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The Olympic Gamings were the many well known sporting festival in Ancient Greece, but the Greeks did have actually others. Together, they were called the Panhellenic Gamings.

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The Olympic Games, in Olympia, honored Zeus and took location every 4 years; this period was known as an Olympiad. Also taking place eexceptionally four years, on a cycle that came two years after an Olympic Gamings, were the Pythian Gamings, honoring Apollo, at Delphi. In the second and also fourth years of an Olympiad emerged the Neexpect Games, honoring Zeus and also Heracles, at Nemea. And the Isthmian Gamings, honoring Poseidon, took area eincredibly two years (the year before and the year after the Olympic Games) on the Isthmus of Corinth. The schedules were collection so that athletes can complete at eexceptionally Games.

Chroniclers generally day the first Olympic Games to 776 B.C. Many kind of historians say that the various other 3 Gamings began in the sixth Century B.C.


Participants in the assorted games would certainly come from almost everywhere the Greek world. Only Greek guys can take part. Competitors stood for their polis (city-state). A truce held in the time of each Gamings and also for a time prior to and also then after each Gamings (for take a trip time). Even wars were put on organize so that athletes might complete in the Games.

Featured athletic events were boxing, chariot racing, pankration (a combination of boxing and wrestling), stadion, pentathlon, and wrestling. The stadion (around 200 meters) was one of several foot races; the others were the diaulos (2 stadia), the hippios (4 stadia), and the dolichos (approximately 24 stadia). The pentathlon was a mix of discus throw, javelin throw, long jump, stadion, and wrestling.) In all events but chariot racing, athletes wore no clothing.

It wasn't just athletic events on sell. Other categories of competition consisted of drama, poetry, music, and also visual arts.

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Winners of events at the Olympic Games got a garland also of olives; Pythian Gamings winners obtained a garland of laurel, or bay leaves; Neintend Gamings winners got a crvery own of wild celery; and winners at the Isthmian Games received a garland of pine leaves. That was the level of prizes handed out by Gamings organizers; winners frequently obtained excellent numbers of presents from the world of their polis.