While teaching Star,Glossaryck is called away leaving Star with a dangerous part of the book unlocked. Later a cursed Marco grows a second head that blurts out embarrassing tend bits about himself. Spoilers below.

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The episode begins with Glossaryck looking for a perfect chip while Star looks through the book. Glossaryck tells Star that she can pick whatever page she wants to read and she chooses the…table of content. Star flips through the book picking pages while Glossaryck vetos them, while he’s talking about the chips, but it’s hard to tell with him.

Star comes upon a locked section while Glossaryck finds the perfect chip. Star steals the chip so that Glossaryck will unlock the pages. He does but he is called away by the bureaucracy of magic.

While he deals with security, an elevator, and stairs Marco comes in to show off his chest hair (gross) and Star realizes that Marco can turn the page since she promised not to.

Glossaryck is called by a magical council and Queen Moon to explain that a mysterious force is draining magic from the universe. This crystal ball shows weapons on sale, Toffee, corn and a tomato can. Foreshadowing or is the crystal ball on the fritz. My money’s on a little bit of both. Moon wants Glossaryck to tell Star about this but Glossaryck doesn’t want to.

Moon wants to why Glossaryck is being so obtuse with Star when he was straight foreword with her Glossaryck tells her that he’s training Star different because Star is different. Also he’s sick of every Queen butting in on his training which they all do expect for Eclipsa, who is Star’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother.

Glossaryck gets back and finds Star finishing the pages. Turns out it’s not her thing. But Marco gone mad with evil power. Good thing Glossaryck knows a spell for that.

Later Marco goes to ask Jackie out when he starts blurting out that he is super sweaty. In fact every-time her talks to her he blurts out an embarrassing secret. So he tries to write something only forit to come out as an embarrassing secret. The weird thing is that he keeps saying them in the third person. Than he grows an extra head. The head kind of sounds like Stewie Griffin.

Janna gets into Marco’s locker, much to his annoyance, revealing a false back where Janna keeps her witch stuff. Why does she keep it behind Marco’s locker? According to her history of witches book. The second head is the Naysaya, a curse which pops up when someone tries to court a girl. Normally cast by a demon.

Turns out Tom casted it back after Blood Moon Ball. He was worried that Marco would try to ask Star out. He finds it hilarious that Marco hasn’t asked anyone out since then. Marco tries to make a deal with the head by feeding it cereal but alas when Marco goes to Jackie the head starts blurting thing out regardless.

So Marco beats it to the punch. Every embarrassing fear and neurosis out in the open. Jackie asks Marco if he wants to see a movie.

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Page Turner was alright. TheGlossaryck dealing with bureaucracy and red tape as he puts it got old fast. I did Like the ending through. Nice to get Eclipsa’s place in the Butterfly family. Neat design of the council too. 2 and a half dark spells out of 4.

Naysaya was a great episode. Focused and funny. Look forward where they take the story. 3 embarrassing secrets out of 4.