C# Compiler Error Message

Error CS0017 Program ‘output file name’ has actually even more than one enattempt allude characterized. Compile via /major to specify the type that consists of the enattempt point.

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Reakid for the Error

A regime have the right to just have one Key approach. You will certainly get this error when tbelow is even more than one Main technique in your regimen.

For instance, take a look at the listed below code.

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namespace ClassLibrary public class Class1 public static void Main() public course Class2 public static void Main()
The over .NET Consingle Application will result in the error once run in your .NET Consingle Application will certainly lead to the C# Compiler Error

Error CS0017 Program has actually even more than one entry allude characterized. Compile via /primary to specify the kind that has the entry point. ConsoleApp1 C:UsersSenthilsource eposConsoleApp1ConsoleApp1Program.cs



To resolve this error, you have the right to remove all Main methods and retain just one of them. An other different alternative is to use the compiler choice -primary to specify which Main technique to use in your .NET program.

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C# Error CS0216 – The operator ‘operator’ calls for a corresponding operator ‘missing_operator’ to also be defined