If you live in Montana, you are probably acquainted through rattlesnakes. The area about Billings, Montana is a wonderful prairie rattlesnake habitat. The prairie rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis) is the only venomous snake in this location and also is the only snake in Montana that has rattles. Prairie rattlesnakes are a lot of energetic during daytime in the spring and fall, and the mornings and evenings in the summer.

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At our hospital, we frequently treat about 15-20 dogs per year that have actually been bit by a rattlesnake. Prompt treatment with intravenous fluids, anti-inflammatory drugs, antihistamines, and antibiotics are necessary for survival. We bring antivenin and on a regular basis usage this also for the ideal chances of survival. In our endure, dogs treated easily and also aggressively normally endure the bite. The many essential thing to remember if your dog is bitten is to safely and easily obtain him/her veterinary care.


Avoiding snakes is the obviously the finest means of preventing snakebites. Keeping your dog on leash and also ameans from high grass and rocky locations where snakes like to remainder have the right to aid. In the summertime, daytime hikes are safer, as rattlesnakes are primarily more active in the time of the morning and evening. Keeping good manage of your dog is the finest means of preventing rattlesnake bites.

Red Rock Biologics manufactures a canine vaccine that has actually been easily accessible since December 2004. The vaccine was emerged to protect dogs against venom associated through the bite of the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake and, in theory, have to aid through a prairie rattler envenomation.

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At Best Friends Animal Hospital, we follow the AAHA canine vaccicountry guidelines, which lists the rattlesnake vaccine as a NON-CORE vaccine which must just be administered to dogs with a defined threat for exposure. The manufacturer clintends that dogs are reported to experience less pain and have a reduced hazard of long-term injury from the bites when correctly vaccinated. They do clearly acunderstanding that while the vaccine might reduce indicators if the dog is bitten, immediate veterinary care is still essential. In our suffer, there is an increased threat of localized vaccine reactions with the rattlesnake vaccine. We do frequently stock and use the vaccine in particular dogs, as long as owners understand the risks and potential benefits from vaccicountry. The vaccicountry requirements a booster the initially time it is administered, and then is offered each year after that in the at an early stage spring. If you are interested in this vaccine, please speak to 406-255-0500 to schedule an appointment to talk about the pros and cons of vaccicountry through one of our veterinarians.

Whether or not your dog is vaccinated, he/she still needs prompt veterinary treatment if bitten by a rattlesnake! On the method to the veterinarian, keep your dog as calm as feasible. This helps limit spcheck out of the venom. Do NOT apply a tourniquet, suck the venom, or reduced the bite website. If you have actually diphenhydramine (benadryl) – give one 25 mg tablet for eextremely 25 pounds. For instance, if your dog weighs 75 pounds, give 3 tablets. Call your veterinarian to let them understand what has actually happened and also once you will arrive. Remember that a far-ranging element in the outcome of a snake bite is how a lot venom was injected, and just how easily treatment is administered. If your dog is bitten by a rattlesnake or you suspect he/she may have been bitten, look for veterinary care immediately!