Dr. Bythrow offers physical treatment services specific to womales to aid them look and feel their finest while addressing female certain comes to. Appointments are available at Advantage Physical Therapy, situated in Falls Church, Virginia.

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What problems could lug a womale to physical therapy?

Many women look for physical therapy for any kind of number of factors ranging from injury to disease. Dr. Bythrow is dedicated to helping her female patients live lengthy, healthy and balanced, and active resides with quality physical therapy therapies for problems that are certain to women, favor preparing for and also recovering from pregnancy and also childbirth. Several of the problems that have the right to be treated by physical treatment include:

Back pain during pregnancyDiscomfort during pelvic examsPost-partum rehabilitation of the pelvic floorPelvic floor dysfunctionDiscomfort in the time of or after sexual intercourseIncontinenceOsteoporosisHip, ago, and also pelvic pain

What physical treatment therapies could help?

Depfinishing on the patient’s condition Dr. Bythrow has a range of potential therapies accessible to assist her female patients. She deserve to educate her clients about dietary and behavioral transforms to implement. She will use soft tconcern mobilization, myofascial and cause point release, visceral manipulation, connective tworry manipulation, and also deep tissue massage. If appropriate, she will guide her patient with strengthening exercises and muscle awareness tasks. She could additionally use therapies such as TENS stimulation, warm and cold therapies, and also residence exercise programs to supplement any manual therapies or in session exercises.

What have to a woman intend throughout a physical therapy appointment?

Any patient have to arrive wearing comfortable garments that is simple to relocate in. Dr. Bythrow will carry out a thoturbulent examination to assess the patient’s problem and also demands. When the concern has been determined, Dr. Bythrow will certainly develop a treatment plan and also start to aid the patient to recoup and also come to be more powerful. Physical therapy is a combination of massage, manipulation, and also exercise provided when pain impairs function, when recovering from surgical treatment or an injury, and once respanning from an illness or illness and also Dr. Bythrow will certainly use all of the correct approaches to assist her patients towards recovery and better health and wellness.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Advantage Physical Therapy, we accept most significant clinical insurance plans. Here is a short-list of just some of the many famous plans we accept. Please call our office and also ask for James if you perform not watch your insurance provider noted listed below.Contact us!


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