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Aside from twist-outs and also crochet braids, one more famous herbal hairstyles are perm rod sets. This hairstyle is as beautiful as it’s romantic. If you’re the form that can’t braid, twist or do cornrows, you’re in luck because perm rod sets don’t need any type of hairstyling skills. All you must carry out is to wrap your hair roughly the perm rods, let your hair air dry, and also then remove the perm rods after your hair has actually totally dried out! How easy!

In this post, I will certainly be talking thorough around perm rod sets, how to obtain them done, exactly how to preserve your hairstyle so that they last much longer, and also the assets and also tools you’ll have to gain them done. And as usual, I will certainly be sharing forty different perm rod sets hairlayouts on various herbal hair textures, hair types, and also hair size. This method, you have the right to have actually a realistic expectation of just how your hair need to turn out if you pick to gain this hairstyle done.

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Are perm rods a protective hairstyle?

Perm rods have the right to be taken into consideration a protective hairstyle if you don’t over manipulate your hair and also you save your ends protected so that it doesn’t rub against your shoulders too a lot. Because this hairstyle boosts your hair’s natural curls, you have the right to feel confident learning that your curls will certainly remain healthy and balanced while you have this hairstyle.

How lengthy does a perm rod collection last on natural hair?

A perm rod collection hairstyle can last up to two weeks or even more relying on just how you take treatment of your hair at night when you go to bed and just how you safeguard your hair in the shower.

How do you maintain a perm rod collection hairstyle?

Maintaining a perm rod hairstyle is simple. All you must do is to save them moisturized throughout the week by utilizing a curl refreshing spray such as Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Curl Refreshing Spray.It’s necessary to use a leave-in spray so that you don’t disturb your curls by trying to apply a cream-based lotion straight to your hair.

How do I store my perm rod curled at night?

At night, be certain to put your hair into a pineapple, which is pretty a lot an afro puff. This keeps your hair up, so that the curls aren’t disturbed while you sleep at night. If you have short hair, you can just put your hair right into 2-4 loose mini puffs, so your curls remains together.

To save your curls together, usage a satin bonnet, and sleep on a satin pillowsituation in instance your bonnet slips out at night. For more tips on a nighttime regimen for flexi rod collection hairstyle, please check out this video by Daye La Soul wright here she in-depth her 10 days night regimen.

How carry out you do a perm rod set on herbal hair?

Tbelow are so many kind of video tutorials on YouTube that shows how to carry out perm rods. You may must choose a tutorial with a vlogger who has actually a similar hair texture and length as you, so you deserve to have a realistic expectation on how your hair will rotate out.

But after scouring YouTube, I can confidently recommend this tutorial by Jasmine Janae that reflects exactly how to acquire the ideal perm rod sets in a step-by-step tutorial making use of Cantu coconut curling cream.

A excellent perm rods collection hairstyle starts with an excellent wash day. You desire to make certain you wash and deep condition your hair prior to styling. This pictorial summarizes how to obtain the ideal rod sets hairstyle. You deserve to usage whatever before product you have in stock.

Incase your hairstyle didn’t turn out to look excellent the initially time, be willing to keep trying. A lot of YouTubers will attempt a hairstyle a few times before doing a video clip around it. And occasionally it’s a hit or miss, depending on the products and also strategy provided. So i wouldn’t encourage you to offer up if your hairstyle revolve out frizzy, rather of fluffy curls.

How lengthy have to I leave my perm rods in?

Most YouTubers frequently leave the perm rods in their hair overnight, which is an average of eight hrs. You deserve to additionally sit under a hooded dryer for around one hour to dry out your hair if you don’t desire to go to bed via rollers in your hair.

How many perm rods do you need for a full head?

The number of rods you’ll need all relies on the look you’re going for, and most importantly, your hair thickness. On average, you’ll need around 40-50 rollers bereason it’s finest to have even more rollers than much less.

Why is my perm rod set frizzy?

Your hairstyle might rotate out frizzy if you over fluff your hair after taking dvery own the rollers. It also counts on the product you provided to style your hair. I find that making use of cream-based hair commodities have the right to make your hair swell and be frizzy. So to gain a smooth, silky, and also identified look, it’s best to usage a foam mouse such as the SheaMoisture Curl Mousse for Frizz Control.

How carry out I understand what dimension perm rod to get?

The size of the curls you’re going for will recognize the dimension of perm rods to get. For instance, if you desire tighter curls, you will certainly obtain smaller rods, however if you desire your curls to be more plump and also voluminous, then you deserve to usage bigger rollers.

For instance, this photo by
2curlsinapod reflects exactly how tight or loose your curls would look favor, based upon the dimension of rollers you use.


Also, if you use smaller rollers, you will should usage more rollers because you won’t have the ability to fit as much hair on them as you would certainly bigger rollers. The photo listed below by
jascoloredcurls mirrors the difference in the number of rollers required based upon the size you select. It’s also worth noting that shorter hair length will certainly require smaller sized rollers bereason you should be able to secure the rollers in your hair without having actually them loss off, if you had favored a larger roller.



How execute I style my herbal hair while in perm rods set?

Tbelow are many type of ways to style your perm rods collection hairstyle. The first few days, you deserve to just wear your hair out, and also once your hair starts to end up being frizzy, you deserve to pull your hair up right into a bun, upexecute, add some rubber band layouts on the front or sides, or even level twist the front component of your hair. The options are endless.

For more style incentive, please check out this video by Janae Mason.

What’s the difference between Perm rods vs. Flexi rods?

The finish outcomes you’re going for will identify which hair tool to usage. Generally, perm rods are more conveniently obtainable and can be found almost everywhere. Whereas Flexi rods are fairly new on the sector and aren’t as accessible as perm rods, plus they’re more expensive. I’ve likewise heard of woguys comordinary about how uncomfortable it deserve to be to sleep in Flexi rods, as opposed to perm rods.

But if you’re trying to find the best choice for you, I suggest trying them out, to watch which works best for you. For a sneak peek on what the end results would look favor, this side-by-side comparichild by Sumetra Reed mirrors you what to intend.

What products carry out I need for the ideal perm rod collection on herbal hair?

Like any kind of hairstyle, you will certainly need a great bottle of shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and also a styling product. What’s distinctive around any type of rod set hairstyle is that you will need a foaming mousse that will assist your hair dry quicker and also lightly organize your curls in place.


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40 Beautiful Perm Rod Sets on Type 3 and also 4 Hair of all Length

1. Perm Rods on 4c Hair by Naturally Temi

If you’re going for a fun look, you deserve to use two similar-sized perm rods favor what Temi did below.

What you’ll need: Medium-sized purple and ovariety rollers, foaming mousse, brush to detangle, and also oil for take-down.

2. Fuffy Perm Rods on 4b/c Hair

This fluffy hairstyle is a result of healthy and balanced hair that was deep conditioned and fully detangle prior to styling.

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What you’ll need: small-sized white rollers, foaming mousse, brush to detangle, and oil for take-dvery own.