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pizzahutuk/Instagram The Summary:Pizza Hut is presenting its brand-new Mac "N" Cheese Stuffed Crust pizza.

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You have the right to choose between a regular mac and cheese pizza or a barbecue variation.The only capture is that they"re just available in the UK for now.Pizza Hut has actually pulled it out of the bag box aobtain, combining two of the nation"s favourite points – macaroni cheese and also pizza.

Yep, today (July 10) Pizza Hut Restaurants has actually presented the all-brand-new Mac "N" Cheese Stuffed Crust sharing pizza to its menus nationwide, to give fans the ultimate pizza combo.

After all, true love provides you feel all gooey inside...

—Lamo Joe (
1Bad_Scientist) July 10, 2014

The new Mac "N" Cheese pizza features a Stuffed Crust with a creamy Béchamel base, topped with deliciously decadent macaroni, cheese sauce, triple cheese blend and crispy onions.


Pizza Hut There"s likewise a BBQ variation of the pizza which contains the exact same Stuffed Crust but with a tangy BBQ base, topped via macaroni, gooey cheese sauce, triple cheese blend, a BBQ drizzle and also crispy onions.


Pizza Hut Gareth Hopley, who"s head of interactions at Pizza Hut Restaurants, said: "At Pizza Hut Restaurants we"re constantly experimenting with new and innovative recipes as we desire to produce the tastiest food selection around for our diners.

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"You can"t beat a bowl of Mac "N" Cheese, and as soon as combined via our famed stuffed crust – it really is a match-made in cheesy heaven. We can not wait for our guests to attempt it!"

JenniferRDxo) July 10, 2017

Both Mac "N" Cheese Stuffed Crust sharing pizzas are priced at £21.95 and also are available in Huts nationwide till later on this year.

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