Hotch: "The prostitute is not, as feminists case, the victim of males, however quite their conqueror. An outlaw, who controls the sexual networks in between nature and culture." Camille Paglia."

On The Plane

Reid: "Female serial killers are a fascinating area. We don't have much indevelopment on them, but what we do recognize requires throwing the rules entirely out the window. Signature, for circumstances. They don't torture or take trophies." he says after Hotch calls them about a instance he was referred to as in on in Dallas

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Morgan: "Since there's no sexual gratification as soon as a woguy kills."

Reid: "Exactly. Murder is the goal. They don't have to do anypoint added."

JJ: "So, basically, women are even more effective at killing."

Watson: "Might have somepoint to carry out with males underestimating them."

Emily: "I'll say." she mutters as she shares a high 5 with Watboy and JJ smirks at them

Reid: "Historically, they have actually had body counts in the hundreds."

Hotch: "So assuming that the task is the stressor, what are some of the factors prostitutes kill their customers?"

Morgan: "Money, drugs, post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorder."

Rossi: "At some allude, eincredibly speak to girl, no issue how well passist, gets coerced right into an activity she didn't consent to."

Emily: "Aileen Wuornos used to purposetotally stage paid sexual encounters as an excusage to murder guys she believed would rape her."

Hotch: "But Wuornos was psychotic and also disarranged. I think this girl's poisoning them prior to she has sex through them."

Reid: "She's using tetra-methylene-disulfotetramine. It's a well-known rat poikid in China, quickly soluble in alcohol."

Rossi: "Poison is the perfect M.O., quiet, quick, and the victims never before see it coming because they think they're obtaining lucky. Does that mean something to you?"

Hotch: "Well, at $10,000 a night, These males are paying for discretion and sex."

Watson: "She has actually a background with them. They watch her repetitively."

Hotch: "She didn't decide to kill them in the minute. She walks in with the intent to kill them and she's doing it before she sleeps with them."

Reid: "So she's not simply organized, she's likewise organized."

Morgan: "She decides early on which among her clients are worth killing and also which aren't. She plans appropriately."

Emily: "Maybe the victims all share the same fetish."

Watson: "Both victims were in their 50s, highly visible. Careful around their picture. I suppose, if they were kinky in the exact same way, they'd go to great lengths to hide it."

Hotch: "And we're dealing with a corpoprice culture that'll carry out whatever it can to store us out."

JJ: "Actually, I had some luck there. Hoyt Ashford's wife isn't also happy through just how he died."

Hotch: "She's agreed to talk to us?"

JJ: "Yeah, however bereason every silver lining has actually a dark cloud, uh, the Hedge money released a statement.

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Uh, "Ashford died peacefully in his home, according to lawyer David Madiboy." They're currently trying to close ranks."

Reid: "Does that language sound acquainted to anyone else?"

Hotch: "What execute you mean?"

Reid: "The press release from the first victim. Uh, "according to company lawyer, Stanton died peacetotally in his residence."