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Acquisition of indevelopment systems and teleinteractions devices made up more than fifty percent of all resources investment in the United States in 2013.

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Definition TRUE

A service model defines just how a company produces, delivers, and sells a product or business to produce wealth.


Definition TRUE


Indevelopment units consists of all the hardware and software program that a firm needs to usage in order to attain its organization goals.


Definition FALSE


An extranet is a personal intranet extfinished to authorized customers exterior the organization.


Definition TRUE


Indevelopment systems proficiency explains the behavioral approach to indevelopment systems, while computer system proficiency explains the technological method.


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The dimensions of indevelopment systems are world, institutions, and also information technology


Definition TRUE


In order to understand also exactly how a certain organization firm uses indevelopment units, you should understand somepoint about the background and also society of the agency.


Definition TRUE

Developing a brand-new product, fulfilling an order, or hiring a brand-new employee are all examples of business processes.


Definition TRUE


Business procedures are those logically associated work for accomplishing tasks that have actually been formally encoded by an company.


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Employee mindsets about their work, employers, or modern technology deserve to have actually an effective result on their abilities to usage information devices productively.


Definition TRUE

A network-related needs at least three computer systems and a mutual reresource.


Definition FALSE

An IT facilities gives the platformon which the firm can construct its indevelopment devices.


Definition TRUE

UPS"s use of Web-based devices that permit customers to embed UPS attributes, such as tracking and cost calculations, into their very own Web sites was an indevelopment devices solution offered to attain customer intimacy


Definition TRUE

Identifying a problem contains agreeing that a difficulty exists.


Definition TRUE

Political problem is an example of the world measurement of organization problems.


Definition FALSE

As an outcome of brand-new public laws, accountants are beginning to perform more technical duties, such as auditing devices and netfunctions.


Definition TRUE

IT managerial jobs are outsourced easily bereason of the global standards supplied by the Internet.


Definition FALSE

An expertise of enterprise-wide devices for customer connection administration is one of the abilities appropriate to careers in marketing.


Definition TRUE


Whereas marketing and financial careers have actually been transformed by the expansion in indevelopment systems, administration has-so far-stayed fairly uninfluenced.


Definition FALSE

Tbelow are 2 types of outsourcing: offshore outsourcing and foreign outsourcing.


Definition FALSE


As discussed in the chapter opening case, the Giants" new ticketing indevelopment systems is an effort to achieve which of the primary organization objectives?


A) Customer and also supplier intimacy

B) Improved decision making

C) Operational excellence


D) New products and also services


Definition B. Improved decision making


Journalist Thomas Friedman"s summary of the human being as "flat" referred to:


A) the flattening of financial and cultural benefits of occurred nations.


B) the use of the Internet and innovation for instantaneous interaction.


C) the reduction in take a trip times and the ubiquity of worldwide exchange and also take a trip.

D) the expansion of globalization.


Definition A. The flattening of financial and cultural benefits of developed countries


The 6 important business missions of indevelopment device investment include every one of the following except:


A) competitive advantage.


B) employee morale.


C) improved decision making.


D) survival.


Definition B. Employee morale


The use of indevelopment devices bereason of need explains the service objective of:


A) survival.


B) improved organization techniques.


C) competitive advantage.

D) boosted flexibility

Definition A. Survival


All of the complying with options describe means for a firm to accomplish a competitive advantage, except:


A) creating a exceptional product and charging less than competitors.


B) implementing indevelopment units to support much better administration decision making.


C) garnering even more sales and also earnings than your rivals.


D) making use of indevelopment systems to produce brand-new and popular products that your competitors cannot duplicate.


Definition B. implementing indevelopment systems to support much better management decision making


Verizon"s implementation of a Web-based digital dashboard to provide managers via real-time information, such as customer complaints, is an example of:


A) enhanced versatility.


B) enhanced decision making.


C) enhanced effectiveness.


D) customer and supplier intimacy.


Definition B. Imconfirmed decision making


The move of retail banking to usage ATMs after Citifinancial institution unveiled its initially ATMs illustprices the indevelopment mechanism service objective of:


A) improved efficiency.


B) customer and supplier intimacy.


C) survival.


D) competitive advantage.


Definition C. Survival


An indevelopment system deserve to be characterized technically as a set of interassociated components that collect (or retrieve), procedure, store, and also distribute information to support:


A) decision making and also regulate in an company.


B) communications and also data circulation.


C) supervisors analyzing the organization"s raw information.

D) the development of new commodities and services

Definition A. decision making and control in an organization


The 3 tasks in an indevelopment system that develop the information establishments usage to manage operations are:


A) information retrieval, study, and evaluation.


B) input, output, and also feedearlier.


C) input, handling, and output.

D) information analysis, processing, and also feedback

Definition C. Input, handling, and also output


All of the complying with define the effects of globalization except:


A) substantial decreases in operating costs.


B) reduction of labor expenses with outsourcing.


C) ability to find low-expense suppliers.


D) rises in transactivity prices.


Definition D. boosts in transaction costs


The average variety of tickets marketed day-to-day online is an instance of:


A) input.


B) raw information.


C) coherent indevelopment.


D) output.


Definition C. systematic information




A) is feedago that has actually been processed to produce coherent indevelopment.


B) is indevelopment that is returned to appropriate members of the organization to aid them evaluate the input phase.


C) transfers raw information to the civilization that will usage it or to the tasks for which it will certainly be provided.


D) transfers processed indevelopment to the world that will usage it or to the tasks for which it will certainly be supplied.


Definition D. transfers processed indevelopment to the civilization that will certainly use it or to the tasks for which it will certainly be used


Converting raw information right into a much more meaningful develop is called:


A) catching.


B) handling.


C) organizing.


D) feedback.


Definition B. Processing


An example of raw data from a national chain of automobile stores would certainly be:


A) average of 13 Toyotas offered daily in Kentucky in 2007.


B) 300 Toyota RAV4s sold in the time of fourth quarter 2007 in Kentucky.


C) 1 Toyota RAV4 marketed January 7, 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky - $28000.


D) yearly sales of Toyota RAV4s boosted 2.4 percent.


Definition C. 1 toyota RAV4 sold january 7,2008 in Louisville, Kentucky-$28,000


Electronic computers and associated software application programs are the technical structure, the tools and also products, of:


A) all service actions.


B) indevelopment build-up.


C) modern-day information units.


D) all established countries.


Definition C. Modern indevelopment systems


The area that faces behavioral issues, as well as technical worries bordering the development, usage, and impact of indevelopment systems used by managers and employees in the firm, is called:


A) indevelopment devices proficiency.


B) information devices architecture.


C) monitoring indevelopment systems.


D) information modern technology framework.


Definition C. monitoring information systems


A hierarchy:


A) outcomes in a clear-reduced department of labor.


B) is written mostly of experts trained for various attributes.


C) is a pyramid framework of climbing authority and also duty.


D) is offered mostly in big organizations to specify task functions.


Definition C. is a pyramid framework of rising authority and also responsibility


In a hierarchical company, the top levels consist of:


A) managerial and experienced workers.


B) managerial, experienced, and also technological employees.


C) professional and operational employees.


D) managerial, professional, and also operational employees.


Definition B. managerial, experienced, and also technical workers


The fundamental collection of assumptions, worths, and means of doing things that has been welcomed by the majority of of a company"s members is dubbed its:


A) society.


B) environment.


C) atmosphere.


D) values.


Definition A. culture


All of the complying with have the right to be thought about managerial responsibilities except:


A) making action plans to resolve organizational difficulties.


B) creating brand-new assets and also solutions.


C) creating new information systems.


D) allocating humale sources to coordinate the work-related to be done.


Definition C. making new indevelopment systems


Documents monitoring innovation consists of:


A) the physical hardware and media supplied by an company for storing information.


B) the detailed, preprogrammed instructions that control and also coordinate the computer hardware components in an indevelopment system.


C) the software governing the company of data on physical storage media.


D) the hardware and also software offered to transport data.


Definition C. the software program governing the organization of information on physical storage media


A database that receives employee hand-operated input of customer names and addresses is riddled through errors and also you have been charged with rectifying the situation. In taking an organizational perspective of this trouble, you would certainly be considering:


A) the ability levels of the employees inputting the data.


B) the training offered to the employees inplacing the information.


C) the kinds of reviews in place for picking information input personnel.


D) the forms of automatic error checking provided by the input software.


Definition C. the types of reviews in place for picking information input personnel




A) are based upon mainstructure modern technology.


B) are multiple networks joined together.


C) are commonly offered to interact via the business"s trusted sellers.


D) usage Web technology for a personal company netjob-related.


Definition D. usage internet technology for a exclusive company network


The first action in the four-step design of company difficulty solving is:


A) agreeing that a difficulty exists.


B) identifying the problem.


C) outlining the problem"s reasons.


D) assigning the trouble to a problem solver.


Definition B. identifying the problem


Inenough database capacity is an example of the ________ measurement of company problems.


A) technology


B) organizational


C) people


D) management


Definition A. technology


Legal and regulatory compliance is an instance of the ________ measurement of company problems.


A) management


B) organizational


C) people


D) technology


Definition C. people


You are a new manager at a plumbing supply manufacturer wbelow there is an unusually high number of returns for a brand-new aerator for a high-end faucet in production. In viewing the problem you identify that the primary cause is the imcorrectly designed die cast for the aerator. Which dimension of a organization trouble does this reflect?


A) People


B) Technology


C) Management


D) Organizational


Definition A. people


Poor business procedures is an instance of the ________ measurement of service difficulties.


A) management


B) organizational


C) people


D) infrastructure


Definition B. organizational


The owners of Speed-EZ, a brand-new bike messenger service, are concerned about just how they will regulate their messengers as soon as they have left the office. This is a company difficulty that falls right into the:


A) monitoring measurement.


B) people dimension.


C) organizational measurement.


D) modern technology dimension.


Definition B. people dimension


Flapjack Flats, a brand-new pancake chain, is having actually obstacle finding pancake chefs. This is a service problem that falls into the:


A) management measurement.


B) world measurement.


C) organizational measurement.


D) technological dimension.


Definition C. organizational dimension


In choosing the ideal solution for a service trouble, one of the the majority of important considerations is:


A) readjust monitoring.


B) existing resources and also abilities.


C) employee training.

D) outcome measurement

Definition B. existing sources and also skills


The final step in the four-action model of organization problem solving is:


A) outcome.


B) implementation.


C) change monitoring.


D) feedearlier.


Definition B. implementation


Which of the complying with would certainly not be taken into consideration component of the implementation phase of trouble solving?


A) Change management


B) Purchasing hardware for an information devices solution


C) Training an employee on brand-new units software


D) Analyzing a selection of software application packperiods for implementing a brand-new organization process


Definition D. evaluating a selection of software packeras for implementing a brand-new service process


The failure of NASA"s initial solution to preventing the area shuttle shedding foam illustrates:


A) the prominence of training employees on brand-new service processes.


B) the should prepare for measuring outcomes of a company solution.


C) the constant nature of difficulty fixing.


D) the need to quickly adapt to new technical developments.


Definition C. the consistent nature of trouble solving


One of the most frequent errors in difficulty solving is:


A) rushing to judgment.


B) not being aware of individual restrictions.


C) being too unconvinced.


D) complying with a rote pattern of decision making.


Definition A. rushing to judgement


A major criterion in deciding the a lot of essential perspectives of a business trouble is:


A) implementation.


B) change management.


C) usefulness.

D) business needs

Definition C. usefulness


Which of the following is an instance of a business using indevelopment systems to develop brand-new products and also services?


A) Apple"s development of the iPod


B) JC Penney"s indevelopment system that allows its contract manufacturers to watch what apparel have been offered and need to be replaced


C) Toyota"s legendary TPS that has actually produced superlative efficiencies and allowed Toyota to come to be the world"s largest auto maker


D) Verizon"s Web-based digital dashboard providing real-time company indevelopment for managers


Definition A. apple"s development of the ipod


An instance of a company making use of indevelopment units to achieve competitive benefit is:


A) Apple"s production of the iPod.


B) JC Penney"s indevelopment device that permits its contract manufacturers to view what clothing have actually been sold and also must be reinserted.


C) Toyota"s legendary TPS that has produced superlative efficiencies and also permitted Toyota to become the world"s biggest auto maker.


D) Verizon"s Web-based digital dashboard offering real-time agency information for managers.


Definition C. toyota"s legendary TPS that has actually developed superlative efficiencies and enabled toyota to come to be the world"s largest auto maker


An example of a service making use of information devices for customer and supplier intimacy is:


A) Apple"s creation of the iPod.


B) JC Penney"s indevelopment system that permits its contract manufacturers to watch what clothes have actually been sold and should be reput.


C) Toyota"s legendary TPS that has actually produced superlative efficiencies and also enabled Toyota to end up being the world"s largest auto maker.


D) Verizon"s Web-based digital dashboard offering real-time firm indevelopment for supervisors.


Definition B. JC Penney"s indevelopment system that enables its contract manufacturers to watch what garments have been marketed and have to be replaced


An indevelopment skill vital for an accounting major would be:


A) an knowledge of online transaction and also reporting systems.


B) an expertise of product management enterpclimb systems.


C) an knowledge of supplier administration enterpincrease devices.


D) an understanding of enterpclimb devices that boost leadership.


Definition A. an understnading of digital transactions and reporting systems


An indevelopment skill crucial for a marketing significant would be:


A) an knowledge of online transactivity and also reporting devices.


B) an understanding of product monitoring enterpincrease units.


C) an expertise of supplier monitoring enterprise devices.


D) an expertise of enterpincrease units that boost management.


Definition B. an expertise of product management enterpclimb systems


Consider an information device in a relocating firm that analyzes travel fads and also decides which routes are the many effective for eextremely van. The require for employees to follow actions to update this system through arrival and exit times would be considered a(n) ________ aspect of the system.


A) organizational


B) managerial


C) people


D) technology


Definition A. organizational


What is the estimated growth price for information units managers" tasks with 2020?


A) 15%


B) -1%


C) 45%


D) 5%


Definition D. 5%


To make sure they stock clothes that their customers will certainly purchase, a department keep implements a brand-new application that analyzes spending levels at their stores and also cross recommendations this information to popular clothing layouts. This is an example of making use of information systems to assistance a business strategy of:


A) brand-new products, services, and service models.


B) survival.


C) customer and also supplier intimacy.


D) boosted decision making.


Definition C. customer and supplier intimacy


Financial supervisors work directly with ________ to ensure investments in information devices aid accomplish corpoprice purposes.


A) operations managers


B) senior managers


C) marketing managers


D) audit managers


Definition B. senior managers


Operations administration, as a self-control, is straight pertinent to every one of the adhering to occupational categories except:


A) industrial manufacturing managers.


B) operations analysts.


C) administrative service managers.


D) financial managers.


Definition D. financial managers


Assume you work for a package shipment organization in a major metropolitan area and also that the business has been losing customers for several years. You have actually been asked to discover a solution to this trouble, maybe one which offers modern information technologies. What is the correct way to proceed?


A) Look for remedies, evaluate the remedies, recognize the difficulty more plainly, and then implement the solution.


B) Think about what services have the right to be implemented, look for solution designs, evaluate the deindications, and then implement the solution.


C) Identify the trouble, style alternative services, pick the ideal solution, and then implement the solution.


D) Design remedies, evaluate and recognize the troubles, choose the ideal solution, and also then implement the solution.


Definition C. indentify the problem, architecture alternative solutions, choose the best solution, and then implement the solution


Which of the adhering to statements is not true?


A) The a lot of common and also effective offshore outsourcing projects involve manufacturing programming and system maintenance programming work-related, along with call facility job-related.


B) Inflation in Indian weras for innovation job-related is leading to a respond to movement of tasks earlier to the United States.


C) The fear that offshore outsourcing will alleviate demand also for new indevelopment mechanism hires in the UNITED STATE is mitigated by the truth that diminished IT expenditures results in boosted IT investments and the development of domestic work.


D) The influence of domestic IT outsourcing has been incredibly disruptive to some regional locations of the U.S.


Definition D. the impact of residential IT outsourcing has actually been extremely disruptive to some regional areas of the US


The culture of UPS locations business to the customer among the company"s highest possible service missions, which is reflected in their use of indevelopment devices to enable customer tracking of their packeras. Based on your reading of Chapter 1, why is "culture" a crucial variable to consider when building indevelopment mechanism services to service problems?


A) Culture is one facet that can be radically changed, not constantly for the better, by brand-new information units.


B) Culture affects just how indevelopment system remedies are applied and offered.


C) Culture is a cauldron of employee perspectives and also problems, which can be offered to enhance business processes.


D) Culture is the driving force behind decision making and innovation.


Definition B. culture affects how information systems options are implemented and also used


Based on your reading of the case stating mobile handhelds in the workarea, PepsiCo"s tradition iPhone app to coordinate deliveries boosts which of the adhering to generic company objectives?


A) New commodities, services, and company models


B) Survival


C) Improved decision making


D) Customer and also supplier intimacy


Definition D. customer and also supplier intimacy

Documents is indevelopment that has been shaped into a type that is systematic to people.


Definition FALSE


Feedago is output returned to appropriate members of the company to aid them evaluate or correct the input stage.


Definition TRUE


The world"s biggest and most widely offered network is:




B) the Web.


C) the Internet.


D) DARPAnet.


Definition C. The internet


Detailed, preprogrammed instructions that manage and also coordinate the computer system hardware components in an information mechanism describes:


A) software.


B) programming.


C) enterpclimb applications.


D) organization intelligence.


Definition A. software


________ is a business offered by the Net that supplies universally embraced criteria for storing, retrieving, formatting, and displaying indevelopment in a web page format.




B) E-mail


C) The Web




Definition C. the web


Intranets are exclusive corporate networks extended to authorized customers exterior the company.


Definition FALSE


Which of the following is not one of the 3 significant categories of company problem solving?


A) Environment


B) Organization


C) Technology


D) People


Definition A. Environment


Large corporations have actually been slow-moving to take on mobile computing as a platform.


Definition FALSE


Encouraging employees to adapt to brand-new organization processes is a critical factor in change management.


Definition TRUE


All of the complying with are aspects of critical reasoning except:


A) being conscious of individual limitations.


B) maintaining doubt.


C) relying on gut instinct.


D) testing alternatives.


Definition C. Relying on gut instinct


Define operational excellence. How can indevelopment systems assist achieve it?




Operational excellence is the accomplishment of higher levels of performance and also effectiveness. Information devices have the right to aid achieve operational excellence by enhancing communications to providers and also optimizing the supply chain. Indevelopment systems could aid managers communicate with employees even more effectively, permit technological invention in assets, minimize wareresidence overhead, and streamline distribution.




You occupational for an auto manufacturer and also distributor. How can you usage indevelopment devices to accomplish better customer intimacy?


Definition You might develop a internet site that enables customers to customize cars, interact with support personnel and other auto owners. You might develop an automated e-mail organization reminding vehicle owners to take their auto in for periodic inspect ups. You could have actually an information system that tracks customer choices in local areas, so you can carry out cars that reflect regional customer demands and also desires


What necessary managerial attribute is impaired by not having actually accessibility to timely and specific information? What is the result of this absence of data??


Definition The managerial feature is decision making. Without accessibility to timely and accurate indevelopment, company supervisors rely on forecasts, best guesses, and also luck. The result is over- or under-manufacturing of products and solutions, misallocation of resources, and bad response times. These poor outcomes raise prices and lose customers
Term Describe the human being measurement of information units and also provide an example. Is this measurement as essential as the technology measurement once considering a technology-based solution to a business problem?


The people dimension defines every one of the determinants pertained to employees, from operational personnel to senior management. Essentially, an organization and its information systems are worthless without skilled employees. For instance, a human being measurement of implementing a new indevelopment mechanism is ensuring users are correctly trained to use the system. The civilization measurement is just as necessary as the various other dimensions - the success of an information device depends on the human being implementing and operating it. In addition, as a source, employees are expensive to hire, manage, and train, whereas technology and also hardware can be fairly inexpensive.




You are a marketing manager for a national movie theater chain. Give an instance of information that your department might use for developing meaningful indevelopment. What kind of indevelopment might that data produce?




Movie ticket sales from individual theaters would certainly be an instance of raw information. Meaningful indevelopment from this would be: average number of tickets offered to seniors on particular days of the week.


Term Define business process. What might be a organization process used at a hospital?
Definition A business process is a collection of logically connected tasks and habits for accomplishing work. Hiring a brand-new employee, customer intake, and filing clinical documents are examples of service procedures at a hospital
Term Describe the four procedures taken in fixing a service difficulty.


The four measures are trouble identification, solution architecture, alternative of a solution, and implementation. In the trouble identification action, pertinent human being in an company should agree that a problem exists, about what the difficulty is, what its reasons are, and also what can be done about the problem offered the organization"s sources. In the solution design step, as many options as possible should be identified. In the choicestep, you choose the best solution from the list of alternatives established in the previous action. It is important to match a choice to existing resources, skills, and feasibility. In the last step, implementation, the solution is put in location. In information devices services, this may incorporate purchasing hardware or software program and testing it. Implementation additionally contains employee training, readjust monitoring, and also utilizing a method to measure the outcome.


Term What are the three dimensions to company problems? Give an example of each.


The 3 dimensions to service difficulties are:


(1) Organizational: This may include outdated organization processes, unsupportive culture and also mindsets, political conflict, rough company environment and also change, intricacy of job, inadequate sources.


(2) Technology: This may include inenough or aging hardware, outdated software program, insufficient information monitoring, inadequate telecommunications capacity, incompatibility of old units via new modern technology, and also quick technological change.


(3) People: This might include absence of employee training, challenges in testimonial performance, legal and also regulatory compliance, occupational environment, lack of employee assistance and participation, indecisive management, or negative management.

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Term The department chain you occupational for has had actually many complaints around slow customer organization. Your colleague, a sales manager, informs you that this taken place at a previous save she functioned for, and it was cleared up by hiring more sales representatives. Should you take her advice? Why not? What approaches have the right to you usage in evaluating the problem?


The advice have to not be taken, as it is a rush to judgment, which could intend that the wrong solution is used, wasting time and resources. You must ask the colleague to employ important reasoning. Critical reasoning is sustained suspension of judgment with an awareness of multiple perspectives and also options. It entails at leastern four elements:


• Maintaining doubt and suspfinishing judgment


• Being aware of different perspectives


• Testing choices and letting experience guide


• Being aware of business and also individual limitations


Term Describe at leastern 3 of the general information skills vital for all organization careers.


General indevelopment skills essential for all organization careers incorporate (1) expertise how indevelopment devices and innovations deserve to assist firms attain organization missions such as operational efficiency, arising brand-new assets and also services, and also maintaining customer intimacy. Also essential is (2) knowledge the main function of databases in a contemporary firm as well as (3) arising abilities in the evaluation of indevelopment in order to help firms understand also and make sense out of their settings. (4) All business majors have to have the ability to work-related with professionals and mechanism developers who construct and implement information units. This is important to ensure that the devices that are built actually business company purposes and also administer the information and also knowledge compelled by managers and also employees. In enhancement, students should (5) understand just how indevelopment devices occupational in relation to social and also community problems, including moral issues and also exactly how devices should meet requirements for reporting to federal government regulators and the public.