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Source: dreamofspring someone requirements to reexecute this quote with political!jon they deserve to pry political!jon from my cold dead hands team jon gets his scheming on

Source: messier51 this is precisely what a lot of tv authors acquire yet book and also movie writers frequently obtain wrong endings

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Anvarious other day of quarantine, and I’m ago on my Jonsa bullshit.

Got bored and also chose to gather and also rank my favourite Jon x Sansa book foreshadowing. Decided to leave parallels, chapter orders, and also when they think of each various other out of it. Just the excellent old juicy foreshadowing. The surprise text within the text.

Important to note, I discovered… none of these. I’m simply a consistent consumer of a lot smarter civilization. If you’re bored and also want to review more, I went ahead and also attached some of my favourite metas to accompany a lot of entries.

If you have actually an exciting meta or think piece to share about any kind of of the text, feel free to attach and I’ll add.

21. Dragonflies

Anvarious other dragonfly was relocating throughout the water, or maybe it was the sameone. What shall it be, Dunk? he asked himself. Dragonflies or dragons?– The Hedge Knight

Jenny of Oldstones and the Prince of Dragonflies (


20. A Tale of Two Vals

Then Ghold emerged from between2 trees, via Val beside him. They look as though they belongtogether. Val was clad all inwhite; white woolen breeches tucked right into high boots of bleached white leather,white bearskin cloak pinned at the shoulder through a sculpted weirhardwood confront, whitetunic via bone fastenings. Her breath was white as well… but her eyes wereblue, her lengthy braid the shade of darkhoney, her cheeks flushed red from the cold. It had been a lengthy while considering that Jon Scurrently had actually watched a sight so lovely.– ADWD, Jon XI

Beyond, the haunted woodland waited, dark and also silent. The light of the half-moon turned Val’s honey-blond hair a pale silverand left her cheeks as white as scurrently. She took a deep breath. “The air tastes sweet.”My tongueis too numb to tell. All I cantaste is cold.” – ADWD, Jon VIII

“OH, SWEET SHE WAS, AND PURE, AND FAIR! THE MAID WITH HONEY IN HER HAIR!” “You will certainly love Highgarden as I carry out, I knowit.” Margaery bruburned earlier a loosestrand also of Sansa’s hair. – ASOS, Sansa I

Ser Jorah spent most of hiswaking hours pacing the forecastle or leaning on the rail, gazing out to sea.Looking for his silver queen.Looking for Daenerys, willing the ship to sail quicker. – ADWD, TyrionVIII