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Produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation in Burbank, California, this unassuming stop-gap task thrived to become a mythic phenomenon, setting record numbers for box-office sales and also merchandising revenue approximately the human being, and also inspiring countless fans to develop on its story via their own creativity.Image ArchiveHundreds of high-quality display imeras, clip art, and more!Sounds & MusicDialogue clips, MIDI songs, and CD track information.Texts & Fan-FictionEsclaims, reviews, production notes, and also hundreds of fan stories.Video ClipsVideo files of memorable scenes, and also many type of more exciting movie papers.Character ProfilesPictures and descriptions of all the Lion King personalities and also their duties in the story.(close)The Lion King (1994)Image ArchiveHundreds of high-quality screen imeras, clip art, and more!Sounds & MusicDialogue clips, MIDI songs, and also CD track information.Texts & Fan-FictionEssays, reviews, manufacturing notes, and also hundreds of fan stories.Video ClipsVideo records of memorable scenes, and many kind of even more interesting movie files.Character ProfilesPictures and descriptions of all the Lion King characters and their duties in the story.(close)The Lion King 2: Simba"s Pride (1998)The long-awaited sequel. A direct-to-video production by Walt Disney TelevisionAnimation, Simba"s Pride adds brand-new characters and an additional chapter tothe Circle of Life mythos started in the original theatrical film.The Lion King 1½ (2004)The Circle of Life starts anew through a fresh, satiric reinforming of theoriginal film"s story, from the comic perspective of the meerkat Timon andthe warthog Pumbaa. A tribute to the grandeur of the original as much asit is a satire, this direct-to-video production (from Walt Disney TV AnimationAustralia) appeals to wistful nostalgia as much regarding our funny bones.The Lion King: The Broadmeans MusicalPremiering in Minneapolis in 1997, The Lion King: The BroadwayMusical has actually uncovered a long-term house as a fixture on 42nd Street, theheart of the theatre district on Times Square in New York. Numerous otherproductions have erected in other cities around the civilization to showcase JulieTaymor"s revolutionary stage rendition of the original film"s story. Fan-ArtArchive|Scripts|SongLyrics|Postcards|Sightings|TLKonVideo|InteractiveOtherGoodies | OtherTLKSites | FAQ | VideoGames | MemberDirectory | Revisions | Feedback | Credits | Search Character ProfilesClick on any kind of of the little pictures for indevelopment and also images of that character.SimbaNalaMufasaScarZazuTimonPumbaaSarabiRafikiHyenasCharacter synopses, histories, and relationships are sourced from TheLion King, The Lion King 1 1/2, and also the hardcover children"sbook ATale of Two Brothers released in 1994 by Disney, composed by AlexSimmons. This book is not strictly "canon" anyeven more, in that some of itscontent (namely the cub Kopa, Simba and Nala"s son) has actually been contradictedby the release of The Lion King 2: Simba"s Pride. However before, itsaccounts of the events before the beginning of The Lion King withregard to the beginnings of Mufasa, Scar, Zazu, and others, remainsuncontested. Because of this it is still considered "canon" on thosepoints.This site mirrors just the primary called characters from The Lion King. For an authoritative listing of all canon personalities from all the Disney movies, TV mirrors, publications, and comics based on the Lion King world, see the TLK Compleat Character List compiled by Criswell.The Lion King CharactersSimbaMeaning: lion (Swahili)Species: LionSimba is a rowdy, independent little bit cub that likes to romp and also play. WhenSimba"s father dies, it leaves Simba uncertain about that he is. Then Rafikireflects Simba his reflection in a pool and the young lion understands thathis father"s courage and wisdom are a part of him, also. — ©1994 SkyboxVoices:Jonathan Taylor Thomas (cub)Matthew Broderick (adult)Animators (cub):Mark Henn (supervisor)Tom BancroftBroose JohnsonT. Daniel HofstedtDanny WawrzaszekAnimators (adult):Ruben Aquino (supervisor)Randy HaycockJoe EkersMichael CedenoDale BaerLorna CookSimba is the only child of Mufasa, the King of thePride Lands and leader of Pride Rock. His mom is the Queen Sarabi, and he is the nephew of the King"s brvarious other Sautomobile, that sees a political opportunity in the young cub"strust in him. Working to his disbenefit as well as specifying hischaracter is Simba"s mischievous, adventuresome spirit, which he indulgesat eexceptionally possibility via his frifinish Nala, frequently gettingright into trouble from which the King"s majordomo Zazu ischarged with rescuing him.Blamed for his father"s death in a devastating wildebeest stampedeengineered by Sauto and also the Hyenas, and exibrought about thejungle far from Pride Rock, Simba is befrifinished by Timon and also Pumbaa, the unlikelypair of outcasts living the easy life in the land of crystal waterfallsand tasty bugs. He"d be perfectly happy to live there forever, if not fora opportunity meeting with Nala that calls him ago home to confront hisdestiny.steustatiushistory.org imeras featuring Simba | Original Fan-Art featuring SimbaNalaMeaning: gift (Swahili—dubious)Species: LionEincredibly bit as rambunctious as Simba, Nala is ready to go wherever he goesor carry out whatever he does. Best buddies, the twosome are taken aback whenZazu tells them they are to be married. What a yucky idea! But timechanges points, and also once they fulfill aobtain, they realize their friendshiphas deepened right into love. — © 1994 SkyboxVoices:Niketa Calame (cub)Moira Kelly (adult)Animators (cub):Aaron Blaise (supervisor)Animators (adult):Anthony DeRosa (supervisor)Bob BryanGilda PalinginisNala"s mommy is Sarafina, oneof the pride"s lionesses and a friend of Sarabi; thequestion of that her father is stays among the mysteries of The steustatiushistory.org cosmos (though directors Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers havepersonally, though reluctantly, identified that it should be either Scaror Mufasa). Nala is a close frifinish and also playmate of Simba, with whom she"s never afraid to go exploring oracquire right into mischief.The Pride"s heritages dictate that Nala and Simba will certainly at some point be Queen andKing together; however as soon as Simba is shed after Mufasa"s fatality, she devotes herlife to offering for the pride as the Pride Lands fall right into destroy. Sauto ultimately concerns check out Nala as a prize, a Queen tohis own throne (a subplot that is more fully explored in the Broadmeans Musicalthan in the movie); yet she spurns him and also chooses rather, in desperation,to leave Pride Rock and search for help from outside. The last thing sheexpects, though, is to discover Simba alive again.steustatiushistory.org imperiods featuring Nala | Initial Fan-Art featuring NalaMufasaMeaning: none (appropriate name; last king of the Bagada people of pre-colonial Kenya)Species: LionRegal, commanding and also majestic, Mufasa is a good king via a type,generous heart. Concerned through teaching his boy Simba to be a wise,responsible adult and king, Mufasa can seem a little bit stern at times, however it"sjust bereason he loves Simba and also wants to keep the youngster on the righttrack. — © 1994 SkyboxVoice:James Earl JonesAnimators:Tony Fucile (supervisor)Phil YoungChris WahlBrad KuhaMufasa"s lineage is recognized just through A Tale of Two Brothers, achildren"s book publimelted at about the very same time as the original 1994release of The Lion King. In this book, Mufasa"s father is namedAhadi, his mother is Uru, and his brother Sautomobile has actually thecubhood name of Taka.As a king and also leader, Mufasa holds a deep understanding of the forces thatmake the Pride Lands balanced and healthy and balanced. His duties as King of PrideRock include regulating the hunting by his very own pride and also other creatures,and reresolving conflicts over feeding and watering grounds, to encertain theland"s sources are not exhausted; he also should patrol the borders todrive out interlopers and proccasion such crimes as killing for sport. Ofcourse, he"s likewise responsible for elevating his boy Simba to be a wise king prefer himself—aduty that Simba might not yet be all set for.Mufasa"s greatest weakness is his trust and also kindness, for because of itthe bitterness and jealousy that Svehicle feels towards him shows up as nothingeven more than prevalent sibling rivalry. But Mufasa does not suspect his brotherof being so consumed by these feelings that he would certainly actually go so far asto plot Mufasa"s murder in order to usurp the throne.steustatiushistory.org imeras featuring Mufasa | Initial Fan-Art featuring MufasaScarMeaning: none (correct name; taken as a nickname after "Taka", or "scar")Species: LionAs Mufasa"s brother, Sauto was next in line for the throne until Simba"sbirth, and also he is obsessed through the need to possess it. Although Svehicle hideshis plot through problem for Simba"s safety and security, this evil, cunning betrayer isreally Simba"s and also Mufasa"s enemy-- a truth which the great-hearted Mufasarealizes also late. — © 1994 SkyboxVoice:Jeremy IronsAnimators:Andreas Deja (supervisor)Doug FrankelJean MorelMark KoetsierAlex WilliamsThe younger brvarious other of King Mufasa and also second kid ofAhadi and also Uru (as told in A Story of Two Brothers), Svehicle was knownas Taka until an incident in which he ran afoul of some Cape Buffalo (in abotched attempt to embarrass his brother Mufasa) and was struck on theconfront through one of their horns. He took the name Scar at the urging of hisfather to remind himself of the price of pride. However before, this lesson isshed on him in later years, as soon as Mufasa becomes king; Sautomobile, ever the moreconniving and subtle thinker of the 2 brothers (though by far the lessconcerned through the well-being and also excellent administration of the Pride Lands),significantly becomes persuaded that the thramong Pride Rock is his bybest. When Simba is born, Sauto loses his place inline to inherit the throne from Mufasa; so owing to a pact he had actually made inhis youth through the three Hyenas, he creates a plotto kill his brvarious other and nephew and seize the kingship by pressure.steustatiushistory.org imeras featuring Sauto | Original Fan-Art featuring ScarZazuMeaning: none (correct name)Species: HornbillMufasa"s trusted advisor, Zazu is a prim and proper hornbill through a strongfeeling of individual dignity. Although Zazu"s feathers can be conveniently ruffled,he is dedicated to Mufasa. The honorable hornbill would certainly offer his rightwing for the lion king and also remains via the pride with good and badtimes. — © 1994 SkyboxVoice:Rowan AtkinsonAnimators:Ellen Woodbury (supervisor)Randy CartwrightBarry TempleMichael SwoffordZazu is the steward and majordomo to the King of Pride Rock, as his familyhas been considering that the moment of Ahadi, once (as is told in A Tale of TwoBrothers) Zazu"s mother Zuzu was recommfinished by Rafiki to the king"s company as a lookout and carrierof messages keeping the king indeveloped of happenings within hislands.Under the kingship of Mufasa, Zazu"s place is onethat fills him through pride and also courtly manners. It"s his project to report tothe king on any type of potential conflicts or situations over hunting, feeding, orwatering legal rights, or any encroachment by outsiders that have to be moved outof the Pride Lands. He takes this project fairly seriously, and even theformal-minded Mufasa finds Zazu"s fussiness amutilizing enough to make him thebutt of occasional jokes. Yet Zazu is supremely loyal to the king, taking on all duties without complaint, also once asked to babysit Simba and also Nala on their adendeavors.steustatiushistory.org imeras featuring Zazu | Original Fan-Art featuring ZazuTimonMeaning: none (appropriate name)Species: MeerkatTimon is a hyperactive meerkat via a motor mouth. Whether he"s makinggood-natured jokes at Pumbaa"s price or pitching his free-wheelinglifestyle to Simba, Timon constantly has actually a rapid line. But behind the patter isa loyal little bit guy who"d provide his last wisecrack to assist a frifinish.— © 1994 SkyboxVoice:Nathan LaneAnimators:Michael Surrey (supervisor)Brian FergusonJames LopezMike ShowOnce a member of a huge and thriving colony of meerkats far from PrideRock, Timon was never before in his element digging and guarding the holes as aunit through his fellow meerkats. One as well many kind of incidents in which hisdaydreaming and misplaced ingenuity brought actual risk dvery own upon thecolony caused his Uncle Max tokick him out from the clan. In spite of protests from his Ma, Timon collection out to look for adundertaking and fulfillment outin the higher civilization. After a chance meeting with the mystic mandrill Rafiki, who taught him the feel-great philosophy ofhakuna matata, Timon met an unmost likely partner in the blunderingwarthog Pumbaa, via whom he sought for the perfectresponsibility-totally free residence. They uncovered it in the jungle that lies throughout thedesert from the Pride Lands, and a stable diet of multicolored bugs kepthim and also Pumbaa well-fed with no need to hunt or forage.When Simba is exiled from the Pride Lands followinghis father"s murder, he is rescued from close to death from exhaustion by thecarecomplimentary duo, who pass on to him their "put your behind in your past" viewpoint (which fits in perfectly with his must forobtain about theghosts of guilt that haunt him). Simba grows right into a kingly lion on thesame diet of bugs that Timon and Pumbaa eat, yet only the unlooked-forarrival of Nala threa10s to lug to an end the fellowship of the threeoutcasts. Timon refsupplies to think there"s anything more to life thanhakuna matata, however inevitably his loyalty to his friends wins himover and also he plays an critical duty in the retaking of PrideRock.steustatiushistory.org imperiods featuring Timon | Original Fan-Art featuring TimonPumbaaMeaning: dull-witted, stunned (Swahili)Species: WarthogA well-padded warthog, Pumbaa is a little clumsy and also dimwitted, however hisempathy and also intuition comprise for his slow thought processes. Sympatheticand warm-hearted, Pumbaa is ready to trust anyone-- even a carnivore likeSimba. And once Simba confronts his destiny, the loyal warthog is theinitially to follow. — © 1994 SkyboxVoice:Ernie SabellaAnimators:Tony Bancroft (supervisor)Ron HusbandTim AllenDave PruiksmaThe amiable warthog Pumbaa is cursed through the ultimate in social stigma: uncontrollable flatulence. His household background is an enigma, yet hisstory from the suggest as soon as he meets up through the meerkat Timon tells us all tbelow is to recognize about his sad exilefrom the firm of those that can not abide his smell. Dull-witted butpacked through common feeling, Pumbaa uncomplainingly shoulders the burdens ofTimon"s selfish pursuits, as the a lot of necessary thing tohim—surpassing all else—is loyalty to his friends. He wants tobe helpful, and also he desires to be wanted; and also what else, aside from hisstamina, have the right to he market a friend?Pumbaa"s steadfastness renders him the companion anyone would wish to havewhen the moment comes for Simba, that had actually been elevated byTimon and also himself in the luxurious ease of the jungle, to rerevolve residence toPride Rock and difficulty his usurping uncle Svehicle. Pumbaa unhesitatingly adheres to Simba and also Nala intobattle—for he knows the worth of duty, hakuna matata or not.His loyalty to the demands of his frifinish Simba ultimately overpowers Timonright into complying with Pumbaa"s honorable example.steustatiushistory.org imperiods featuring Pumbaa | Initial Fan-Art featuring PumbaaSarabiMeaning: mirage (Swahili)Species: LionSarabi, Mufasa"s wife and also Simba"s mother, is kind, gentle and also loving.She"s additionally wise to her little son"s tricks. Courageous Sarabi holds hervery own via Scar"s damaging ascendancy, and also is proud when her boy comes backto fight the evil ruler and also claim his rightful location as King.—© 1994 SkyboxVoice:Madge SinclairAnimators:Russ Edmonds (supervisor)The head of the lionesses of Pride Rock, Sarabi is the Queen to King Mufasa and the mommy of Simba. She"s a responsible mommy, watching out for her son and making sure he doesn"t acquire right into any type of trouble that he can not obtain out of, and also making sure he keeps clean.The fatality of Mufasa all but snuffs out the joy oflife from Sarabi, and also under the management of Sauto andthe occupying Hyenas, her stolid duty is only to thepride and also what remains of the fertile land also. Ever defiant to the usurpingking, she retains Mufasa"s expertise of the balance of the Circle of Lifeand also tries in vain to make Scar understand the damages he"s causing to thePride Lands; however her advice is unwanted and unheeded by the vindictiveusurper. Only the unlooked-for return of Simba stops what sucount would certainly have actually been Sarabi"s murder by Sautomobile seeking a scapegoat for his very own failures.steustatiushistory.org images featuring Sarabi | Original Fan-Art featuring SarabiRafikiMeaning: friend (Swahili)Species: MandrillRafiki, the wise old baboon, is like a tribal medication man or an ancientshamale. Rafiki travels his very own road, sings his very own songs and knows what heknows. After anointing newborn Simba, Rafiki wanders off on his mysticalmeans. He retransforms aacquire to guide Simba earlier to the course he was meant tofollow. — © 1994 SkyboxVoice:Robert GuillaumeAnimators:James Baxter (supervisor)Nobody knows where the old mandrill Rafiki came from, but his pursuits insearch of the tricks bound up in the land and also its plants and also animals drewhim to the Pride Lands in the days of Ahadi, as told in A Tale of TwoBrothers. His function in advising the young Mufasaagainst mischievous plots by his brother Sauto made hima long-term resident of the area, employed as Mufasa"s teacher andspiritual overview, and living in a baobab tree within sight of Pride Rock.He is a special guest at the presentation ceremony of the newborn Simba, whom he blesses and also mirrors to the entirety assembledpopulation of the Pride Lands; after this, he monitors the young prince"sgrowth and also development with his own mystical arts and also the indications he reads inthe paints he renders on the side of his tree.A ghostly, flitting visibility, Rafiki turns up from time to time to dispense wisdom to those in require of it. Timon encounters him at the moment of his own exile to be taught of the ideology of hakuna matata; and also later, Rafiki teaches a much various doctrine to the grvery own Simba, that upon being reunited through Nala must look within himself to find the interpretation of his heritage as the true Lion King and inheritor of Mufasa"s throne. Perhaps Rafiki is the just one who truly understands just how every creature, in his or her own means, fits into the Circle of Life.steustatiushistory.org images featuring Rafiki | Original Fan-Art featuring RafikiHyenas (Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed)Meaning: demon, uncouth (Shenzi); skulk, lurk (Banzai—dubious)Species: Spotted HyenasAlmeans on the lookout for their following meal or an innocent victim to taunt,tease or terrorize, Banzai, the male hyena, and also Shenzi, the female, talkand also joke while Ed, the 3rd troublemaker, only laughs. When they"re notsaying, these 3 punks have the right to be discovered doing Scar"s dirty work-- which isno laughing matter. — © 1994 SkyboxVoices:Whoopi Goldberg (Shenzi)Cheech Marin (Banzai)Jim Cummings (Ed)Animators:David Burgess (supervisor)Alex Kuperschmidt (supervisor)Tom BancroftBroose JohnsonT. Daniel HofstedtDanny WawrzaszekShenzi (the female leader of the fill of hyenas), Banzai (the male), andthe moronic Ed are old enough to have terrorized the Pride Lands ago inthe days of Ahadi, according to A Tale of Two Brothers. In Scar"s youth, the trio struck a pact through the youngerlion prince to lug him right into their clan, initially to circumvent andthreaten the king"s restrictions on their searching for sport, butultimately probably because they witnessed as much opportunity in a partnershipvia Svehicle as he did in them. It was the Hyenas who motivated the youngScar"s first stirrings of malevolent trickery versus his brvarious other Mufasa, and also his disinteremainder via the affairs of ruling(aside from the appeal of its raw power) led him to spfinish his time growingup among the Hyenas and also their destructive schemes.When it comes time for Scar to move versus his brother and nephew, he calls upon the assist of his Hyena henchguys, that by the moment of Simba"s birth have actually end up being lazily subservient to him and also his capability to administer food and diversion for them. They"re clever enough to be employed in producing a deadly stampede that results in Mufasa"s death and also Simba"s exile, and also they are rewarded richly via positions of power and also privilege within Scar"s kingdom, also surpassing the condition of the lionesses of Pride Rock, throughout Scar"s terrible regime.

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However, the Hyenas are additionally smart enough to realize, as soon as Simba retransforms for vengeance versus Sauto, when the usurping king has actually double-crossed them in an effort to save his own skin; and they get the last laugh when Scar falls at their feet, cast dvery own and also at their mercy. They are not inclined to give him any.steustatiushistory.org imeras featuring the Hyenas | Initial Fan-Art featuring the HyenasInternet style © 1995-2010 Brian Tiemann |Last revised: Friday, 15-Jun-2018 00:05:08 EDT