The final movie from animator Ray Harryhausen, 1981’s Clash of the Titans closed the book on decades of fantasy filmmaking.

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MGM/Warner Bros.

That company had one request: cast a then obscure however up-and-coming bodybuilder-turned-actor called Arnold Schwarzenegger as Perseus. This time Schneer and Harryhausen balked. “I told them he didn’t fit the part, because it had actually dialogue,” Schneer told Starlog. “But Orion taken into consideration his casting to be a deal breaker. They refsupplied to accept an additional actor, so I walked out on them.” At some point, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer verified great enthusiasm for the job, giving the complete budacquire and also even a little bit more.

Schneer, Harryhausen and also director Desmond Davis — whom Schneer had actually hired because of his occupational with Shakespearean actors on several BBC productions of the Bard’s plays — looked at Malcolm McDowell, Michael York and also Ricdifficult Chamberlain for Perseus before choosing Hamlin. “Harry had only made one image, yet had actually substantial phase suffer,” created Harryhausen. “Not only was it felt that he would have the ability to take care of the function and also the impacts, but he additionally looked the component.”

Hamlin told Starlog (#46) in May 1981 that he was initially reluctant to take the function, reasoning it would be strictly a monster image, until he witnessed the remainder of the cast that was associated. But he was also attracted to the principle of playing a hero in the classic feeling.

“I’m playing an across-the-board Greek hero type,” he defined. “Perseus has no superpowers himself. He has actually a couple of accoutrements, such as a sword and also a helmet which makes him invisible. He has a magic shield. He’s a real hero in the timeless feeling. It’s a great role. I’ve always wanted to be a hero.”

Esteemed British actors favor Olivier, Smith, Jack Gwillim, Claire Bimpend and also Sian Phillips embodied the constantly scheming, calculating gods Zeus, Thetis, Poseidon, Hera, and Cassiopeia, while Meredith — best well-known as the Penguin on the Batman TV series — was actors as the playwbest Ammon. John Gielgud, Ralph Richardchild and even Orboy Welles were considered for Zeus till Olivier welcomed the duty.

“I told Ray that if he assumed he was the star of our photos, then I was going to upphase him once and also for all,” Schneer jokingly told Starlog. “I was going to cast actors who were bigger names than he was, and whose work-related the world kbrand-new better than his. I wanted to view if he might make it through.”

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MGM/Warner Bros.

“I reap functioning by myself,” Harryhausen sassist in Starlog #127 (February 1988). “I did all however among my movies entirely on my own. Clash of the Titans was the just image on which I had aides for the animation. I constantly liked to put my note on the job-related because that’s the last imprint you view on the display screen. I felt an individual attachment to my films.”

But Harryhausen admitted that the grueling work-related of sitting alone in a studio, doing the frame-by-framework activities and shots that are at the core of stop-motion animation, began gaining to him as he raced to complete his work in January 1981.

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“It is constantly a frame-by-framework process which takes time,” he told Fangoria magazine in June of that year. “One of the greatest troubles in this field is that after everyone’s forgained the photo you have to go on keeping excited and also interested in what you are doing in order to go on for one more year. Sometimes it gets a bit dismal but I survive.”

The film did satisfy its release date as MGM’s major release for the summer of 1981. Released on the exact same date as Raiders of the Lost Ark, it came in second to that film with an initial weekend gross of $6.5 million. It finiburned 1ninth for the year at the domestic box office through full earnings of $30 million. Although some reports had actually it earning a complete of $70 million global, it actually topped out at $44.4 million — still a sizable hit against its $15 million budget and the tantamount of virtually $99 million this day.