Rewatch of the trilogy, Say Amales (Saturday Night) 2018"s the latest song from Panic at the Disco. The music video short is the prequel to 2 previous shorts released by the band.

This week functions the latest song released by Panic at the Disco Say Amales (Saturday Night) 2018.

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It’s the prequel to 2 previous short films and I’ve got them all here for you to watch in order, so review on. You love Brendon Urie just as a lot as I perform and also you can’t help it, so review on for a huge dose.

Maybe a music video anthology brief film series has actually been done before yet I’ve never before checked out it. If you have please leave me a comment because I’d love to view more examples of this.

Panic at the Disco, Say Aguys and the Horror Trilogy

Heaven or Hell, Brendon follows the white light.

Review of The Emperor’s New Clothes 2015

Album: Panic at the Disco, Death of a Bachelor

Song: Pop | Rock,Video Short: Action | Horror,Starring:Brendon Urie (frontman for Panic At The Disco.)

Plot: A straight continuation of the previous film, in Death Brendon finds himself in hell. He transdevelops into his true self and also dominates his brand-new people.

Music Video Resee for The Emperor’s New Clothes

Dark lighting and also shadows feature greatly in this one. Similar to the previous video brief films in this series, the lyrics overlap through the story within the film. The Emporer’s New Clothes title adds focus to the film as the original tale is about pride and also vanity as is the movie and the lyrics.

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A fitting finish to the trilogy that was made before the present release of the prequel.