Here the chorus tells the audience what to intend appropriate at the start of the play. The adjective "star-cross"d" indicates that the lovers fate is a forgone conclusion. If this is true, we need to ask ourselves if we have the right to blame Romeo and also Juliet at all for what happens to them. A singular noun life is offered to show that Romeo and Juliet are one perboy, they are so absolutely unified in love.

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In this pair of quotes we view the opposing attitudesof Benvolio and Tybalt. The usage of brief sentences reflects that the personalities are definite in their ideas. Tybalt supplies an exclamation and also the effective verb "hate" to highlight his violent nature. Benvolio supplies assonance of the the "ee" sound to offer his words a sluggish and also gentle effect.
Here Romeo is talking about his feelings for Rosaline. Coming directly after the brawl at the start of the play, the audience have the right to watch Shakespeare making links between love and violence. The oxymorons right here display that love is both and positive and also negative, and that it is written just of extremes. The usage of exclamations and minor sentences provides this impact also more dramatic.
Capulet is persuading Paris to wait to marry Juliet. He provides the lexis of agriculture ("summers", "ripe") to present that he sees Juliet as a chop that he must nurture. It may seem positive at initially glance, yet we could think that favor a farmer, Capulet sees Juliet as his chop and also he is only nurturingon order to maximise the worth of the deal he can reach to secure her marital relationship.

Paris: Younger than she are happy mothers made. / Lady Capulet (Act 1 Scene 3): younger than you, <..> Are made currently mothers

In these two quotes we view Paris and also Lady Capulet using nearly identical arguments to justify the marriage of the thirteenager year-old Juliet to Paris. Both usage the comparative "younger" to normalise the idea of the marriage. This argues that even to a Shakespearian audience the principle of marrying so young would certainly be uncomfortable. The two personalities existing a socially conservative see of marital relationship, wbelow eactivities and attractivity are a low priority. Modern audiences are likely to reject of these personalities.
When Julietis asked whether she has actually assumed around marriage she states this. It is a short sentence that makes it seem as if she is being clear and also straight. However the verb "dream" is ambiguous. Lady Capulet thinks it indicates that the principle of marriage is so amazing that Juliet might hardly think around it. The audience can see that she is really saying that she has actually no intention of gaining married. Throughout the play we view Juliet use ambiguity with good skill, showing her intelligence, yet additionally highlighting the constraints that woguys had actually to live under.
As the Montagues make their means to the Capulet"s party, Romeo and Mercutio talk about love. Romeo is weighed down by "love"s hefty burden" yet Mercutio supplies a bicolon to say that if love does not play fair through you then you shouldn"t play fair in love either. The usage of a conditional sentence reflects Mercutio to be logical and handy wbelow Romeo is romantic and also self-indulgent.
As they technique the Capulets party, Romeo tells Mercutio around a dream he has actually had. The dream tells Romeo that somepoint about that night will certainly leas to his death. The noun "stars" is supplied as a symbol of fate in the play. And this is the initially time wright here desires and also visions foreshadow later on events in the play. We wonder whether Romeo is actually a helpless victim of fate, or whether he is choosing a course that leads to his devastation.
When Romeo sees Juliet for the first time his reaction is extreme. He supplies hyperbole and also metaphor to show us this powerful reaction. He supplies alliterated plosives ("t" and also "b" sounds) to make this brief sentence even more passionate. The use of an exclamation note include to this impact also additionally. As an audience we need to ask ourselves whether the stamina of this reactivity is rational, or whether it is the product of Romeo"s romanticism and also immaturity.

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When Juliet finds out that Romeo is a Montague, her reactivity is dramatic. The repetitionof "my only" reflects that she is reasoning about herself and also the unfairness of her instance. Like Romeo, tright here is something of self-pity around her. Her words echo Romeo"s words of Act 1 Scene 1. Like him she juxtaposes "love" and "hate" arguing that she is attracted to extreme emotions. The exclamation highlights the emotional stamina of her reactivity.
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