While tourists might mock Bostonians and Cantabrigians via the ever-well-known saying, “Pahk Ya Cah in Hahvahd Yahd,” but you actually can’t park your auto in Harvard Yard. However before, you can certainly park your car in Harvard Square. Tright here are many, affordable parking gareras that are fully spanned so you have the right to park in the time of any kind of weather condition.

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Charles Square Garage

Offering 600 spots and utilizing high-end technology such as ticketless entry and exit. There’s likewise valet company and also 24-hour protection guards, and also totally free audio book lfinishing library.

This underground garage is perfect for those who want to spend the day in Harvard Square. With a 24/7 availability and also 2 entrances – one for oversized vehicles on College Road and one on Bennett Street for typical sized vehicles – this is a good place to park year round.

Prices for Monday-Friday, in after 5a and out by 7p

30 Minutes - $6

1 Hour - $12

90 Minutes - $17

2 Hours - $22

2.5 Hours - $30

3 Hours - $30

4 Hours - $33

6 Hours - $35

10 Hours - $35

12 Hours - $40

24 Hours - $40

Monthly - $450

Monthly, Mo-Fr 5a-7p - $400

Prices for Monday-Sunday, 5p-5a

30 Minutes - $5

5 Hours - $13

8 Hours - $15

12 Hours - $23

Church Street Parking

Located at 41 Church Street in Cambridge, the Church Street Lot is staffed 24 hours a day. The Church Street Parking lot is an open up air lot, centrally located in Harvard Square- simply measures away from Harvard College.

30 Minutes - $6

1 Hour - $12

1.5 Hours - $22

2 Hours - $22

2.5 Hours - $29 to 6pm

3 Hours to 12 Hours- $36 to 5a

24 Hours - $36 to 5a

Monthly - $399

*First time monthly parkers might be charged through a $25 activation fee.

Harvard Square Parking Garage

Operated by Trinity Property Management, the Harvard Square Parking Garage gives both self-parking and valet parking on 5 floors. If you purchase a pre-passist Harvard Square Parking Garage auto, it never before expires! The parking garage is right across from a variety of restaurants such as Sabre Grille and Redline Restaurant. The garage is nicely enclosed so you deserve to park right here rain or shine!

Daily Parking Rates

30 Minutes or Less - $6

1 Hour or Less - $12

1.5 Hours or Less - $16

2 Hours or Less - $20

2 1/2 Hours or Less - $24

3 Hours or Less - $28

6 Hours or Less - $30

12 Hours or Less - $32

12 Hours to Cshedding - $36

Rates After 5p

30 Minutes or Less - $5

1 Hour or Less - $12

1.5 Hours or Less - $14

1.5 Hours to Closing - $15

University Place Garage

Only a few blocks ameans from Harvard Square, University Place Garage is operated by VPNE on 45 University Roadway. Tright here are height constraints of 1.93m, yet tbelow is security about the clock as well as valet and also ample lighting. The garage is extended and also mobile passes are available. The elevation restriction is 6’ 4”.

Daily Rates

0 to .5 Hour - $6

.5 to 1 Hour - $12

1 to 1.5 Hours - $16

1.5 to 2 Hours - $21

2 to 24 Hours - $30

Evening & Weekfinish Rates

Get in by 4p & leave by closing

0 to 1 Hour - $6

1 Hour to Close - $14

Pay by Void Parking

In a bulk of locations approximately Cambridge, tright here are multi-area pay stations. In these certain types of lots, each space is numbered. When you park, pay attention to the number on the area. Next, enter the area number and also pay for the allotted time you wish to park.

Keep in mind that Parking Control Officers will enpressure the time limit so you might gain a ticket if you go over. You have the right to usage a delittle card, credit card or UNITED STATE Quarters for payment. Each pay station will certainly list out a set of instructions for just how to pay. Never before store the car parked for longer than the posted time or you might get an overtime parking violation.

Tbelow is a pay terminal located at Lot 2 in Harvard Square and it’s $3 per hour, 8a-6p via a two-hour maximum. $3 per hour 6p-10p through a four-hour maximum.

Passport Pay by Phone

Tbelow is an application for whatever and now there's an app to make parking easier. Residents and visitors deserve to pay for metered parking using their mobile phone or internet browser. The Passport app allows the customers to skip standing in line at the meter and also extending their parking time from any type of area.

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Benefits of Passport Pay by Phone:

• Continuously monitor exactly how a lot time is left in your parking session

• Get mobile cautions 10 minutes prior to parking expires

• Extfinish parking time from any type of location

All you must execute is enter the license plate number and also zone number. Then, choose the length of your stay! Easy as pie.