Let’s simply gain best into this. We left off with Taylor fundamentally kidnapping Alison in a van. Now we’re beginning off with Ava, Caitlin, and Dylan in the house in the woods. They’re planning somepoint that’s reportedly going to be a felony. Dylan throws at Ava, “Maybe that comes basic to you though, you understand, runs in the household.” Oh boy, we’re currently in for a ride here. How did we obtain here? Caitlin asks if they’re simply going to move on like they’re no longer friends, and Ava says that they were never before friends. What. The. Heck. Is. Going. On?

Wait a second, it looks prefer we’re flashing ago 24 hours. Alichild is still in the trailer that Taylor Hotchkiss trapped her in, she’s terrified and doesn’t understand wbelow she’s going. That sounds pretty similar to Alison’s life in basic.

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Mona is talking to Ray in another creepy house. The dean doesn’t recognize that Ray resides tbelow, Mona threa10s to disclose him, yet we know she won’t. He points out the link that the lines in between Nolan’s murderer are connecting between him, Alikid, and also Caitlin.


Ava opens a note while working on her fashion designs. It has the name that her father called her and also a area, saying to make certain she’s not followed. We flash right into Ava’s past wbelow her dad is informing her he’s not perfect. She tells him no one’s perfect but he’s always been tbelow for her and also always will certainly be. In case you forgot, mysterious objects and notes relating to Ava’s father were getting here in her dorm room. This is currently creepy.

Ava shows up at Dylan’s location wbelow Caitlin and also Dylan are. Ava renders a plan to lure Makid to Taylor’s cabin and drug him. She’s researched that anti-anxiety meds deserve to work-related prefer a truth serum in the right dosage. Caitlin claims that she’ll assist to prove that she really is sorry. Dylan doesn’t recognize what’s going on between Caitlin and Ava, he’s doubtful to agree to whatever.


Caitlin is functioning to convince Dylan to go via through the setup. They control to convince him of the truth that Machild has actually keys on all of them. Makid could mess up their resides. “He’s going to confess, and also he’s going to take a little nap.” Our girl Ava is on a mission.

Mona’s talking to Ray, he mentions he knew Taylor. He said Maboy was a huge mess to clean up however the world is a much better location without him. We find out that Ray is the one that composed “They’re watching” on the wall. He talks about a girl named Angela that he remained in love via, she jumped off the same bridge Taylor supposedly jumped off of. He was trying to warn Taylor to acquire away and continue to be away. Okay, we appreciate the problem for her, yet there are the majority of less creepy means to attempt to assist her out, aren’t there? He agrees Taylor might be alive but states it’s best that she just continues to be far away.

Finally, the activity stops and also Taylor gets in the trailer with Aliboy. Aliboy tries to introduce herself, Taylor yells at her, threatening her through a tire iron. Taylor tells Aliboy that she’s put her in many hazard. Aliboy is asking Taylor for assist, she wants to number out that eliminated her brvarious other.

Taylor tells Alikid that someone tried to kill her–that’s why she faked her fatality. Taylor lays it on Alikid that the Beacon Heights program have the right to analyze similar personality traits. Her mother doesn’t want to think she’s dead. Alison was brought tright here to discover Taylor bereason they don’t just look alike, they think afavor.


Caitlin talks to Makid around exactly how stressed she is. It was difficult to feel stressed out at the cabin Nolan took them to the initially week of school. Mason agrees to go with Caitlin. We’re not astronomical on Machild, he’s pretty awful, but we’re pretty a lot screaming at him to run appropriate now. He states he’s going to cancel something he hregarding carry out later to go to the cabin through Caitlin to relax.

Ava is functioning on a architecture and gets an unknown caller. She answers and also it claims, “At the tone, it’ll be 11:30”, she looks at the clock saying it’s 1:45, and also then the music box tune starts playing. A tear runs dvery own her cheek prior to we switch to Caitlin and also Dylan. Dylan’s asking about why Caitlin and also Ava are fighting. Caitlin maneras to obtain out of it simply in time by a text from Makid saying he’ll be at the cabin at 7 p.m. This is about to gain real crazy.

Mona calls Alikid informing her that if she finds “you-know-who” to continue to be wright here she is, don’t lug her ago. As if we weren’t completely freaked out by the creepy, cryptic things happening currently. 

Taylor’s functioning on fixing the tire on her truck while Alikid is trying to number out what’s going on, that she’s hiding from. Taylor doesn’t believe that it was her mommy that tried to kill her, however someone did and she knows she requirements to stay covert. It renders feeling after someone kills you, it’s a pretty excellent concept to not take any kind of possibilities.

Alison relays the instance with Taylor’s mommy in the living room, saying she can feel the pain from one mommy to an additional. Taylor returns via a story about watching the meteor shower with her mother, and also her mommy holding onto her making sure she doesn’t fall. Alichild obviously hasn’t received Mona’s message, bereason she’s working so tough to convince Taylor to head back to aid resolve Nolan’s murder. She even brings up that Nolan trusted her. We’re strongly advising this not to happen, however that knows anymore.

In the cabin, Caitlin admits to Dylan that she’s the rat that outed Ava to the school. Dylan is upcollection via Caitlin for it as the remainder of us are. He tells her she screwed up but she did the best thing by telling Ava. Then advises her to provide her time to calm down. At this point, it doesn’t seem as though she isn’t going to come roughly, as we’ve saw in the initially minute of the episode.

Taylor is in shock that Nolan trusted Aliboy. He told her tright here was someone they can trust and also that was the last time she witnessed Nolan alive. That was only after Alikid told her that she was the one Nolan was waiting for on the roofpeak. She doesn’t understand why Nolan would trust her however Taylor can’t. Frankly, we don’t understand also why anyone is trusting anyone best currently.

Ava’s planning for her fashion show through her “model” Zoey. Zoey’s staring at her phone, favor the majority of human being, execute when they’re bored, there’s a video clip playing on a projector during this. Suddenly, a photo of Nolan and also Dylan in a compromising place appears on the huge display. Ava, aget, is gutted. At the start of the episode, we were a little frustrated through Ava, but then aacquire, everyone in that cabin betrayed her. Her coldness suddenly renders sense. Luckily, Zoey was oblivious and also the projector was unplugged prior to Zoey observed anything on the display screen.


Ava storms right into the cabin and also reflects the slide. She’s absolutely livid, and she has eincredibly right to be. This girl has actually been through sufficient and it doesn’t seem to end. Caitlin starts to doubt the concept of drugging Machild. Ava puts her in place and also reminds her of the promise to make points better. Dylan is panicking around being unable to perdevelop at his audition via the Mason arrangement hanging over his head.

Mona is texting Alichild, trying to number out what’s going on. Enter, Dana Booker. She talks to Mona around Alichild, stating that earlier in Rosewood Aliboy had a group of civilization dependent on her tbelow, and Nolan had actually a ready-made posse for her after he died. She brings up some of Mona’s background and also asking why it wouldn’t be on the file. Mona fires back that she knows that Dana was fired from the FBI for prospering an obsession and taking illegal shortcuts. When Dana stands up to leave, Mona asks for her chess item back, and also claims that sometimes everyone demands a “white knight.” Hers just never before came. Interesting…believed. Could Dana Booker be her mysterious chess partner? No confirmation, however it’s a little bit coincidental, isn’t it?


Taylor is officially earlier in Beacon Heights and hanging out in Alison’s apartment. Alikid asks if she wants to go watch her mother and she claims no and also claims she just wants to stay in Alison’s apartment wbelow she feels safe. FINALLY, Alison plugs in her phone and also sees the message to not bring Taylor ago. Uh oh, a small late for that one, isn’t it? Now we need to uncover a way to store an intimidated perchild safe once they’re in the danger zone. If just that phone battery had been functioning about an hour earlier.

Machild never reflects up at the cabin, Dylan hregarding leave to acquire to his audition. Immediately after Ava calls it quits and claims she can’t be friends with human being she deserve to never trust, so she and Dylan walk out. Suddenly, guess who texts Caitlin? Maboy, saying he’s late and also on the method. Caitlin can just carry out the straightforward point and head out of the remote cabin, instead, she responds, “I’ll be waiting for you.” We’ve all been in cases wanting to redeem our friendships through world, to clear our names, but putting ourselves in a remote cabin via a potential murderer doesn’t seem to be the best method to do it.

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While Dylan is at his audition, we see 3 civilization in complete darkness in the crowds. Ava is opening the bag of money from her father, packing it up and also heading somewright here. She finds among the packing peanuts she, Caitlin and Dylan were throwing at each various other while they were doing the fundraiser. She smiles for a minute, then looks devaproclaimed, picks up the bag and leaves the apartment. She and Dylan run right into each various other in the student union, and also Ava tells him goodbye. Dylan is perplexed, stating it sounds prefer he’ll never before check out her aobtain. He promised to be at her fashion present and also he claims he’ll still be tright here. We don’t understand around that, though. Wbelow would Ava be going through all of the money? Ava tells him Nolan never knew exactly how to express himself however sometimes his passion might be overpowering, hard to rotate ameans from. She argues that he can describe it to Anattracted that means.

Back in the cabin, Machild has actually been tbelow. And he’s being a complete creep. He states he made a promise not to drink anyeven more via the remainder of the team and provides a comment about not having actually to issue around Caitlin’s boyfriend being in the way of them. In noticeable discomfort, Caitlin states she’s cold, Mason goes to gain firewood, comes ago in and also is hit over the head by Caitlin. We did NOT view that one coming at all. Caitlin goes running via the woods as Machild regains his consciousness.

Ava is likewise in the woods with a bbest light shining in her confront, she expects her father, looking excited. Instead, she’s met through Dana Booker. Dana provides her smug comments around not having to worry about playing by the rules because she doesn’t have actually the badge anymore. She demands to look in the bag, or Ava can tell her which of her friends killed Nolan. Ava throws the bag to her and… it’s complete of her belongings. Ava states that she’s not that basic to fool, being met with Dana’s accusation of Ava being the murderer. Ava then pretty much tells her she have the right to stand also out there and obtain eaten by a bear. Good task, Ava!