The brand-new variation it way worse than any kind of various other iteration. I loved rr however through the ticket device and also the brand-new map it"s not the very same game, and in a negative way. Not trying to be a hater and also all, however it"s not any good. Will be looking for various other options.

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The 2002 hommage ducking sucks and drivers challenges are intended to be also however no through this suck butt game
I was doing the sell things waisted 2 hours trying to acquire 682 creds however nope didnt obtain them. And i tried a tiny one reasoning the massive one yad a error but i did it and also waisted more time thanks.
Honestly, I know its not trading game, but more auto choices. An making I to were civilization can really trade, not simply the little bit taking a chance then lose in everything, I"ve shed so a lot on this game and began playing it a lot lees as a result of the fact that I dont wanna shed even more cares, so please add a profession I ng option, and make some of the rarer cars easyeir to get
Awesome game Thisgame is awesome and my favorite game,plz store up the great work-related but try to settle bugs and glitches, the best problem is that everyone knows how to tie glitch now
Special supplies dont work-related they suck I frikin love the game however the moment 3x unique uses came it sayd 713 or something yet to execute it it requirements my card and also i put the roght things they dont work love the game tho yet please resolve this

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This game has potential, but every one of my tunes before this update have destroyed my opportunity in turf battles. Its put me in a greater room condition then what my car tune is able to hit.
Fix this game so I deserve to kick members from my team..won"t let me kick nobody from my team..plz solve this game..