Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream is just one of 2 brand-new CC Creams that the brand is launching for Spring 2014 which will add the the permanent collection.

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This CC Cream is formulated via an SPF 20 and also is supposedly 100% free of harsh chemicals, preservatives, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and also colors and is also 100% Cruelty Free.

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Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream is obtainable in a Light and also Light/Medium shade selection. This is formulated with organic and organic ingredients according to the brand to brighten and also perfect while hydrating and protecting. It supposedly has actually organic lemon to assist minimize dullness and also brighten skin and light mirroring pigments that blur the imperfections as well as blue aoffered for moisture and acai palm which enhances the surchallenge of skin so moisture locks in.

Reading package it sounds choose an absolute dream product.

Personally, hence much, many US CC Cream formulas are terribly disappointing to me. CC Cream is generally available in a solitary white self adjusting shade in Asia and also is much less pigmented than a BB Cream formula and also acts to correct skin which have the right to be offered alone or under your favorite BB Cream.

In the US among two different things taken place with CC Creams which is brands either went beefier with the formula and also they obtained more pigmented or the brands went also lighter with the texture so you get very sheer color without any kind of true correcting abilities.

This is the situation via Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream, it’s just as well sheer. I grabbed up the Light/Medium and also it is suitable for medium and tanned tones as it is rather sheer and also the color is rather dark, dunno they they don’t simply contact it Medium.


I don’t love the texture on this. It feels a bit as well runny to me. It has a gel-like consistency yet the watery texture feels choose it separated someexactly how and also gives the formula a much more runny look. It absorbs easily once used, doesn’t accentuate dry areas on my confront, and dries down to a satin complete via a slight hydrating feel when first used. The shade really dulls out my skin though! I currently have actually duller, drier skin and this simply adds to that appearance and doesn’t brighten it or develop a much more healthy appearance. It likewise wears a very brief time, my skin just sucks it up so I acquire about an hour in prior to the color simply fades ameans.

It really failed for me at the fundamental aspects of a CC Cream. It didn’t also my skin tone, didn’t really correct as a result of sheerness of the product, and also just didn’t give me an overall great complete.

This formula just feels prefer a step dvery own from a tinted moisturizer.

Overall, I think Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Color Correction Cream really misses the mark as a CC Cream. A excellent CC need to offer you a your skin but much better finish yet this barely hydrates never before mind perfecting or even evening out skin tone.

No choose.

You can be safe skipping it.

Tried it already?

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Available now at drugstores.



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