"People Like That Are the Only People Here" is a work-related of metafiction, fiction in which the author draws attention to the artificiality of the message by referencing the composing process or otherwise departing from conventions or traditions of the genre. The story"s protagonist, "the Mvarious other," is a writer—evidently fairly a effective one—and also it is she who, purportedly, writes this story herself in order to earn money to pay for her baby"s kidney cancer treatment. The story begins as soon as the Mvarious other finds a blood clot in her child"s diaper, and also she takes him to the medical professional automatically to gain him seen.

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The baby endures a radiology shave the right to, and also he is diagnosed via a Wilms" tumor, a malignant growth that calls for both surgery and chemotherapy. Throughout this procedure, the Mother is struck by the demeanor of the medical experts with whom she speaks: they are all oddly casual and nonchalant, while it feels as though her civilization is crumbling around her. When she tells her husband the news, he asks her to "Take Notes," and also he desires her to write this totality experience down as a message that she deserve to sell; they will need the money, he states, to pay for their son"s treatment. She is a small horrified by this concept because it is their life.

The Mvarious other is struggling through her guilt—fearing that the baby"s disease is somehow her fault—and also feeling prefer she requirements to fit in through the other mothers in the Pediatric Oncology (or "Peed Onk") ward. She moves easily into trying to baracquire via God for the life of her child. The baby makes it through the surgical procedure, and the Mvarious other cuddles him through the tubes and also cords to which he is attached. She notices that a suction tube appears to be pulling blood from his stomach and learns that the medical professional had it on "high" rather than "low" despite it virtually sucking the life from another boy not long before this. The Mother talks to the paleas of other Peed Onk patients, all at once heartened and horrified by their children"s stories.

Since of the kind of tumor her child had, the Mother"s family is readily available an different to chemo that is newer—less is well-known around it—yet it might conserve her baby from the negative effects of chemo that other parents have actually warned her about. The Mother is eager to take this different, and the household packs up the healing son and also leaves the hospital. In the end, our attention is aacquire directed to the artificiality of the story, its distinction from what might or may not actually have taken place, when the Mvarious other says, "These are the notes. Now wbelow is the money?"

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“People Like That Are the Only People Here” is told in the third perkid through the perspective of a mother that discovers that her baby has cancer. The primary personalities and also the medical professionals are not called. The mother is a writer that have to use her utmany intellectual and emotional resources to gain through her baby’s radical nephrectomy in a pediatric oncology unit at a children’s hospital.

With little bit warning various other than the baby’s appearing to be slightly ill, the mommy discovers a blood clot in her baby’s diaper. She phones a surrounding pediatric clinic and also is urged to carry the son in ideal amethod. After a quick examicountry, the baby is whisked amethod to the radiology unit. The surgeon quickly shows up to announce that the baby has actually a cancerous tumor, requiring a radical nephrectomy and also probably chemotherapy.

The husband’s response, although alarmed, is helpful. The initially point that he tells his wife is to take notes, and then he begins to problem about money. He quickly attempts to devise a step-by-action plan for them to get with the ordeal. The husband is not cold; he ssuggest talks and acts in a method that might be intended of a guy.

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