

Tish Celestine, the stylist responsible for the chop, also mutual the exact same Instagram, writing, "The Big Chop