Small talk about exactly how I am.....A bit patchjob-related and also quilting, some cosiness, travels and also holidays, family, national politics, books and also a tiny of whatever ;-)



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By Hoki Quiltssassist...

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Elin that is a beautiful poem, would certainly you mind if I obtained it for a stitchery I would favor to make for our house.hugsMiche'le

2 February 2010 at 04:03


Really nice poem! Thanks for sharing. Lovely photo also.Have an excellent day!

2 February 2010 at 07:57

Det var noen flotte jenter i flotte bundader, maken til min! Koselig dikt også!

3 February 2010 at 20:57
..... and thanks for popping in. This is my exceptionally first blog and this is so amazing. Im a creating fanatic. I love to sew, produce, knit and also stitch as much as my life will certainly enable me to. My house is full of cloth, butloads, knitting-yard, my sewing devices, books, trends, magasines and also other sew-associated points. I"m always buying somepoint brand-new to include to my stash.I"m likewise a mommy of three wonderful girls, Roger"s wife, 48 years young, engineer, cancer survivor, local politician and also born optimist.On my blog I intfinish to have actually photos of my latest tasks and procedures toward the finiburned product. Feel complimentary to pop in anytime, leave a comment if you choose. I am very excited around making brand-new bloggy friends......

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I live in South of Norway, however I"m born in the much north; the many wonderful landscape you ever have the right to imagine....
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