Each year Wendy and also I put a ton of pressure on ourselves to come up through Halloween costumes that we, and also guests of our party, think are equal components remarkable, hysterical, creative, and entertaining. We typically attempt our best to come up through a great couple"s costume, and we constantly treat Halloween in the very same method a sitcom does their Halloween episode -- always trying to outcarry out their previous year. Halloween is a major holiday in our home, so the pressure and also any resulting initiative need to be supposed. This year we decided on what we feel is a great costume principle, and also we feel choose we pretty much knocked our implementation out of the park. The ideal part is that it turned out to be a pretty straightforward collection of costumes to put together however looked specifically as we had actually anticipated!

Beorganize, our entry for the 2013 Old Tvery own Home Halloween Costume: Piper Chapguy and also George "Pornstache" Mendez from the hit Netflix Initial Series Orange is the New Black.

Hopefully you"ve watched it and are a fan of the present (although admittedly it"s not for the faint of heart), yet if you need a allude of recommendation here are the 2 characters we were trying to mimic.


Wendy and also I actually determined on this costume idea earlier in the start of October. Our goal wregarding do a topical pop culture couple"s costume that was not extremely expensive or difficult to attain, while additionally being acquainted to a fair number of people. After substantial brainstorming and drawing a empty on what we must do, I came up through the idea when I was thinking ago on some of our favorite TV reflects and movies of the year. As I ran with the list (Homeland also, Walking Dead, Dexter, Shameless, Mad Men, True Blood, etc.) that"s as soon as it him me to carry out Oselection is the New Babsence, the drama around a privileged woguy turned unmost likely felon, and also her endure in a female priboy.


Right amethod I knew Wendy might be the show"s primary character, Piper Chapguy, however I wasn"t sure who I should be. Wendy suggested Jakid Biggs" character, Piper"s fiancé (who just dresses choose a normal guy), however that appeared lame and also easy/not apparent. I figured I might either be an additional inmate in drag (possibly Red or Pennsatucky), or among the prichild guards.

Of the guards, the one that has actually both the a lot of differentiating characteristic and is additionally composed as the a lot of seedy/disgusting character is Corrections Officer George "Pornstache" Mendez, aptly nicknamed because of his creepy and also 1970s porn-like mustache. By that description alone, it was settled. I was going to be Pornstache.

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With our character choices settled, we began to arrangement our costume and also collect the assorted items. And while this article is coming a small little close to Halloween, if you desire to carry out the exact same costumes there"s a pretty great opportunity you can still order whatever you require and get it prior to October 31st (yet you can have to pay for rush shipping on much of it). We"ll break it dvery own for you on a per character basis.

Piper Chapman

Wendy"s costume for Piper Chapmale only forced a few important items to really pull it off. One point she absolutely had going for her is she"s already a blonde haired female of about the very same elevation, weight, and construct as the character, just via slightly shorter hair. So we kicked off the search by trying to find the the majority of instrumental costume facet, a pair of oarray scrubs to build the base for the all at once costume.

We schosen a collection of "Burnt Orange" unisex V-neck scrubs, purchased from an Amazon seller. And while this seemed favor the finest color on the monitor, it wasn"t really a specific enhance to the shade, and a true ovariety probably would certainly have actually been much better. However, either shade is acceptable and also the the majority of crucial part is the V-neck height and also left side pocket.

Beyond the scrubs the only remaining "soft" parts crucial are a brief or lengthy sleeve white undershirt via a crew neck, and also either blue slip-on Vans or black boots to round out the footwear section of the outfit.

The one of the exceptionally critical accessory item for the Piper Chapman costume is the extremely necessary identification card that each inmate character wears on their left shirt pocket. Tright here are many somewhat clear views of what the badge looks like on the Internet, and while tbelow are plenty of eBay and also Etsy dealers that are providing them for differing prices, I couldn"t uncover an example of a cost-free one that we can quickly print out virtual. Rather than purchase a somewhat expensive card we chose to make one for ourselves that you can use if you"re in search of one.

I put together a nice layered PSD of the Piper Chapmale badge, so if you"re looking for an example or are trying to make one for yourself, be sure to downfill the photo from the connect or in the list of costume necessities listed below. If there"s one thing I"m a actual stickler for it"s accurate props. You have the right to pretty a lot trust this is almost similar to the genuine thing. The method I setup the layers it should be exceptionally easy to include your very own photo and change the name and indevelopment to review as you"d choose, as long as you have access to Photoshop. As you deserve to check out from our badge, we took an intentionally unflattering photo of Wendy that turned out practically mugshot favor. It"s all about being authentic. If you"re doing it, be certain to use a simple background and also wash out the topic through a harsh flash.


Once you have your badge looking the means you want it to look, just print it out on photo paper and tape or glue it onto a used gift card or various other conventional credit card sized card (like one of the many hotel access secrets or VIP club cards it seems world constantly have laying around).

If you"re looking for a simple old Alex Vausage or Piper Chapmale badges to round out your costume. Here you go:

Full Size Download

Full Size Download

Okay, so here"s the rundvery own of items you"ll need if you want to end up being Piper Chapmale yourself.

One thing to note is about correct scrubs sizing. Wendy ordered a dimension tool collection of scrubs, yet since they were unisex they were a little huge. Though the baggier look is more than likely fairly proper, store this in mind once you"re ordering if you desire your scrubs to fit. Ideally Wendy would have actually ordered a size little. Beyond this information, pretty a lot whatever went smoothly...almost.

On the day of our party Wendy determined her hair was simply as well short to be truly representative of Piper Chapmale. Though we were brief on time, she was absolutely ideal, so Wendy conferred via her friends that understand a point or 2 about fake hair (extensions or pony tails) and we headed out to a local beauty supply save to pick up a collection of blonde hair extensions and also clips to complete out Wendy"s look. Wendy schosen the color that was second up from the lightest blonde. It had actually a tinge of auburn in it and matched her hair rather nicely. The extensions were only $20 but made all of the difference in exactly how her outfit looked as she and a friend carefully layered in the "genuine humale hair" blonde locks.


With the hair extensions in place and also the complete outfit on, Wendy took a moment to pose for a mug swarm or two in front of our diamond wall. I think she looks pretty much perfect in an extremely Orange is the New Black means.

George "Pornstache" Mendez

My costume to end up being Pornstache Mendez was actually a really right forward prikid guard costume, and also I currently had some of it on hand also. But besides the outfit, the thing I really had actually to concern about was the hairstyle and also signature "stache of the character, but more on that in a little.

I started by looking at a couple of photos of the character by search for "Pornstache" in Google Imeras. The funny point is, I searched on that term without reasoning, and I was pleasantly surprised to not be overwhelmed by a mass of porn stars with negative mustaches. However, a more advisable search is probably "Pornstache Mendez." Just an FYI.

From the photos I observed that I"d require a light blue polyester protection guard style shirt, babsence turtleneck, shoulder walkie talkie speaker/mic, pair of handcuffs, fundamental blue dress pants, little vital ring clasp, babsence leather shoes, and (optional) aviator glasses. I already had actually the black shoes and also blue dress pants, so that was simple to check off the list. The various other items, all uncovered on Amazon.

I inserted my order and also it all arrived a few days later on. Man, I love Amazon Prime.

With vital gives in hand also I directed my attention to the the majority of pushing problem, the miscellaneous hair facets of the costume. I was simply a couple of weeks out from the party so I put my ideal initiatives towards growing some bitchin" facial hair. Though Wendy had said, "Just use a fake mustache," I knew we can have actually just had enough time for me to grow a actual one. It wouldn"t be thick and complete choose the character, but hey, why not give it a try? I mean, other than because of the fact it kind of totally disgusts my wife.

By the moment we got to this previous weekfinish both my hair and my facial hear had got to an acceptable length to provide us something to job-related with. While I could have provided an additional 3 or four weeks to really acquire the look I wanted, what I had would have to execute. Wendy has actually been my hair stylist for going on 12 years now. She cuts my hair eexceptionally three weeks prefer clockjob-related, however she"s constantly just doing a single level clipper cut. However before, for this cut, she required to provide me a bit of a high sided fade, leaving it really long on the top. We required to our salon (aka the basement) and Wendy proceeded to perform her finest at offering me the fade I needed.

It was going really well till Wendy made a bit of a fateful mistake. She got the clipper and went to trim just a little even more off the sides, yet she had forgotten that she rerelocated the guard and also the just thing left was the bare blade. I heard the telltale sound of hair being reduced, conveniently adhering to by Wendy saying, "Oh my god!" Yep, she"d just committed the cardinal sin of a hairdresser. No, not by making a mistake, but by verbalizing the mistake that had been made on the earlier of my head through an exclamatory remark.

Luckily, it wasn"t as poor as it could have been, and it offered Wendy an excuse to exercise fading a tiny more and also provide me a little of a tighter look. Hey, no harm, no foul.


Next up I had to minimize my goatee I had been sporting for a couple of weeks down to the signature mustache for the costume. The key right here was to obtain an excellent creepy looking mustache, flat across the bottom and nopoint listed below the corners of my mouth. After removing the hair from my chin I began working on the signature "Pornstache" look.


We had to execute a couple of even more things to the costume to acquire it in excellent shape. First I had to iron on my flag patch on the shirt"s right arm. This only took a couple of minutes but I had to be incredibly cautious not to damages the shirt with the warm from the iron. Because the shirt is 100% polyester it might melt/disshade exceptionally quickly.

Once the flag was on the arm, I essential the missing aspect on the front of the shirt, the name label. While the authentic shirt is embroidered via G. Mendez over the best pocket, and also Department of Corrections in smaller print over the left pocket, we didn"t have actually an embroiderer at our disposal, so we improvised. Wendy got hold of a few pieces of tape to block off the unstable area wbelow the lettering needed to go and also she got among her white chalk pencils.

While a white sharpie or fabric marker would have actually been much better, we were functioning via what we had actually on hand. Wendy"s acquired a really secure hand also and also great handcomposing, so she remained in charge of the G. Mendez. Since we were composing it by hand also, it took a fair amount of time, and also still didn"t look perfect, we opted to leave the Department of Corrections creating off of the left pocket, worried it would certainly simply look cheesy.

One thing that bummed me out a little is the truth I didn"t have actually the U.S. Department of Justice Prisons patch on the left sleeve of the shirt. I uncovered and also ordered the patch from an online keep, but hey took their time shipping the item (12 days), so it didn"t arrive in time for the party. I"m extremely disappointed about that.

And via that, I assembled the complete outfit. The cuffs clipped onto my belt, walkie talkie speaker onto the right shoulder epaulette, and secrets clipped onto another belt look. Oh, and also the a lot of necessary component, copious quantities of hair styling product to spike my hair as much as feasible.

The finish result? A pretty darn excellent example of Oarray is the New Black"s "Pornstache."

All in all, I"d say we finished up with two great Halloween costumes that achieved specifically what we were going for this Halloween. It"s not always simple to come up via an excellent couple"s costume, yet I"m pretty certain we accomplished simply that. I"m actually pretty shocked I ended up looking choose the actor, Pablo Schreiber, as much as I did. It actually makes me feel a little negative for him that he has to walk about with that ridiculous mustache the entire time they"re filming the show.

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What perform you think? Did we hit it out of the park on this costume? Do you have actually any favorite couple, or even single costumes of you own? What are you planning on going as this Halloween? If you"re interested, here"s a look ago on our Halloween costumes over the years. Tright here are some oldies however goodies in the mix.